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Armory Battle armor concept



OK this was a fun concept art to work on, as the title says this is Armory's full battle suit.

I am a huge Iron Man fan, the character of Tony Stark, the neat tech and bad ass armors and I wanted to add something that personifies everything I love about the tech of the Iron Man universe. In my comic my main character FlashFire takes most of the personality of Tony but Armory is the tech. but if you want a real analog to not just the armor but also character inside Dustin Grove he would have to be a mix between War Machine and Cyborg from the Teen Titans.

His full back story will come later after my artist Captain86 works his magic on my concepts, and I get that posted.

But on to the nuts and bolts.

First off the armor is fully collapsible. In its backpack mode it is roughly the side of a large boxy military rucksack. It is not a problem for Dustin to carry because it is a 6'3" military commando and Blaine developed a very effective weight distribution harness with carbon-Nano tubes that distribute the load to a manageable level. the strap system when the armor is not deploy goes down like a normal backpack but it also has a waist strap, and "x" straps starting 1/3 the way up and down, with a large pentagonal lock that is also the armor activation device and single strap from the central lock to the waist strap.

Dustin can activate the armor by pressing on the central lock or it can be voice activated. once deployed the pack is much smaller and carriers extra ammo and grenades and has a slot on the side to carry the S-LECT shotgun.

It is made in a similar fashion to that of the helmet. High-Density composites, tungsten-titanium alloy plating and an outer layer of carbon-nano tube mesh. this allows the armor to take a direct hit from a 125mm tank gun rounds, and energy weapons and still function.

the interior has a Carbon-nano tubes strength enhancers similar to those graphed into FlashFire's skin. this gives Dustin enhanced strength allowing him to lift up to around 30 tons, as well as maneuverability, endurance, and speed allowing him to run as fast as an Olympic runner for about a mile, and he jump 6' high from a still standing position.

OK now on to some of a special features

First, the left arm (right in the picture) is a specially made prosthetic from the upper forearm down,(more on that in is actual profile) it is very durable on its own so only a few plates are added to it but some of it is still showing. I am also bad at doing hands but are similar to the hands on the Iron Man suit.

the 4 boxes on the lower torso are spare magazine holders for the S-LECT shotgun. 2 slots are always empty, when the 2 in the gun are empty they are placed into the empty ones and fresh mags are taken out if the other pair. while in the slots new round are brought from the back pack around the torso and loaded into the empty mags ready for the next mag change.

Since the neck is a very vulnerable spot on all body armors I places a box shaped collar around the neck to make it harder for enemies to get an effective angle on the neck to stab through it.

now i boxed some things i to get them at different angles and in different positions.

1)Grenade boxes: these are where specially designed grenades are kept. they made from the same material as the armor. once a compartment is empty new grenades can be brought from the backpack up over the shoulders and loaded into the empty container. various types of grenades are carried: standard frag grenades, Flash-bangs, Cryo, Incendiary, EMP, ext... all can also be loaded into the Shotguns rail-gun and fired over long distance.

2) sidearm holder: Dustin also carries a .45 cal. sidearm in his prosthetic left leg. this hatch will open allowing access to it when wearing the armor.

3) Vortex cannon canister access: Dustin's prosthetic arm houses a very small but powerful vortex cannon, powered by small canisters carried in his leg this panel allows him to retrieve the spares while wearing the armor.

4) boots: could draw them on him so i did it out to the side, they can be used to magnetize to certain surfaces and rear part can be deployed for ground anchors giving him extra traction when needed.

5) this is a side view of the shoulder plates. inspired by a armor variant in Halo. very good for shoulder tackling.

I am probably missing something any questions or comments will probably jar my memory and remind me of something i forgot.
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