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We were promised spaceplanes and flying cars so "Blade Runner" is a paradise compared to our dystopia.


So sad for this year, every Blade Runner fan.
The great composer of the 1982's classic flick: Blade Runner: Vangelis
had died at the age of 79 on May 17 this year. What a tragic way to see one of the
greatest composers gone this year. Our thoughts and prayers to you, Greatest Composer, you shall be missed.
But not forgotten. 
Just: may I say MUCH THANK to have accepted my submissions!
We were promised flying cars, spaceplanes, mega industrial synthesizers in a megacity by now to phase out agriculture and phase out rail transit but instead we live in a cybernetic dystopia of Orwellian forensics and Huxleyian fantasies.      
Thanx 4the request, i've made the Syd Mead spinner too, if you're interested :D
Police Spinner Bladerunner (improved) by scifilicious
Thanks, danke, dawjeh, grazie, merci for accepting me into the group :D