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I felt like writing a small notice. I'm not active on deviantart anymore.

I do still upload all of my pictures, every couple weeks I'll mass upload my art, so if you watch me for my art, you will keep seeing it unregualary. However, I wont be looking at comments or other things.
If you want to get in contact with me, your best bet is Steam or Email.…

At this point, I just want to thank you all for this incredible Journey I have had on deviantart.
I would have not turned out the same without it. I met so many amazing people, and I improved so much with my art. You guys are amazing :heart:
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Hey Guys!

So first things first!


For everyone who doesn't know what that is, here is a short explanation:

For more information and artists to Naturama:…

What does this has to do with me?
I participate in it! That means, you can get a Commission from me, and the money goes to a good animal cause! In my case the money will end up at that organisation, that made the less money out of the charity.

So now on what I can offer you!

I am offering a Commission in the style of the below shown pictures.
Fully drawn background, fully colored and shaded.

The price for one picture is 30€ including 2 Characters.

A break in the cavern by BlaideBlack It's bright where you stand by BlaideBlack Beauty by BlaideBlack

_ __ ___ ____________________________________________________________________ ___ __ _

Now the slightly less important things!

Just some Info on how and what I'm doing, what you can expect to see from me in the future and where you can find me if you feel like you wanna Chat!

First off, I live all by myself now. I got my own apartment and am now searching for a proper job. It's not very easy in my situation but I'm sure I'll manage.
As some of you also might now, I'm planning on eventually leaving Germany and immigrating to Canada to live together with my boyfriend. I feel much more welcome over in Canada than I do in Germany, I love the nature, the people and even jobwise, it seems much more promising for me to go to.

I'll still draw pictures, at least 1-2 each month, due to finding a job I'm very limited on how much time I have to draw, so a lot of my freetime goes into other things. If anyone is interessted in talking to me privatly, try adding me on steam, as it's my most active plattform to reach me at. ->…

You can also expect me to upload more and more animation on my Youtube! Some Gameplay and also occassional Streams over on Twitch.…

Other than that, I don't have much more to say, I felt like doing a journal again, it's been years since I've done a proper update on anything.

Love you all :hug:
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I'm not thinking about anything super special, just a simple nice Feral Picture trade, if someone would like! x3
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I have snapchat and I want friends to share stupid stuff with.

My name is BlaideBlack, just add me :D
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  • Watching: Sense8
  • Playing: Team Fortress 2
I totally forgot to look for one again. Does anyone of you know a Secret Santa that isn't closed yet? Pls pls pls! D:
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I'm not sure if there is even one person reading my Journals. But I don't care, I'll do this anyway xD

So this is going to be a feature for 4 awesome artists! Go watch them.

Ve Did it Kamerade by Dellesen The Rocket Jumper by Dellesen TF2 Sketch Dump by Dellesen We'll Never Let Them Change Us by Dellesen Summer by Dellesen Digga Tunnah by Dellesen Conga You Fools! by Dellesen Be Not So Fearful by Dellesen Lunch Break by Dellesen Plague Doctor by Dellesen Soldier Bros by Dellesen
Sandwich stealer by Kessavel-art Pink bearded deer by Kessavel-art Birds by Kessavel-art Supportive duet by Kessavel-art Fast Game by Kessavel-art I hate spies by Kessavel-art Nobody dares touch medic by Kessavel-art Kowalski by Kessavel-art
<da:thumb id="449012280"/><da:thumb id="452090521"/><da:thumb id="451829989"/><da:thumb id="457490206"/>
<da:thumb id="470277694"/><da:thumb id="474364256"/>

Collab between :iconmoriturii: and :iconthesketchhog:
<da:thumb id="455559466"/>

There is so much more I could feature of your art, you're all so amazing artists Dx
I hope it's okay I featured you! But you all deserve it :D
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I love to answer stuff :D (Big Grin)


1. What is your name?
- Blaide

2. How old are you?

3. What is your sexual orientation?
-Asexual I guess

4. What is your hair colour and style?
- Brown hair, a bit messy, ends at the sholder

5. Do you have any pets?
-6 Cats (Basti, Tiger, Loki, Pepper, Trisha, Mickey)

Friends and Family

6. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

7. How many friends do you have (real life and online)?
-Depending on what kind of Friend. People I like might be up to 20 or 30. Close Friends are 5 to 6.

8. Who are your best friends?
:iconkarn435: For 5? 6? years now.
Because you three are just pure awesomeness. Even if we don't know each other really long, you mean so much more to me you could ever imagine.You don't have to see it the same way, it's just how it is for me <3

9. Do you get on well with your family?
-From Mothers side, yes. From Fathers side, no.

10. Have you ever looked up your family's history?
-I tried but there's nothing to look up besides one thing were my family is not entirely sure that he really belongs to the family.

Home and Country

11. Where do you live?

12. Do you like where you live?
-I love the place itself. Lots of animals, free room and so on. But it's terrible to have a life here sadly.

13. What are the best places in your country?
-There are a lot.

14. Have you ever moved house?
-7 Times

15. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you like to live?
-Irleland, England, Australia, Amerika, not sure.

Religion and Belief

16. Do you believe in God?

17. Do you follow a religion, have a general belief in the spiritual or don't believe at all?
-Difficult question for me actually. I don't really believe in anything, but I want to believe in something. So I keep believing in the little wonders and lights in the world.

18. Do you believe in Ghosts, Demons or Angels?

19. Do you think Heaven, Hell or Limbo are real?
-Not really

20. How do you think the world was made/created?
-Well the universe is so much bigger then we know. And no one knows how it began. It has no end or start, so, no. I always exist.


21. Are you at school, college or university?
-I just finished school, I'm searching for a job now.

22. What is/was your favourite or least favourite subject?
-Favourite Subjects: English and Physics
 least Favourite Subjects: Math

23. Did/do you get bullied? If so, who bullied you and what for?
-A lot. I got bullied for liking animals, for not living at home but a childreens home, for having friends in the internet. For everything.
But as soon as I figured out just to like myself how I am, it was less and I didn't really cared anymore.

24. Did/have you ever cheated in tests?
-A lot.. xD

25. Who was the teacher you liked or hated the most?
-I think every teacher does his job. There are teachers I hated so much and once that were just awesome. But in the end. Their all just teachers.


26. What is your favourites style(s) of music?
-Soundtracks, Medival, Metal, Punk, everything. Soundtracks.

27. What is currently your favourite song?
-Alexandre Desplat - Dreamsand Miracles

28. Who is your favourite artist/band?
-Whoo, tooooooo many.
Hans Zimmer, In Extremo are the ones I listen the most to I guess.

29. Have you ever tried or thought of setting up a band or starting a singing career?
-Nope. Omg.. People would die from my voice :D (Big Grin) But I like singing C:

30. Choice; Front row seats to every gig of your favourite artist/band, or a chance to spend the day with them?
-Front row seats to every gig.


31. What is your favourite book?
-Wolf of Shadows.
A really interesting book about a wolf pack in a nuclear catastrophe.

32. Do you read books often, occasionally, rarely or never?
-I love to read, I read a lot, but I end up always reading the same books.

33. Do you prefer reading newspapers or magazines instead of books?
-No, Books are better.

34. What books have you had to read for school?
The Dykemaster
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

35. Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction?


36. Do you play board games/classic games? (Mousetrap, Ker-plunk, Mastermind, Chess, Twister, etc.)
-I played Chess some time, but that's all I guess

37. What is your favourite online game?
-Team Fortress 2 if it count as an online game.

38. What is your favourite/least favourite video game and console?
I play on Computer and Computer only
I love to many games, Gothic, TF2, Rayman, Just tooooo many. Don't ask me this, please.

39. Have you ever made one of your friends as a character on a video game you have?
-Yes, many times

40. If you came up with a new video/computer game, what would it be and what would you do on it?
-Some kind of Fantasy, Open World but still with a strong story in some kind of anthropomorphic universe. It would have something with gryphon or birds to fly.


41. What is your favourite/least favourite movie?
-It changes a lot. But for now, Rise of the Guardians

42. Who are your favourite actors/actresses?
-James McAvoy

43. What genre do you prefer?

44. Have you ever watched a film that is adapted from a book?

45. Have you ever watched a movie sequel that you think is better then the original? (If so, what film?)
-I think that movies that are adapted from the books are never as good as the book but still do put some better things in it.


46. What is your favourite food?
-Noodle Soup or Salad

47. What is your favourite drink?
-Tea or Energy drink. Weird mix, I know.

48. Do you have a favourite takeaway/restaurant?

49. Do you prefer fast food, healthy food or an even mix?
-Mostly healthy but I do eat fast food sometimes. Mostly Rahmen Noodles.

50. Do you drink alcohol?
-Sometimes, but never too much.

Technology and the Internet

51. What is your favourite piece of tech? (e.g. Laptop, mobile phone, camera, games console, etc.)
-My Pc and my Graphic Tablet

52. Windows, Mac or Linux?

53. Have you ever lost or accidentally broke your mobile phone?
-I don't even have one.

54. What's your favourite website?, deviantArt, FurAffinity, Furbase, Tumblr, Youtube. Steam if it counts

55. If you could create a new gadget/invention, what would it do and what would you name it?
-It would be named: Superponyrainbowcake and it would be something like a little computer that tells you that the world is full of unicorns.


56. What has been the best holiday you've been on?
-I was 4 times in poland, everyone of them was great. Also England was nice.

57. Have you ever been outside your country for a holiday?
-yes, Poland, England, France, Belgium, Denmark, etc.

58. What do you do during the summer holidays?
-Nothing, I don't know

59. Do you celebrate Easter, Halloween or Christmas?
-Yes C:

60. If you could go on holiday anywhere, where would you go and what would you do?
-Ireland, Island, somewhere with bad weather x)

Seasons and Weather

61. What's your favourite season and why?
-Winter, because Snow.
-Autumn, because bad weather.

62. What's your least favourite season and why?
-Summer, because hot.

63. Do you hate it when it rains or snows?

64. Are you fascinated/scared by extreme weather (hurricane, tornado, flood, tsunami, etc.)
-Noooo I love it!

65. What is the 'ideal' weather for you?
-rainy C:


66. What's your favourite animal?
-Small spotted Genets, western Jackdaws, Wolverines, Harpy Eagles and Otters

67. What's your least favourite animal?
-There is no

68. Do you like or hate insects?

69. Foxes; Like them or loathe them?
-Nice animals, beautiful.

70. If you could make a mythological creature real, what mythological creature would you choose?
-Gryphon, Dragon


71. What is currently your favourite TV show?
-Don't have a TV

72. What do you prefer; Dramas or TV Soaps
-Don't have a TV

73. Do you like Outtake/Blooper and/or Practical Joke programs?
-Don't have a TV

74. What was your favourite TV show as a kid?
-All Disney shows x)

75. Would you ever want to be on TV?

Fantasy and Science Fiction

76. If you could travel back in time to any point in history, where would you go and why?
-Random jumping to every point I could learn something.

77. If you could have up to 5 superpowers, what would you have and what would you use them for?
-Transforming into an animal. - To be super cool and stuff
-Making Plants to grow - to make everything green and annoy people
-To jump into other universes and come back at any time - to live my dream
-To draw what's in my Head - To make a lot of gifts for Friends
-Understanding and speaking every Language - To understand and speak every language

78. Would you want to have immortality?
-No. I would like to life a bit longer then normal, to see how the world changes from time. But someday I want to die.

79. If you could shape shift into any creature (real or mythological), what would you change to?
Jackdaw C: Or Blaide.

80. What element would you want to control? (Fire, air, water, earth, electric, etc.)
Water. It would never stop raining ever again.

Aliens and Space

81. Do you think we are alone in the universe?

82. If you met an alien, how would you react?
-I would look at him and wave.

83. If you could ask an alien three questions, what would you ask them?
-What do you know about your planet?
-Who are you?
-Is there a sense in your life?

84. Would you like to have a ride in space?
-Yea sure

85. Some scientists believe we will have talked to aliens by 2025. Do you believe we will?
-2025 is pretty close. So no. But I do believe we can do this sometime.


86. Do you still have any teddies/cuddly toys from your childhood?
-XD My Room is full of them.

87. What's been your best memory from childhood?
-The moments I spent with my best Friend to this time.

88. What's been your worst memory from childhood?

89. Have you ever played a prank on anyone?
-As a kid? Sure, but only little ones.

90. Did you ever do anything in your childhood you wish you hadn't done?

Love and Relationships

91. Have you ever had a crush on someone from school/college?
-Crush? Yes.

92. If you were going to ask them/someone you fancy out, how would you do it? (Tell them, give them a note, get your mate to ask)
-Tell them?

93. Do you want to get married, or have you had a happy life so far if married?
-Not sure.

94. Do/Would you want to have children?
-Not sure as well

95. Would you give your life for them if such a scenario arose?
-Not sure? Yes? No? Depends on the situation.

The 'After-Life'

96. What do you think happens after you die?
-Nothing. But I also think that everyone might get what he was believing in.

97. Are you scared of dying?
-No, I just don't want to die early

98. Do you believe in reincarnation?
-Not sure, no

99. Would you want to look at your past lives if you were able to?
-Look? Yea why not?


Do you have any questions to me? :D (Big Grin)
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Got Tagged by :iconwolfenwinter:

I won't do it how it's supposed to be done :D

10 Facts About Me

1. Wolves are not my favourite animals. Small spotted genets, jackdaws, otters, harpy eagles and wolverines are.
2. I'm easily jealous about everything. If someone draws better, looks better or has awesome friends. But it doesn't mean I don't like them anymore.
3. Friendship is more important to me, then love.
4. I have 6 cats.
5. I love to swim.
6. I feel sad and alone every day. Sometimes a bit longer, sometimes just for some minutes. But I always wish, someone would just text me and ask me how I feel.
7. Movies I like, make me cry, even if they aren't sad.
8. I'm more silent, but I think a lot more then you think about everything.
9. I play games since I'm a little little kid.
10. I love Team Fortress 2!

1. What did you want to become as child?
marine biologist

2. What was your last dream you remember?

I was in a lost hospital where it was forbidden to walk around. I was afraid so I sneaked in there and searched for the exit. Couldn't find it.

3. Are there habits from other you don't like?
Never let you speak in a conversation

4. What's your favorite drawing/painting (!) here on dA? Why?
Difficult question, because it changes all the time. Maybe this one: . The Burdened . by FireofAnubis One of my oldest favs here on dA.

5. Which movie you look most forward to?
How to train your dragon 2

6. Is there a favourite comic you read on dA?
Off White

7. Your favorite weather?
dark, rainy, cold days C:

8. How long do you sleep regularly on weekends?
I go to sleep at 6-7am and wake up at 12-2pm

9. If you had endless money, what would you buy first?
I would probably buy myself a driver license and make a tour to visit all my friends I didn't had the chance to meet yet.

10. Is there something you absolutely want to have done when you're dying? Maybe a journey around the world? Or buying a house?
Drawing a picture that someone likes so much, it would chance his/her life a bit. Positive of course.

Most People don't like to be tagged, so I won't tag anyone. If you want to do it, feel free C:
Hey Guys,

Me and also :iconmoriturii: and :iconthesketchhog: are currently searching for some TF2 players. Mostly for the MvM Mann up mode, because they two play classes that makes other people to quit without even knowing how good they are. We want to finish some tours, and I also look forward to an autralium Blutsauger or Axtinguisher. x)

But we also search for some people to just have fun in TF2 Multiplayer mode or maybe even on an empty server some random funny stuff :)
We don't suggest you to play a special class, everyone should play what they like. It's a game for fun :)

So if you play Team Fortress 2 you may add me on Steam: BlaideBlack (Dr. Permixtus)
Or leave your Steam here and I'll add you :3
Guys. I'm so sorry for not commenting, faving and doing something with you.

I don't know why, I'm to lazy for everything. :c

You're all so nice and great, and I'm so happy when I see your comments and faves and everything, but I can't get myself up to answer in any way :/

Social life is hard. I'm sorry for being such a bad friend.

I just wanted you all to know this, I'm really happy to see your activity and I didn't forgot about you all.

I'm just weird. It looks a bit more serious than it is. Don't worry.

Look in my Scraps!

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 20, 2013, 8:53 AM


I recently upload a lot of unfinished old Sketches, practise and Pictures of this year in my Scrap section!

So if this sounds interesting to you, you might take a look in there =)

For them who are to lazy to search for it:…

And I wish you all a merry Christmas, nice Holidays and happy new year :)

(I hate it, that I can't use my super cool Journal Skin anymore)
->Thanks to FarkasWoelfin I can! :heart:

Secret Santa Wunschliste - Wishlist

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 11, 2013, 2:32 PM

For :icongermansecretwichtel: and every other Secret Santa I'll join.
(Btw, if anyone knows someone who is holding a Secret Santa as well, please tell me!)

Hallo mein Lieber Wichtel oder auch Wichtelin!

Also, um mich zu erfreuen braucht man nicht viel, aber ich unterteile einfach mal in 2 Kategorien, ist vllt leichter für euch =]
1. Also womit ihr mich zu 30498230984% glücklich macht, wäre ein Bild von meiner Fursona. Und am allerliebsten passend zur Weihnachtszeit, was bedeutet am liebsten mit viel Schnee, bei Nacht mit vielen bunten Lichtern, denn das ist es, was ich an Weihnachten so liebe x)
Meinen Character Blaide findet ihr hier:
BlaideBlack - Marking Sheet by BlaideBlack BlaideBlack Sheet 2013 by BlaideBlack
Sie ist weiblich, klein und eine frohnatur. Bitte achtet auf ihre Markings und Besonderheiten, ich lege viel Wert darauf, das sie richtig gemalt wird. Kleine Fehler sind aber natürlich nicht schlimm =)

Noch etwas: Hier sind jetzt 2 Sheets verlinkt. Grundsätzlich dürft ihr euch aussuchen welche Version ihr malt, die mit den Flecken oder ohne. Bevorzugen würde ich jedoch die Flecken. Schaut euch trotzdem bitte beide Sheets an, weil dort alle Infos zu ihr stehen =)
2. Wenn ihr mit Blaide so gar nicht zurecht kommt, könnte ich euch auch noch Skip und Scatty anbieten. 2 Piraten und beste Freunde. Dazu Bilder hier:
Drink one from Skip! by BlaideBlack Scatty Ref Sheet by BlaideBlack Skip by BlaideBlack
Ein paar kleine Nebeninformationen zu den beiden: Sie sind wie Brüder. Scatty liebt es zu kochen und Skip Alkohol zu mischen. Beide leben zusammen mit anderen Piraten auf einer Dschungel/Felsen Insel, also bitte nichts mit Schnee hier.
3. Ihr malt ein Bild mit Blaideii's Rudel. Wenn ihr Blaideii hier malt, dann bitte ohne die Flecken und mit dem dunklerem Fell. Außerdem wäre es toll wenn ihr mehr als einen Char malt, am liebsten mit Vayada. Ihr könnt es euch aber aussuchen, es ist euch überlassen. Am liebsten Schnee und Spielspaß oder so =)
Das Rudel und die dazugehörigen Sheets findet ihr hier:…

So, das war's erst mal. Vielleicht füge ich später noch etwas hinzu =)

Free Art Raffle! - Winners!

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 17, 2013, 7:26 AM

Yep! I'm doing a free Art raffle.

Why? Let's say because of 2 reason.
1. I want to make some free art for others.
2. I want more attention on my art. :3

What do you have to do?
-Write a Journal about this journal. Link this Journal or at least my name back in there =)

-Write a comment below with the link to your journal.

Deadline is the 30th of September

I'll give you a number and randomly pick one with on the last day. You'll get a note then :typerhappy:

There will be 3 Winners!
The first will get a Headshot.
The second a flat colored picture
The third a full picture with BG

Good Luck! :heart:

The Winners are!

1. Rulewalley for a Headshot =)
2. Jageren for a flat picture =)
3. equielle for a full picture! =)

I'm sorry the others didn't won something :C
The winners will get a Pn within the next day :3

If anyone want a Screenshot:…

Journal Skin! - Premium :3

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 29, 2013, 11:00 AM

Omg look! I have a new Journal Skin!

I drew on it the complete day! I'm so hardcore proud of it and then I saw, Skins are only for premium members.. I was really sad about that and then :icongrafkroete: bought me one x) :heart:

Omg I'm so happy about that, now I can finally use the Skin x)

You should all spread him with love, watches, faves and comments!

I have a Scatty dominated Page now! :D I think I'll do a new ID with him as well x)

An sorry to all my Friends! - Please read!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 27, 2013, 9:45 AM


At first I need to tell you something about me..
In my life I had 3 best Friends. The first one hold around 10 years, but after some time, we didn't had any contact anymore.
The second one is also years ago, it hold around 5 years, but then, again, no contact.
And the last one hold around 3 years until it broke up because of contact..

This is still really hurting me, sometimes I'm just sitting there, starring into nothing and feel sad about that.

Now there are some People who telling me, that I'm their best Friend, don't get me wrong I'm really happy about that, but I'm also afraid.
At the moment this is too much to me, I'm not able to hold contact to my Friends at the moment, every time I want to talk to them it feels like a big shadow is holding me away from it.

I'm soo afraid of loosing friends again but I'm not able to hold contact because it's to much to me..
I really feel like a horrible friend.. I don't draw for you guys, I don't talk to you guys.. I don't do nothing for you..

I don't know what I can do.. that is why I want to say Sorry!
I know I'm a bad friend.. but I want you to know that I really love you all ._. Even when I don't talk to you, at the moment.. I just can't

I promise that I will get better, I'll hold contact after I got over with the Friendship stuff, it hurts so much that I'm just don't able to hold my actual ones..

I hope you understand~

I'm still active on deviantart and I'll try to answer you, don't take it personal if I don't answer I have around 700 messages in my Inbox..

Would anyone like to trade with me?
I want my icon to be Scatty and not Blaide any more D:

I also do big Trades If you want, just write a comment :3

I just wanted to write a journal about what I did the last weeks and why I'm not uploading art.

I visit GrafKroete for 4 weeks, we had a lot of fun and we did many traveling!
It was totaly awesome, we also made some photos like them:
Little green cot by GrafKroete Nightfall by GrafKroete Giant Butterfly by BlaideBlack
and more photos will follow!

This 4 weeks I didn't had the time to draw, but when I came back on Friday, I tried to draw, sadly my tablet burned.
So I don't know, when I can draw, it still works, but I need to make many many breaks.

I hope you all are ok and have a nice time :3

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She is going to improve so fast.. It's amazing.
You should watch her =)

  • Listening to: Wreck it Ralph soundtrack
  • Watching: Wreck it Ralph…
Go and take one as long she have a slot :3
  • Listening to: Wreck it Ralph soundtrack
  • Watching: Wreck it Ralph
In the last time a lot of things happened. So I need to write it all down, I think you all know this.

The last week was great. Stressful, but great! :typerhappy:
On the 21th May I had Birthday. 18, I'm full age in Germany now!

And you know what? :icongrafkroete: and me are engagement.
He asked me on my Birthday, cause' the 18 is our number and I turned 18. That's sweet, isn't it? :]

I got also visited by :iconnavakira: and :iconkarn435:. My two best Friend, I never had the change to see them in real life, even if I know them so long. But now.. =) There are great, it really was a nice week =)

And I wanted to feature everyone who drew a gift for me, cause' I'm really happy about them =)

:iconprinznero: -> :thumb372908645:
:iconequive: ->
:iconmaiithevamp: -> :thumb372937297:
:iconfarkaswoelfin: -> .: Happy Birthday, Blaideii :. by FarkasWoelfin
:iconlumary92: -> Greg for Blaide by Lumary92

Thank you all so much x) :heart:

So, I think that's it.. :D
Have a nice day~
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  • Watching: Wreck it Ralph