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Lady Sentry - by: Jedvin


Comic: Lady Sentry
Publisher: Infernox Comics

Hello all New Hero for you today. This is Lady Sentry

First off I want to thank my friend and the artist of this piece: Edwin Domingo other wise known as Jedvin here on DA. A link to his page:

Comic: Lady Sentry
Publisher: Infernox Comics

This character is a lot of firsts for the Flashfire Universe.

She is the first hero of the new Midwest Team based out of the Detroit metropolitan area.
She is the first character that will be able to constitute her own spin-off comic series in the Flashfire universe.
She is the first real Black superhero in the Flashfire Universe.
    Now i need to clarify that last statement. While Armory is technically the first black hero of Flashfire, being he is mixed-race (Father: Caucasian, Mother: Black). His story lines and character development mainly revolve around his military background, and his relationship with his father.
    Lady Sentry's however will involve the more sensitive topics of race relations, police violence, and life as a person of color in America.

Inspiration for this character came from the Fredzilla from the original comic version of Big Hero 6, as well as remembering Tildie Soames from the X-men as well the Young justice iteration of Long Shadow. All of these characters have the ability to create astral projection constructs.
These are similar to that of various Lanterns from DC comics, but this for this character it would be in innate ability for the character and not need a focusing object. A few limitations for character would be: 1)the constructs would only be able to be projected if directly in contact with their body, so no projectile or thrown weapons. 2) the size of the construct dictates how far away the projection can reach, aka Large constructs can be large, small constructs have to remain close to the body.

I mainly put these limits in because i want the character to be more like a tank (Tildie Soames, and Long Shadow) and less like a jack of all trades (Green Lantern). The main ways the projections would appear are as body armor, exo-suits
and mechanical, electrical and hydraulic machinery.

Well without further adue her hero profile.

Hero name: Lady Sentry
LADY SENTRY unmasked

Real name: Kaitlyn Grier

    ·         Age: 18

    ·         Appearance

    o   Race African-American

    o   Hair: Black, shoulder length dreadlocks pulled back in a bundle

    o   Eyes: green

    o   Height: 5’7”

    o   Build: strong upper body, otherwise your average black teenage girl.

    o   Unique features: Kaitlyn has been paralyzed from the waist down since he was 9 and is confined to a wheelchair while not using her powers.

    ·         Clothing

    o   Civilian: Black jeans, various superheroes and geek related T-shirts, brown jean jacket.

    o   Hero, Black body suit with Purple accented areas, a dark brown, long sleeve jacket with lots of pockets on the waist area. Purple full face hood, with a hole cut in the back to allow her to pull her dreadlocks through and into a ponytail, the mask’s eye holes are covered with black plastic sewn into the inside of the mask.

    ·         Powers

    o   Astral energy constructs

    §  Kaitlyn has the ability to control and condense astral energy into solid constructs. They are orange in color and translucent in appearance and can be formed into various shapes and machines, her being a tech enthusiast and an avid gamer allows the constructs to be extremely complex consisting of hundreds of moving parts. With theses she can make Exo-suit constructs that not only allow her to walk normally, but also augment her speed, strength and reflexes. As well as constructs wearable armor plates that protect her from firearms and blades. An invisible layer of energy covers her body while she constructs are activated, if an energy weapon breaks through the visible constructs, the energy is dispersed by this layer, but is transferred into kinetic energy.

    ·         Abilities

    o   Exo-suit- constructs that form robotic like limbs attached to her body, in their simplest form they allow her to walk, as she needs them she can add additional mechanisms to them, some can allow her to jump over a 5 story building, lift up to 5 tons or cling to and climb up walls, or mechanical fists to break through walls ext.

    o   Astral armor- once active they can remain passively active and protect against large caliber firearms and immense physical forces. While the armor may not break from a superhuman punch, some of the energy is transferred to Kaitlyn’s body, albeit at a reduced level of a normal human. They can be made stronger as she concentrates to resist more powerful attacks.
    o  Constructs, Kaitlyn can use her constructs to build a variety of mechanical machines, that are mechanical, electrical or hydraulically powered. these are used for combat but also as a method of transportation around the city. enhanced hydraulic legs with springs allow her to jumps extreme distances even from building to building. Cable launchers and claws to climb building, later on her gains the ability to construct an entire motorcycle for transport.

    ·         Weaknesses

    o   Energy weapons based off energy from the Blue side of the light spectrum can disrupt the construct’s bonds and break/deactivate them.

    o   The constructs would only be able to be projected if directly in contact with their body, so no projectile or thrown weapons.

    o   The constructs are limited in size to proportional amounts; if one needs to be larger all constructs have to grow in proportion.

    o   The size of the construct dictates how far away the projection can reach, aka Large constructs can be large, small constructs have to remain close to the body.

    o   While her constructs are extremely strong, her body remains that of a typical human with as such human weaknesses and limits.
    o   Machines made by constructs cannot be chemically powered, IE powered by gasoline or other chemical reasons.

    ·         Training

    o   Having a semi-photographic memory, Kaitlyn can remember and recall fighting styles she has seen, copying mainly from videogames, while with a simple mental command have her constructs to replicate the move, her body merely following along.

    ·         Equipment

    o   When she first starts her hero activities, she carries only a simple make sift police scanner.

    o   When she is joined by her friend and partner, he upgrades her equipment to include, a better police scanner, wireless headset and advances HUD inside her mask, as well as computer spike drives to allow him to remotely access computer systems.

    ·         Background

    o   Early life

    §  Kaitlyn lives in the larger Detroit metropolitan area. When she was 9 she was riding in her older brother's car with her brother and a friend of his when they were pulled over by the police. the over-aggressive cops had mistaking them for two robbery suspects (on the other side of the city) The two cops forced the two men out of the car, Kaitlyn was asleep in the back seat. Her brother tried to talk to the cops to get Kaitlyn out of the car. As the Cops ordered them to empty their pockets, the friend's lighter glinted off the sun, and the cops opened fire thinking the glint was a gun. (typical right) The brother and friend where killed in the hail of bullets, a stray bullet made its way through the car and struck Kaitlyn in the spine, paralyzing her from the waist down.

    §  Her family struggling with the loss of the brother and the now paralyzed Kaitlyn was nearly torn apart. Kaitlyn refused to accept her paralysis and kept trying to walk while she was alone in her room; this is how she discovered her powers. Because they were unreliable at first she kept them a secret. Then as the Detroit area continued to fall into disorder, disrepair and disenfranchisement, exacerbating faults and divides within the city’s population. With gangs running rampant, government officials and corrupt businesses squandering money to help fill their pockets, and aggressive cops strong arming the lower class citizens, Kaitlyn took it upon herself to use her powers to help her city. The patrons of the city have dubbed her “Lady Sentry” and while she is welcomed by the public, the police force and government officials see her as a threat to their domination and control.

    §  But her fight for her city she will not be faced alone. Joined by her tech support and boyfriend Tamron, a fallen angel Sariel, a Japanese Priestess Miko Sasaki, and Empower

    ·         Personality:

    o   Kaitlyn is a suborn outspoken girl, not wanting to show any weakness even though she is in a wheel chair she puts on a tough exterior. Good in school, but not making too many friends, she is more comfortable behind a computer or TV screen, playing games or drawing designs. When she started her hero work, she took a lot of lessons from her collection of comic books on what not to do. She is a member of “The Armored Brigade" an Armory Fan-girl community and she uses Armory as her idol for being a superhero.

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