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GravaTara by captain86

By BlaineDaymon
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Comic: Flashfire
Publisher: Infernox Comics

Ok first off another Big thanks to Captian86 for his awesome work with another one of my OC's
Although he for got her Hammer... oh well next time!

This is a Picture of Tara in full power mode

and I am adding her profile from her original DCUO render.
Name Tara (aka GravaTara)
• Age: 22
• Appearance:
-----Dark skin tone Indian
---o Hair: Short strait and black
---o Eyes: Blue with purple tinting
---o Height: 6’1”
---o Build: thin with a slightly buff build.
---o Race: Indian
---o Unique features: Purple dagger-blade tattoo on left cheek.
• Clothing
---o Civilian: Capri's, Loose fitting Blouse
---o Hero costume: similar to civilian clothing but with added padding and a Dark/light Purple, and black pattern
• Powers
---o Base abilities: Gravitational Manipulation
---o High Density Body: resistance to cutting or piercing
• Abilities:
---o Gravity Increase or decrease
---o Gravity well: makes object attract to other objects
---o Gravity Bubble: enclose an object is a bubble of immense gravitational force that is nearly impossible to break, withstands mass and energy attacks
---o Gravity concussion blasts: blast of directed gravitational force
---o Flight: negate gravities effect on her body, and pushes or pulls herself to other objects using gravity wells
• Immunities:
---o Motion sickness
• Weaknesses:
---o Concentration: Strength of gravitational manipulation is controlled by concentration
---o Mental overload: can control only I limited amount of gravitational anomalies
---o Size: she is limited to the size of objects she can manipulate. 150 tons is roughly the limit at current point. But she can influence larger objects, but not control them fully.
• Training: Tara has trained in the Hindu style of Silambam primarily using Staff fighting
• Equipment: Large Two-handed Hammer, the mallet can be detached and the handle used as a Staff
• Background
---o Parents: Mother is the Indian Ambassador to the USA; father is a wealthy Indian businessman.
• Personality: Tara is the eldest daughter of the Indian-US ambassador. Because of her mother’s ties to America through a lifelong political back ground, both Tara and her sister speak fluent English, and know of American culture. Tara is the dominate sort of tom-boyish demeanor, and she like to show herself off both in terms of her body and her physical strength witch is quite substantial even when her powers are not in use. She is also kind of a flirt, and constantly flirts with Blaine to annoy both Victoria and her little sister Sitara. She is Bi-sexual and quickly devolves a relationship with Blaine’s good friend and lab assistant Emily (who is a lesbian), but also shows more serious flirtation with Armory (Dustin Grove) over time, as Dustin tries to prove himself to her. None of the team shows a conflict with her sexual orientation. Her father on the other hand severely dislikes her choice, and is very hostile towards her when he discovers. Her mother at first is surprised and rejects the idea, but comes to except it. Tara can be somewhat rash and over confident and well as vulnerable to emotion swings towards anger with some unintended consequences with her powers directed at those she is angry with.

don't forget to look at her Full power mode for a more details on Her and Sitara power origins and an explanation of her Facial tattoo's here:…

Tara's Sister Sitara is now up and ready:…

here is a link to the artist: Captain86:

Please post any questions and Critiques in the comments you input is greatly valued.
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