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XAS-24 (S-LECT Shotgun)



this is my design for my Select-Lethality Ergonomic Combat Tactical (S-LECT) shotgun

this the Primary weapon of my superhero Dustin Grove a.k.a. Armory

in this i will go over the inspirations, design and features of the shotgun

it is a bull-pup semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun designed by my main character Blaine specifically for Dustin. The primary influence for this design was the shotgun from Halo but i wanted to add a little collapsing functionality like weapons in Mass Effect. if you want a real world inspiration it would have to be the UTS-15 and the KSG-12 shotguns. both are really great futuristic shotguns but both have one major draw back: both are tube-fed and rounds have to loaded one-by-one. to fix this the XAS-24 is magazine-fed by two magazines on either side of the gun underneath the barrel.

now on to the features, as i said the weapon is magazine fed, there are 2 magazines on the weapon, the rounds are stacked just like any other box magazines but these are turned on their sides. each magazine can hold 12 rounds for 24 rounds in total.

the bolt is a two part sliding-wheel bolt of my own design. the top part acts like i normal recoil-operated bolt that you would find on any rifle or shot gun. linked to it is the wheel-carrier. these piece takes rounds from the magazines and rotates so it is alined with the barrel. then the sliding bolt grabs the round and closes ready to fire. after firing the the main bolt recoils, the spent round drops into a slot on the wheel-bolt. when the main bolt reaches full stroke it strikes a switch the actives the movement of the wheel-bolt to grab the next round and rotates counter-clock wise placing the new round inline with the chamber and main bolt. The spent spent round is rides along the wheel-bolt till it is flung out of the ejector slot on the bottom of the gun. is also has a access port or both sides main-bolt for jam clearing or single shot loading

the next feature is a firing computer within the gun, this controls which magazine the next round will come out of, as you can have a different type of round in each magazine, this allows you to choose if rounds will come out the the right or the left magazine or you can choose to alternate the feed. this is controlled by the switch on the back of the main grip. another thing the firing computer allows is for you to remove the round currently in the chamber and have it stored in an alternative feed tube inside the fore grip between the magazines.

the computer also controls various v-shaped barrel vents along the barrel which regulates the muzzle velocity of various round. for example when using beanbag or rubber bullet rounds depending on the range of the target you need it to have a different velocity to make sure it is still less than lethal but still effective at incapacitating the target. with the computer tied to a Laser range finder in the scope, then open ore closes the vents to achieve this.

speaking of the scope it is a digital holographic sight with 2-8x zoom, it is also linked to Dustin's helmet allowing him to use it to peek around corners.

Finally on the top of the gun we have a electromagnetic mini-railgun. also controlled by the firing computer it has a small magazine that can be loaded with various types of gadgets and ammo types. Most commonly it will be carrying disk-shape Bolas that once fired split apart and and ensnare and incapacitate enemies, these are usually 3 per magazine. alternatively it can fire a super-high velocity kinetic-kill armor perpetrator or any one of the various types of grenades Dustin carries with him.

All electronics are hardened against EMP pulses and resistant to shock, cold, and heat.

For the overall look i was going for a very near future look, kinda boxy, lots of angles and a little bulky much like UNSC, Promethean or Turian weapons but no smooth flowing curves like you might see from the Continent or Asari weapons.

any questions or comments will be greatly appreciated.
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