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Hi guys sorry this one took so long to get up, with the holidays and everything plus this one was a pickle to translate from words into art, but yet again Captain86 pulled it off again with his great artistic talent.

this is the Last member of my team of 5: Flashfire, PermaFrost, GravaTara, Pulsar and Armory, all of which can be found on my profile. but is the first hero I add to my team in the story after the initial Team up of Blaine and Victoria. any new heroes ofter this one will be 2nd tier heroes in my story; playing guest roles here or there through the story.

this character is by far the one one with the most complex and developed back story, My favorite superhero in contemportary comics has Always been Iron Man, and i love the Battle armor concept, I wanted to add it to my comic book as well, but add my own twist to it. FrashFire takes most of the Tony Stark/Iron Man personality and skills, but how to add the Armor bugged me for a long time cause a could not just add it as another aspect of Flashfire cause then he would be overly complex; so Armory spawned from that dilemma.

In reality he is more of a Combination of James Rhodey" Rhodes AKA War Machine from Marvel with the military background and Battle suit and Cyborg From the DC Universe, With him being younger, and being seriously injured and that injury leading to his path to taking on the superhero roll.

without further ado; Please enjoy. 

Full Name: Dustin Wade Grove
Hero name: Armory
• Age: 23

• Appearance
---o Race, Mixed race, African/White, very light shade of black, sometimes mistaken for white or Latino.
---o Hair: Short black hair
---o Eyes: Green
---o Height: 6’3”
---o Facial features: has a jagged scar on his left cheek from a shrapnel wound
---o Build: heavy bulky build that of an army ranger
---o Unique features: Dustin’s left forearm and left leg from the thigh down was blown off in a convoy ambush in a middle eastern war zone

• Clothing
---o Civilian: often wears a simple dark colored T-shirt, sometimes an Olive-drab ARMY shirt, wears cargo shorts or jeans.
---o Hero costume:  see equipment.

• Equipment
---o Dustin has a prosthetic arm and leg designed by Blaine to mimic the movements of human limbs, and are some of the most advanced prosthetic limbs ever made; both are bullet proof up to .50 caliber rounds.
------Arm- the arm is made of high density carbon-fiber and titanium, it gets muscles from integrated Carbon-nanotube tech similar to Blaine’s skin grafting but are more powerful because there are more of them and they not limited by biological limitations of human muscles. The arm has small but powerful vortex cannon in the forearm. It creates a very powerful toroid when fired; it has an effective range of 50 yards. And can knock a man off his feet and send them flying several feet. A computer tied into a range-finder in the arm adjusts the power to keep the projectile non-lethal. It is powered by special canisters of a custom cocktail of highly explosive fuel. They are stacked in groups of 3, and Dustin can get 3 shots from each canister, or he can combine the power in variety of ways for more powerful enemies. It carries an on board communication and general purpose computer.
-----The leg is made in a similar fashion; it carries the canisters for the arm’s vortex cannon and also has a compartment for a .45 caliber sidearm.

---o Dustin has an armored suit he uses for combat. It has a very sleek, but angled military style, designed by Blaine, which can compact itself into a Large back pack. It has an the standard backpack straps but it also has x straps starting 1/3 the way up and down, with a large pentagonal lock that is also the armor activation device. When activated the armor unpacks and covers Dustin in a full battle suit of high tech poly-carbon fiber mesh and tungsten/titanium plates, with added carbon nanotube muscle enhancers. It carries various tools and weapons including grapple lines, electric discharge coils, wielding torch, small utility saw and grenades of various assortments. The pack has a holder for the primary weapons and holds the spare ammo for the main gun, and sidearm and extra canisters for the vortex cannon.  The helmet has a fully integrated customizable HUD, with low light, thermal, IR, and electromagnetic vision options the face plate is made of special epoxy-carbon acrylic that is tested up to 20mm cannon fire. The entire suit is neural linked to Dustin so he can control every aspect of it with a single thought including the movement. for more details go here: Battle Armor, Helmet

    o Dustin’s primary weapon is a special semi-auto selective lethality 12 gauge shotgun. for more info about the shotgun follow this link:XAS-24 S-LECT shotgun
          Selective lethality round, and can fire a variable range beanbag round, or the muzzle velocity can be increased as to which the bag breaks upon leaving the barrel and acts like I normal shotgun shell.  The muzzle velocity is controlled by computer controlled barrel opening linked to a range finder.
         Next is a variable ranged lethal round,  for long range the round is a programmable high-explosive grenade that can be programed to detonate at variable distances. Alternatively it can be programmed to act like a normal shell firing #4 buckshot
---o The gun has a small rail-gun on the top spine of the gun, it can be loaded with a variety of ammo types including the various grenades, visible and IR illumination flares, Anti-armor kinetic kill perpetrator, and Bola disks designed to tie and entangle enemies. The Bola disks and KKP rounds are kept in magazines of 3, flares and grenades are loaded one-by-one. The rail gun is powered by a special electric generator inside the gun, which builds up extra energy as the gun is fired, but can be fired with a single shot going through the gun.
---o The gun is linked to the suit and ammo types can be switched in about a second inside the gun. It also has a variable zoom scope that pops up over the rail gun and can be linked to the suits HUD.
• Abilities

• Immunities
---o The suit ca with stand 125mm tank gun rounds, the suit has a highly advanced pilot preservation system, which can completely seal the suit and can filter toxins and biological agents from the outside air, is heat resistance up to 3,000 °F, and cold resistant down to -100 °F, and has a small oxygen supply good for about 15 minuets  in an oxygen less environment.
---o The Gun is ID locked to the suit and con only be overridden by a voice printed password and bio-signature match.

---o Only the life support system and motor-control system are hardened against EMP weapons. Electrical attacks are very effective and can complicate internal systems. The suit is also susceptible to energy and Plasma based attacks.

• Training
    • Ex-Army special forces, trained in various weaponry, both light and heavy, skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and is a trained combat medic.

• Background
    o Parents
        o Father is an Army General that specialized in battle tactics and communications, is currently FlashFire’s Military liaison to the Governments Superhuman advisory board
        o Mother was an army special unit commander that was killed in action when she and her unit where ambushed on way the ex-filtration of a special deep cover prisoner rescue.
    o Early life- Dustin grew up on military bases with his father, even with both of his parents in active military during this childhood, his father was mainly posted at command post, which allowed Dustin to stay with him most of the time. Dustin was greatly attached to his mother as he was not able to see her very often. His father was a bid heavy handed on him but their relationship was for the most part stable. That all changed when his mother was killed.
    o At 18 Dustin joined the army to fallow in his parent’s footsteps, he graduated in the top 10% of his class. He took his job very seriously trying to make his mother and father proud of him, even though he had never needed to his father was a little more reserved in showing his pride in his son, often Dustin thought he was not proud of him and continued to push himself. Dustin trained to be a combat medic and had many small deployments to countries across the world. When a regional civil war escalated to involve a neighboring UN country, a NATO envoy was sent to secure the boarder of the UN state. Things went bad very quickly in country and NATO forces where on the verge of pulling out. Then a large NATO base on the boarder was attacked and hostages were taken. Dustin’s mother’s unit was called in for the rescue mission. The mission went well until the helicopters that where intended to extract the team and the hostages where wither shot down or had to retreat from the air space. The team was then forced to Highjack vehicles and make for the boarder until the air defenses could be cleared. As the team neared the boarder they were ambushed by a very large enemy force, in this engagement Dustin’s mother and most of her team sacrificed themselves to give the hostage’s time to escape. Dustin’s father was one of the overseers of the mission and Dustin blames him for the death of his mother. After the disastrous mission, NATO command gave the order to start pulling out of the region. Dustin was offered to be one of the first to leave, but he refused, and volunteered to stay until the very end. He did this not only to keep his mind off his mother’s dead but also to keep away from his father.

---o In the 2 years after his mother’s death; Dustin’s father remarried to a woman with a 6 year old daughter.
---o 2 years later Dustin and his team were on a patrol in another country as part of a security detail for a US diplomat on visit to the country, they were ambushed in an IED attack which injuring several of the men in Dustin’s platoon. Then enemy insurgents started firing on the men as they moved to render aid. Then Dustin was caught in a second nearby IED which blew off his left leg and severely damaged his left arm to where it had to be amputated. Most of Dustin’s team was killed in the ambush, only he and 4 others survived until help came and the attackers retreated. 2 died after succumbing to their injuries in the hospital later. He was send to the VA medical center in San Francisco California to undergo rehabilitation.

• Personality
---o Dustin has a very serious demeanor, often wanting to take protocol over intuition on situations, this leads to several disagreement with Blaine that does not see ever situation the same as Dustin does. Even with this when Blaine and Dustin do agree they are a powerful force acting more like brothers than teammates. He still carries disdain for his father but finds another father figure in Dr. Daymon. He carries great respect for Victoria and Tara, and they are both very powerful, and Dustin does not want to get on their bad sides. Dustin quickly falls for Tara as he sees a lot of his mother in her, but is constantly toyed with by her, and is very conflicted with Tara and Emily’s relationship. Often when Sitara make a suggestion Dustin shoots it down as ridiculous because of Sitara’s age, and then greatly embarrassed when it turns out to be right. Dustin is kind to his step-mother and sister, but says he can never see her replacing his real mother. Dustin is very surgical and strategic when in combat, but he sees that getting the job done the faster way is better than getting the job done safer, which can lead to him wanting to plow straight into fights instead of avoiding them.
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