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I wanted to update FlashFires Profile with this great work of art by Captain86 because it is more accurate than his current DCUO render i have currently

This is my Main character in the comic book i am writing which to can find in script form in my gallery

this also lets me pair this great work of art with the characters profile.

Full name: Blaine Russel Daymon

·     Age: 19

·    Appearance

    o   Hair: short blond with a scarlet streak above the right eye

    o   Eyes: ruby red

    o   Height: 5’9”

    o   Facial features: dark black eye brows very thick and close to eyes

    o   Build: average medium build, slightly muscular.

    o   Race: White/Caucasian

    o   Unique features: skin has small, barely visible metallic lines under his skin

·   Clothing

    o   Civilian, various cargo shorts, T-shirts, jackets/hoodies.

    o   Hero costume:

         §   Sleeves down to elbow, white base color; red “X” going over front and back connecting at shoulders, orange and yellow fire emblem on chest.

        §  Long white pants, material feel between sweatpants and jeans, red strip running down side, last 2” of pants legs are orange.

        §  Orange belt with tungsten-carbide belt buckle

·    Powers

    o   Base abilities

        §  Molecular decomposition, of water vapor

            ·  Blaine has the ability to separate the water vapor in the air into its base elements of hydrogen and oxygen, thus creating a highly flammable atmosphere in the general vicinity or within line of sight. The ability is controlled mentally and the mixture can be ignited by Blaine using his Thermal Generation power. The affected area must be connected to Blaine’s body, but this connection can be so small that it is unnoticed by the human eye.

        §  Thermal Generation

            ·  Blaine’s body is a self-contained heat generator, and continually generates heat internally in is body because of this his body temperature is higher than a normal human, at a manageable 180° F. Blaine can lower his body temperature to as low as 86° F and can rise it to around 9,000° F. Blaine must maintain equilibrium in his body, and thus must continually release heat, lowering his body temperature causes heat to build up, he can release the heat to maintain the low temperature, through energetic activities, or drinking fluids, he can maintain his low temperature for 4 hours without releasing his heat in some manner. Raising his temperature drains his stamina, but he can maintain very high temperatures (5,000-9,000°) for about 20 min. The higher he raises his temperature the less control he has with is fire abilities (this is caused by the heat and speed of the molecular conversion overloading his neural system trying to keep up with is commands), and the faster his stamina drains. He has such complete control of his body temperature that he can change the change the temperature in an individual body part. (ex, a leg or just one finger)

·    Abilities

    o   Flight

        §  Blaine can ignite the air mixture he creates underneath him generating thrust to lift him into the air, he controls the direction by creating and manipulating other areas of thrust, namely hands/arms, feet/legs and the back between the shoulders

    o   Fire aura

        §  Blaine can ignite the air around his body, and keeping it contained within an inch of his body, but the heat is high enough to melt speeding bullets in that short distance. He cannot maintain the aura during flight or while projecting is flame attacks, it is purely a defensive measure, due to the high heat generated by this ability he can only keep it active for no more than 10 min at a time.

    o   Fire  Blasts- two types

        §  Flamethrower:  Blaine can ignite a stream of fire that he can emit from his hands or feet at distance or in hand-to-hand combat

        §  Fire balls: created by Blaine punching an area and thus igniting it, the punch gives the ball velocity and force. Blaine can cause these shots to curve as much at 90°. Upon impact the ball expands and causes an overpressure effect that gives it an explosive-like blast force.

    o   Fire twister

        §  By heating the air close to the ground he can ignite the rising column of air and imparting twist to it. Blaine’s twisters are larger and stronger than ones found naturally and can be anywhere from a few inches in diameter to a few dozen meters, and as short as 6’ to more than 1 Km tall. With speed reaching 360 mph, and an internal temperature of 5,000°.

·   Immunities 

    o   Cold weather down to -50° have no ill effect below that his pyro-powers, and energy is used faster , but he cannot suffer from hypothermia, or other cold related health risks.

    o   Heat in regards to weather or heat-based weaponry have no effect on him

    o   Poison and diseases have no effect because his body burns it away or overheats it to the point that it is killed off.

·  Weaknesses

    o   Large bodies of water can keep Blaine from using his pyro-powers, but he can breathe underwater by keeping a bubble of oxygen around his face, and can heat the water to cause it to evaporate

    o   Inert gas environment can keep Blaine from starting fires but can still use this thermal generation powers.

    o   Blaine is highly susceptible to electric based attacks as the Nano-mesh embedded in his skin and muscles that is highly conductible, and causes great pain, and can disrupt his own neural network on a temporary basis

·   Training

    o   Blaine has been trained in both Silat and Systema fighting styles, and uses them quietly and systematically in a mixed form to surprise the villains.

    o   Blaine is also a self-trained fighter pilot

·    Equipment

    o   Blaine’s skin is embedded with mesh of carbon nanotubes that is directly linked to his neural system, which enhances his strength and agility which allows him to lift 50 tons or run as fast as 20 mph for sustained periods, and increases the density of his skin to better resist blades and bullets.

    o   Acquired later: A mystic dark elf Claymore with an ancient spirit of a dark elf warrior bonded to it. The spirit of the sword is bonded to Blaine (and later to Victoria as well) and has that ability to teleport to a pocket dimension for storage. It also has the ability to pull people into its own pocket dimension within the sword itself where the Elf spirit exists. The Sword is imperious to damage due to it being made elvish steel and coasted in a magical aura to prevent the sword from breaking, bending, dulling, chipping or melting. The sword can channel Blaine’s pyro-kinetic abilities to give it an ability to cut through most anything except other magical or plasma based items, and it can shoot out vortexes of fire. A few special attributes are the ability to absorb and redirect high energy beam weapons and also the ability to leave magical fire “landmines” in his strikes, which detonate upon the guard of the sword closing.

·   Background

    o   Parents

        §  Blaine’s father (Keith Daymon) is a chemical engineer working at Hawking laboratories; he was an engineer on a project to create a more effective way of converting water into hydrogen gas for use in industrial and in public applications. He never succeeded in creating the chemical he was looking for, but his exposure to the experimental chemicals changed his DNA, which manifested in Blaine’s ability of molecular decomposition.

        §  Later he was called in to help examine the powers and abilities of an ex-super villainess with Pyrokentic powers as part of her plea deal. During the testing, she was very resistant and skeptical towards the doctors, questioning everything they did. The other doctors were also skeptical towards her because of her criminal history, and were very wary of her, always trying to take the most cautious step possible. Dr. Daymon was different is was kind and open to the subject, and over the course of the testing the subject becomes smitten with Dr. Daymon. After the tests, and she severs a shorten short time in prison. She takes back her original name and reunites with Dr. Daymon. They get married and few years later, they had Blaine.

    o   Early years

        §  Blaine grew up away from most other kids once his powers where discovered when he was a toddler. His mother trained him in the control and use of his powers. Not being able to go to normal school Blaine was home schooled by a tutor but spent a lot of time at work with his father. Blaine was able to quickly pick up and apply new concepts by the time he was 13 he has already effectively graduated high school. Blaine has a Jack of all trades kind of knowledge, but takes a keen interest in experimental engineering and aeronautical engineering, but he dabbles here for there with other things. Growing up reading comics Blaine wanted to become a superhero and he knew he had the abilities to do so, but his mother was reluctant to let him after her experiences with her powers as a child. Still she helped him train. At his father’s laboratories (Hawking Labs) Blaine has become an unofficial employee making things that the lab can sell to potential investors and an experiment himself. In an agreement with the US Government’s “Super Human Advisory Board”(SHAB) gives the Lab gets government funding to 1) keep Blaine monitored and 2) obverse the development of Blaine and his abilities.

    o   Hero Career

        §  After the Events depicted in Flashfire #1 where Blaine is revealed to the public Blaine in agreement with SHAB and local authorities of San Francisco takes up the role of a the west coast superhero mainly staying in and around bay area. In Flashfire #2 Blaine is now a 3 year veteran superhero.

·    Personality

    o   Blaine has a mixed personality that can change at a moment’s notice. When he is excited he is energetic, bubbly and, laughs at the smallest things he finds funny. He can also be very serious in times of stress or in battle; he is very meticulous and analytical in these moments, acting almost like a commander, giving orders to effectively counter an enemy. At times he may drift off into deep thought, staying in the background and focusing on the singular task in front of him, this is also a coping method when he is distraught or bothered by something.

and a link to the Artist:

please pose any questions and Critiques in the comments, I value the input.
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