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Vistart True Aero 7 skin

By blahstik
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Vistart True aero 7 Skin
(what a random name)


Well hey guys, This is my first deviation. Been working on it for ages. i made it with original Windows 7 resources (extracted with restorator 2007)

Tell me what do you like about it and what do you nor like about it. It may not be perfect, but i spent lot's of time on it. And Btw, It's MY FIRST EVER SKIN MADE YEAA!

And... I made it By scratch.

*EDIT* There's a new Vistart but I don't have time to work on an new skin. (this skin is compatible with the new Vistart - from nightly build) If you guys really want a perfect blur ( which i think can be done with the new Vistart) Tell me and I'll try my best as soon as i can.. And if anyone understood exactly in the correct way AND tested how the new Vistart ( i repeat : from nightly build [link]) uses the startmenu_mask it would help me even more and make it quicker

There's blur outside of the startmenu skin. Gonna try to fix that soon for the next release.


First Extract the folder anywhere and run Vistart.exe


How to make your XP vistart more like windows 7 :
1-) Make your windows XP folders Simial to Window's 7:
Get win 7 screen ( I included one in the extra's folder )
Then make your "my document's" in XP look like the windows 7 user folders.
Then change the Icons of the folders to make them look even better.(I'll uplaod those on a seperate

deviation soon, if you really need em ,tell me)
for vistart:
After getting the folder layout (if you didn't get it look at the screen in the extra's) you should have

a document's, pictures, seraches etc.. folder.
Go to Settings XML, find the line where it says :
<option name="Documents" program="explorer" rollover="rollover\documents.png">
<arguement value="%DOCUMENTS%"/>

And change it with this :

<option name="Documents" program="explorer" rollover="rollover\documents.png">
<arguement value="C:\Documents and Settings\[YOUR USERNAME HERE]\My Documents\My Documents"/>
Make sure to change [YOUR USERNAME HERE] with your username.
That's all :D


How to change the color of the menu:
1-) go to the color folder C:\[where you put your vistart]\Vistart skin by blahstik\resources\colors
2-) choose your color.
3-) rename the old startmenu file in resource folder to "startmenu_old"
4-) remove the color name ( change the name of the color startmenu file to "startmenu")


In the preview:
-*Intime 's Wallpaper: [link]
-*Peter Rollar 's Transparent blurred taskbar skin tutorial : [link]
-*Vishal Gupta's Seven VG balck RTM visual Stlye : [link]
-Other wallpapers i forgot about ,and a Windows 7 wallpaper ( but I'm not it's permitted to release original win 7 walls)

-A W7 Viglance Skin
-A W7 Sbar Skin

This Skin has been made for XP. Buuut it's Vista/7 compatible ( only if Vistart still is :P) (not sure about Vista)( but i find it pointless to use this skin in 7 :P)

*EDIT* Fixed Rollover Icons


ATTENTION: This work has been made by me and only me. You CAN NOT modify or redistribute my work WITHOUGHT my permissiom.
( might make it modifiable with credits and no permission but i'm new here so i'll need some tips from you guys :P)

Note: I might be really inactive in the next days as the school week starts tomorrow

I just don't know how to add this to a group guys...*HELP* :S
© 2010 - 2020 blahstik
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i have a problem D: i lost the folders icons in your vistart cause i press "kill me" button D: how i can do?
Its one of the best vistarts and i wanna enojoy it again
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the borders are really wacky. did you use the alpha 1 channel as a mask on the BMPs when extracting?
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Well, i kinda made this a year ago, and I remember that someone told me that the borders weren't 'hard'/'strong' enough so i don't remember what did i do to them but I think that i 'burnt' them...

Another thing is that this skin, and ALL of the resource files that where used in it's making where on my old PC. I tried to install Ubuntu on one the partitions but instead the p*** of **** formatted my whole disk. I was gonna upload an SBar skin and a ViGlance skin too but they got erased. All i have now is the skin i uploaded and my new win7 machine. I'll start working on these skins right now bro ;P ( well you basically reminded me :) )

So as a beginnig by wacky what exactly do you mean ? ( Like how can i make em better :D ? )
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look at the curves and the place where the startmenu meets the taskbar.

a good example is mine (maybe you can make more colors): [link]

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Ohh... That, I knew. But I didn't really find a solution at that time.

Anyways I'm remaking the whole deviation :P Let's wish I'll be done in around 2 days :D
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Thanks :D ! Works well on yer system ;P ? need any more colours :P ?
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It works in fact with my XP SP3!The colours included is enough for me.I appreciate!
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I actually made it with original windows 7 resources :D Stil hard 'n' time taking, they aren't just there like the full menu png. They're multiple files and tiny withought the gradiants etc....

A Viglance and Sbar skin are comming up soon ;P (InshAllah, if i get time haha )
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i cant download seven vg blacktheme for xp i'm
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Why not ?? :/
I just tried, it works.. Press the download button on the right left side under the advertisements.. What happened when you tried if you tried :P?

I'll help as much as I an bro :)
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I checked it out, and i like it. Only a few things that can possibly be changed the next version. The rollover for computer is wrong.The one you use is for recorded TV. Make the stripes a little smoother, to much contrast. And make the white line of the seperators and the border a little more opaque. Would make this good work perfect.:)

About the startmenu mask again:
Open it with the GIMP or whatever you use. Put your startmenu over it as second layer.The black area of the mask will be blurred, the white area not. So it's easy to see what must be done.
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Wow i TOTALLY forgot about the rollover , just corrected it :P ( with my unlimited win7 resources from my win7 ultimate yey xD)not only the my computer wrong.. allot more xD repaired them anyways :D (uploading it now)fixed the setting xml of the rollover too

(check the other post :P)already did what you did but, i just wanted to be sure if it blurs and repairs the transparent pixels down but it doesn't :S

Gonna work more deeply on the skin when get the time for it :P ( btw i made it with original win7 resources so are you fully sure that's it's like u said?)
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I use my Win7 every day, so i know the look. Make a screenshot of both startmenus (Original and Vistart) and zoom it.So you can clearly see the difference. It's only a suggestion.It's good as it is too.:D
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Ahhh finally noticed why deviation dissapeared lol it was in my scraps :/ just put in in win7 themes coz there wasn't any other suitable category :P
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OK :P i think i wont get the time to finsih uplaoding it
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No, just don't send it to more groups. Put in in the one appropriate group. If it's a Vistart skin, then put it in the miscellaneous category.
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I didn't really send it to any group :P i got requests from groups :P(I'm so lucky xD) i didn't really get how do i 'send to groups' i didn't till now :P
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Great work!!!!!!!!!!!
I will test it asap.:D
The new startmenu mask is easy to handle. It only must have the exact same dimension as the startmenu.png. It's kind of a dark twin.Looks great, except of the total clear vistart, because the blur get's a little dark at the borders.Not visible for all other colours.It's not much work, you can do it after school in one afternoon.:)
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Thanks !!!! I thought that in the beginning, i did it also before releasing it :P The 'Shadow' ( in black ) is for the blur, the white is for transparency, so it's been made only for the top edges, that means the task-bar problem isn't fixed ( task-bar prob = transparent pixels stay transparent in real time) The new Vistart only fixes the two top blurred edges :S
Teachers being light on home-work, which this lasts xD
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I've tried it, and for me it works. Maybe we are talking about two different versions. Check Lee's page for the recent update. I think it is blur version no.3 ,don't know the real version number at the moment. I'm not on Xp so i can't look for it.
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