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My Bio
Well i am a college student going to Mississippi State University for a degree in Aerospace engineering and a minor in military history. But the most important thing about me that concerns DA is I am an amateur writer creating my own comic book universe.

With a Passion for superheros and fan fictions I have to say it out front that i have never read a full length comic book and have terrible, terrible grammar and spelling. most of my experience with story telling has come from novels like Graceling, Tom Clancy books and books by several minor young adult writers.
Most of my superhero expericances and material has been that of the late 90's cartoons like Batman the animated series, Superman and several TV shows from the early 2000's when cartoons still had great long narrative story telling like Static Shock, Justice league, JL:unlimited, and Teen Titans. recently their was return of the good story telling i grew up on shows like Young Justice, Green Lantern:AS, and Avengers Earth's mightiest Hero's. But to much dismay and disappointment that caliber of story telling on TV was a fleeting burst of awesomeness.

Needless to say for a person wanting to write his own long narrative comic book universe, by background in the art/narrative form is... less than ideal, to put it mildly.

oh another thing, my artistic skills are awful especially when it comes to drawing of human or living objects, my limited skills mainly have relevance in blueprint and technical drawings for military equipment.

so for my art I am reliant on artists to do my work for me. and since joining Deviant art only a short while ago i have made many contacts and friends along my way to bringing my vision closer to comic book reality.

so I am mainly a writer, doing classic novel-esk prose form and i am trying to make a comic book. Like i mentioned earlier most of my Superhero material comes of TV shows and the recent deluge of Superhero movies. But a lot of my character design influences come from novels.

Social issues and Current events play a big part in what i write, i can fashion an entire multi-issue plot line/ story arc from a story i hear on the nightly new in a few short minutes hammering the details out over the next few days, Moral and social issues raise in a Facebook post can lead me to an on the spot creation of an action scene or casual character interaction/ discussion. sometimes when i am hammering out details of a character a new aspect that creates an entirely new facet for the comic to explore down the line can pop out of no where and be integrated in mere minutes.

I was always raised to keep an open mind on things and look at events from multiple viewpoints and different angles which can lead to some unusual, innovative and sometimes controversial situations in my stories.
Something that i tend to be pride myself on our my Female characters which dominate my story lines, both quantitatively and qualitatively. they are not femanist in anyway shape or form, but they are not T&A cheesecake buffets either. they are people, with complex personalities, story lines, dialog, and character interactions, they do not try to copy the boys, they have their own uniqueness to them that makes them just as great characters, and even more fun for me to write.

even though i am mainly a writer i still have my certain taste in art, and this taste carries over to what i want for my characters. When i made my characters i specifically when out of my way to try and change the tread in how characters (females in particular) are dressed and portrayed. their clothes are designed to minimize skin exposure and reduce the tits and ass effect comics have on females. Also from what i know of art theory their are 3 aspects an artist can use to tell his story: Lines, Colors, and Shadow. my taste emphasizes Color, which is why you will rarely see colorless sketches on my page. I like a minimum amount of Lines to avoid cluttering the page. for me color and shadow are the most important, colors should be vivid and bright, and shadow is used to define emotions.

well i have blabbed on enough for now, this is just a little about me the tip of the iceberg so-to-speak, my back ground, my influences, and my style. i could go on forever but no one wants to read a wall of text. maybe i am just rehearsing for that TV interview when i make it big, maybe i am just a rambler and just spent the last 45 minutes or so writing absolute nonsense and made myself look like a total fool. how knows. but i leave it here for now.

Favourite Visual Artist
Comic books
Favourite Movies
action Scifi
Favourite TV Shows
The Big Band Theory, Young Justice
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Rise Aginst, Paramore, Pink, Linkin Park, Imagine Dragons
Favourite Books
Graceling Series, The Study Series, Eon & Eona
Favourite Writers
Tom Clancy, Steven Coonts
Favourite Games
World of tanks, Borderlands, Halo, Mass effect
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Xbox
Tools of the Trade
Computer, music, and my brain
Other Interests
Military, Aircraft, Science, Politics
Hello everyone. Today is my birthday and to change things up around here I have given you guys a gift. Kestrel #0.1 the first comic published by Infernox Comics is now Free to read here on Deviant Art. I hope you enjoy it. just follow the link. Kestrel #0.1
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Happy Free comic book day. to celebrate I am offering a digital download of Kestrel #0.1 for free for the entire Weekend. Simply follow the link below. Offer ends at 4:00 EST, Monday, May 8th, 2017 enjoy the free comic from Infernox Comics
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Hello Everyone Kestrel #0.1 is now available for purchase through Follow the link below to buy your digital copy of Kestrel #0.1 for 1.99
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Can we please talk?

Hey, thank you for the favorite; I appreciate the support.

Hello, my dear! 

I ask you to pay attention to my gallery. Perhaps you will like it and you wish to be friends with me and follow me, my dear friend! You can always order a commission, or make a donation if you like and interesting in what I do! In any case, I wish you a great day and good mood! Always yours, Anastasiya Kuncezva. ♥ ♥ ♥

P.S.: If adult content bothers you, you can always see my other profile ( :iconakician-graydle: ), where there are only kind non-erotic art!

Happy Birthday my brotha!
Happy birthday. 
Happy Birthday to you Matthew my man and may 2019 be totally awesome!
Thank you for the watch :)