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Permafrost by captain86

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I wanted to update Victoria's picture since i had a great work of art by Captain86 that is more accurate than the DCUO render.

also lets me show off this great work of art with her full profile

• Age: 18
• Appearance
o Hair: neck length white with two streaks of light blue, starting on top and continuing down the back side. (very light Blond before it turned)
o Eyes: Sapphire blue
o Height: 5’5”
o Build: Petite
o Unique features: light Blue skin color
• Clothing
o Civilian
Elbow length T-Shirt
Knee length pants with a short Skirt
Often wears a black Islamic full body cloak to walk around in public before joining up with FlashFire
o Hero costume
Blue, long sleeve “V” neck shirt with tapered open sleeves
Blue, long pants with knee length skirt.
White icicle patterns cross the chest, skirt, ends of the sleeves and pants legs
• Powers- genetic
o Base abilities
Victoria inherited her mother’s powers.
Thermal absorption: Victoria can absorb all types of thermal radiation, from ambient heat to direct contact heat. Her body is constantly losing heat but does not need it to survive, unlike her mother
Cryo-kintics: she has the mental control to steal heat from the air, which she can use to freeze water particles in the air into high density ice. She has perfected the ability to the extent that she can create various geometrical shapes of various size
Partial weather control: Victoria can control small but powerful wind currents she uses to propel her ice blasts and ice projectiles
• Abilities
o Ice blasts: Victoria can blast super-cold waves of icy winds from her hands that can freeze a target and steal their thermal energy.
o Ice shards: she can make dagger-like icicles to shoot at targets which are made of various density ice that can cut and pierce flesh, or bludgeon and pummel a target, and they can also be made to penetrate thin materials like wood and aluminum plating
o Ice walls and barriers: She can raise thick walls of her high density ice as defensive barriers, that can stop most projectiles, and heat based attacks, if made thick enough that can even resist punches and hits from people with super-human strength.
o Ice Armor: Victoria can encase herself in a shell of extremely high density ice, while being only a little more than 10mm thick it is strong enough to stop most projectiles and protect her from severe bodily trauma, and injury. It does not hinder her movements in anyway, because it passively unfreezes and refreezes almost instantaneously to move with her body
• Immunities
o She is immune to all types of thermal based attacks and it actually makes her stronger.
o She can also not suffer from heat related health risks.
o Her body temperature is so low (68°F) that she cannot get ill from dieses.
o She is also immune to cold, it weakens her but she cannot die from hypothermia, or any other health dangers from cold
• Weaknesses: if Victoria is without a heat source to draw strength from she weakens to where she cannot stand up, and she gets very sleepy while she still remains awake she is rendered unable to respond to people.
Sonic based attacks can prevent her crystal based ice from forming, and can weaken her already constructed ice constructs. she is still able to use her amorphous ice constructs, but are much weaker than her crystal based ice.
• Training: she was a dancer and cheerleader in middle school, and also took lessons in fighting styles that take advantage of or negate her small size such as Silat and Sambo.
• Background
o Parents: Victoria’s mother is an infamous ice villainess. Her Father is unknown and DNA testing is inconclusive.
o Early life: after she was born she was taken be government agents and given to her mother’s parents, she was monitored by the government to see if she had any superpowers, after 12 years of moderating it was deemed she had no super powers. At the age of 13 she did develop ice powers just like her mother over the next 4 years she practiced in secret to develop and control her powers. When she was 17 her skin turned its current color, she told her grandparents about her powers. Her grandparents then went on to tell her who her mother was, but she surprised them by claiming that she had already known, and knew why they had kept it from her. She told them that she wanted to make up for her, mother. Her grandparents were reluctant to allow her to be a superhero, and told her to stay secret, until she knew that what she really wanted to do. To keep out of sight and still move around the city she disguises herself with a black Islamic full body cloak
• Personality: Victoria has a timid personality, is very hesitant when meeting new people, but very comfortable around people she knows. Even with this she is very confident and aggressive when fighting. She is a very caring person, and always kind but never knows exactly what to say in situations, and is reluctant to speak up and voice her opinion on things. Her ferociousness during a fight often surprises her teammates that only see her soft side in everyday life.

and a link to the Artist:


please post and questions or critiques in the comments your input is valued.
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