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REM Epilogue pg8

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A scientist who believes that our dreams represent a parallel universe founds Project REM - a way to have waking access to this mysterious world. His greatest success is a disaster when he is kidnapped into the Dream World, leaving his wife and daughter behind. His wife's quest to rescue him will reveal more about her than she ever knew before.

And that's a wrap! I'm not sure what to put here. I just want to say I'm proud and relieved to be finished after nearly 3 years. Thank you so much to everyone who read REM, and especially to those who believed in it from the start, before I even began posting pages. It's been a long road, but I'm glad I did it.

Also, in the next month or so I'll be working on preparing REM for print. Originally I had planned to just print a few copies for me to keep in my portfolio, but if folks are interested in pre-ordering, I might be able to sell some physical copies. More info on that to come.

~ Blair

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nice end page.

All in all a nice project, enjoyed the look and feel, even though i had some problems with pacing and the dialouges at times.
But it tells a nice portion of a unique story, with some morals and sympathetic characters.
Also even though the paneling is at times weird to me, looking at it overall, it feels proper that the pages all have a similiar panel feel to it.
also i still really love those white covers/endpage.
It is a great way to use them.

Good luck on the projects that will follow :)  looking forward to them.
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Hey I know I'm replying super late but thanks so much for all the feedback you gave me on REM! I will keep it in mind as I continue making comics. It means so much to me that you stuck with the story to the end and that you enjoyed it overall. ^^
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The conclusion to the unique tale you've been itching to tell for years! I'm so proud that you stuck it through and finished it! Loved the dramatic conclusion with Fear and it had a great message to boot. We need artists out there that write such creative AND family-friendly stories like you do!

Sooooo... what is next? ;)
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Thanks so much, friend!

Ha, originally I wanted to take a break, but I realize I have too many stories I want to tell and I benefit so much from the routine of making comics that I'll probably jump into another one as soon as possible. I may do a comic project for my big senior project at school this coming year, so that will probably be my main thing. In the meantime, I'm still scripting my monster story. I also have an idea for a 1-3 issue comic about my werewolf character Sam that I'd like to do before I get into the rest of the monster universe story.

Also - I'm excited for your Blik comic! You've become such an incredible artist in the past several years and I know it'll be stunning.
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I just realized I called him Fear, not Irrationality. :iconteheplz: Sorry about that, haha!

Dude! I knew it! I'd love to see the Monster Club come to life. As for me, a lot of development has propelled the story of Blik forward so I think that'll be needing a few beta readers in the coming months! So excited for that and for your project too. I'll always be a fan!
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Ha, that's okay! I mean, he is irrational fear, so it's really all the same. ^^

Haha yep, it had to be those monster kiddos! That's great! I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to writing but I'm hoping that the more I do it, the more I'll learn to let go and I'll actually get stuff done, ha. And aww thanks so much! I'll always be pumped for you stuff too! And of course I'm always happy to beta read for friends. ^^
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This was a great story! Good job with finishing it, I love the ending <3
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Thanks, I'm so glad you liked it!
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congrats on finishing! it was a great read and im so glad you could finish, i know comic-making can get kinda rough at times <3
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Thanks so much! Haha it was a long road but I'm glad I did it!
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