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Empower: by Inspector97

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Hello everyone
At long last I finally have a new character to show you.

Some of you may recolonize her outfit from a concept piece forever ago.

But finally thanks to the wonderful talents of Inspector97 :iconinspector97: we finally have a full picture of this wonderful and power lady.

This is Leelah Alcorn better know by her superhero title: Empower.
A member of the Infernox Midwest Team; including Lady Sentry, Priestess and Sariel

and now for the profile.

Hero Name : Empower

Real Name: Leelah Alcorn

 ·     Age: 17

 ·     Gender: Trans MtF

 ·     Appearance

    o   Hair: brown.

    o   Eyes: light pink.

    o   Height: 5’ 11”


    o   Leelah has a magical bracelet that allows her to transform between two different forms. Trapped and Released forms. Her Trapped for is the body she was born with, Male but partially transition to female. Her Released form is a full female version of her true self

 ·    Abilities

    o  Trapped form

    §  Telekinetics: she is able to lift large objects up to about 15 tons.

    §  Barriers: she can use her telekinetic powers to form protective barriers, powerful enough to resist the kinetic energy of an atomic blast but it cannot block other forms of energy like thermal, radiation, and energy beams, however it dose suppress the effects, so a 4000˚ flame will only feel like 100˚ and energy weapons lose 75% of their force. The Barriers can also hold air inside even if outside it deep underwater or in the vacuum of space.

    §  Force blasts: She can also create shockwaves of telekinetic energy that can hit with the maximum force of 300lbs of explosive yield.

    o   Released form

    §  Invulnerability: in released form her body can withstand almost any form of damage, even those resulting from the force equivalent of a multi-megaton nuclear blast. This ability even extends to her ability to fly in space; however she requires a breathing apparatus over her face.

    §  Flight: She has the ability fly at a top speed of Mach 2, this flight is also Omni-direction giving her unparalleled levels maneuverability.

    §  Super strength: ability to lift up to 300 tons

    §  Enhanced reflexes: ability to move and react 3 times faster than a normal human being.

 ·  Weaknesses

    o   While her Released form in nearly indestructible her Trapped form is just like a normal humans.

    o   The amount of time she is able to stay in Released form is limited, with a maximum of allotted time of 8 hours but the more she uses her powers in that form the less time she is able to stay in that form, down to a minimum of 15 minutes. If she reaches any time over 5 hours, the bracelet takes 12 hours to recharge. Any time under that as can range from 15 minutes to an hour depending on how much of her power she has used.

 ·   Training

    o   none

 ·   Equipment

    o   Magical bracelets that allows her to transform between Trapped and Released forms

 ·   Background

    o   Early life

    §  At 4 years old Leelah began feeling like she did not belong in her own body, for 10 years she felt trapped and fell in and out a varying depressive states. At 14 she discovered what it meant to be transgendered. When she told her parents, who were devout Christians, what she thought she was they reacted extremely negatively, belittling her and telling her she was wrong and she could never truly be what  she thought she was. At 16 her parents too her out of school and cut her off from the outside world, taking away her phone, her computer, and did not let her see any of her friends. For 5 months with only her cruel parents and depressing loneliness. At that point she felt no way out, not from her parents, her body, or what her life had become. She chose suicide rather that to live unhappy as a male and unable to become a female like she wished.

    §  As she prepared to end her life on the I-71 interstate by stepping out into oncoming traffic, what she though was a meteorite landed on the side of the road near where she was. When she went to investigate the rock broke apart reviling a glowing gold and silver bracelet, as she reaches down to touch it, leaps up and attaches itself to her arm and this is where her new adventure and her new life truly begins.

 ·   Personality

    o   Leelah is a quite girl, not shy but not wanting to really stand out in the crowd. She is not very good at making a lot of friends; she has a few very close friends in her fellow heroes. Because of how she was treated growing up she is very guarded with sharing her feelings and personal stuff. When she changes into her Released form her personality changes, she becomes more open, bubbly and extroverted, but also a bit more aggressive which is a side effect of the bracelet.

Rest in Power Leelah Alcorn, 12/28/2014

Be reborn Empowered, 1/2/15

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