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Armory Helmet concept



well as the title says this is my concept for the helmet of my character Armory. a fairly simple design nothing too flashy i terms of aesthetics. inspiration for this design again came from some of my favorite video games. of course you have the Halo Spartan inspiration. But the key look came from one of my favorite RTS games Tom Clancy's End War and the American JSF rifleman ghost platoons.

one thing that i could not do with colored pencils was the visor, I could not really decide on the color for it, I would like that tinted reflective blue you see on sunglasses or a translucent smoke-gray or orange.

the overall color scheme was a desert camouflage, but not the digital camo, I prefer the old style blotchy patten with a dark and a light brown, tan and a little black or green.

now as for special features the Helmet has an integrated digital HUD that is displayed on the visor, which gives Dustin a variety of information on the fly. data is gathered and managed by the suits on board AI system ABBIE (Active Battle Boosted Intelligence Escort)
ABBIE is a simple AI that is only within the Armory armor, unlike the other AI in my comic book MAYA. ABBIE is very low tech in comparison, only gathering and managing Intel from the suits sensors and handling the the basic and higher sub-systems of the suit. she has no form of adaptive learning or curiosity like Maya. MAYA and ABBIE are linked via a data feed to the suit, anything ABBIE cannot do, Maya can. I have not really worked out the limits of Maya and ABBIE's link because I literally just made ABBIE up as a was writing this.

other than that the helmet also gives Dustin thermal and IR vision, which may evolve into back-scatter X-ray vision or Digitally Enhanced vision in the future. with Dustin being a combat medic the suit has a human anatomy analysis systems for quick diagnosis in the field.

The helmet along with the suit as a whole can be hermetically sealed to prevent toxins, poisons, and moderate levels of radiation. the helmet itself is is made of a high density carbon-polymer and tungsten plating, reenforced with carbon-nano tubes. the visor is another high-density polymer with Carbon-nano tube reinforcement. the helmet can withstand direct hits from 30mm cannon fire and the visor-20mm cannon fire.

I will be posting the full body armor shortly.
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