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The Beast in the Mirror by Bladepup
Mature content
The Beast in the Mirror :iconbladepup:Bladepup 0 0
Bear Grills by Bladepup Bear Grills :iconbladepup:Bladepup 0 0
Behind Enemy Lines
As we pace across barren unknown lands,
And remember the clapping, cheering hands.
Of many happy, cheery people,
With banners from towering steeples.
Then thinking of the many men who went to war,
Who now cannot tell of what they saw.
As we walk through lands corroded,
Vigilantly with weapons loaded.
One by one we all walk,
Afraid to make a sound or talk.
As we approach our destination,
We are filled with anticipation.
As we stopped without a sound,
We caught sight of an enemy hound.
We suddenly saw the cliffs ablaze with light,
As the enemy charged with in with all their might.
As the events that day unfolded,
Our general lay on the ground smoldered.
As I remember the events of that day,
I feel the pain of the enemy flay.
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Hoods and Flight
Hoods and Flight
Venturing through the wood,
I think of the things that could,
In summer wear a hood.
The boy said that he should,
Yet his sister said only if we would.
The snake wiffled his reply,
As he was preoccupied with a sigh,
That we all had to be extremely high.
And snake alone with his sigh,
Took wing and began learning to fly.
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Picking through fragments,
Of a love once torn.
I think of all our memories,
And a child that was born.
Many say we should never have met,
I could not have been more deaf.
As I saw you in the summer,
Unknowing of the future death.
Hello, Hurray, the story of our day,
As people worked we all played.
Falling, falling once again,
Unable to feel fear, to feel pain.
Soon enough a child came along,
How could you ever have done him wrong?
For his soul did not stay for long,
You wanted him dead all along.
Now my will to get away,
Has been completely flayed.
Hello, Hurray, the story of our day,
As people worked we all played.
Falling, falling once again,
Unable to feel fear, to feel pain.
I sought for help, it did not come,
Who would have, had evil finally won?
Tortured screams from a heart once crushed,
As broken dreams from evil were rushed.
Silent screams now the sound,
Buried my child underground.
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A Darkened Night
A Darkened night
There’s something wrong with tonight.  
What’s happened?
The night air is very close, too close...
Waves of grief overshadow you all without reason.
Has someone died?
Or has the world grinded to a halt?
A window opened by the wind,
Or by a creature of the night?
Grab your cane young man,
Infancy is around the corner.
A wrinkle of the sombre fright,
A silent whisper seems to consume the night.
Chills fill the room,
The glass remains half-empty.
Fill your cup my friend,
And be ready to meet your end.
The eagle has flown to the left.
The old man chuckles, chortles,
His tales of darkness now in motion.
We all live to die.
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What Love Really Is
I don’t want to come off as nasty, and trust me it will sound it, but there are so many people who think they love someone. They fill their speech with love-heart, but they don’t mean them. Granted this isn’t the case always, but it is quite common. Love to me is the knowledge that no matter what, they will be there. They will protect you, and in turn look for your protection when the time comes.
When they are gone, far, far away from where you are, your heart screams for them to be there. When they are there for you in your darkest moments, to comfort and support you, or keep you company when you are lonely. Also the willingness to stay in touch, no matter what the consequences are, and to remain loyal to one another – those to me make love. Call me stupid if you like, this is just a taste of my opinion, and I can tell you, no one is perfect.
I am sitting here typing this in bed, feeling like an idiot. I cannot protect my mate without hurting everyone i
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Time Prison
As the pencil, a lost fragment of my past, sails through the air I begin to wonder why I wanted fame and fortune. Was it because everyone knows you for everything good you have done and won’t tease you for a lack of anything? Or was it that I wanted to be filthy rich for the rest of my life?  What ever it was I now regret it and I want to go back to my previous life.
6 years before…
School, the worst place on earth. I must sound like some sort of cool guy or even a truant, well I’m not. I’m the victim of bullying. Not just a nudge or two and a few hurtful words. No it’s a full out three of four bashings and even worse in the way of words. I am proof that the saying ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me’ isn’t true, well at least not in my case. Here is where people will say to talk to talk so someone. They don’t realize that I have many times, and all times I have just got even m
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Political Corruption
Throughout history many men and women have asked the question, "Are all politicians corrupt?" The answer to this well known question is yes, many of them are corrupt. Ranging from Barack Obama to Robert Mugabe to John Key, many different politicians are corrupt. They all seem to share similar attributes with their speeches, actions and appeasement of the public. They all enjoy playing with peoples' lives and ruining them accordingly. It is not only the leaders but also those with slightly less power that have this tendency.
Politicians have always been corrupt throughout world history. Their inborn need to dominate and possess mixes up with the mind games they all play. Politicians such as John Key and Obama do this in many cases. They seem to only appear when their country is in protest and try to control them with speeches describing how everyone has been working hard to prevent terrible things from occurring. One of the present topics for protest is terrorism. Obama promised
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Mature content
Perfect Murder :iconbladepup:Bladepup 0 0
NZ Republic
What are the prospects that New Zealand will hold a referendum on becoming a republic during the next ten years?
Is there any prospect that during the next ten years there will be a referendum on New Zealand becoming a republic? This referendum, or public vote, can lean towards either keeping our Westminster system of government under the rule of the crown or to abolish this system and move onto a self-ruling republic. A republic is a country where the head of state is reliant on the approval of the public (Holden, 2011) . This head of state is elected on the terms of the citizens of the state, or country, and will serve as the head of state; traditionally until the next election. A referendum of this magnitude will very much depend on political and public support, a review of both the current constitution and other commonwealth countries such as Canada and Australia, and the cost of a referendum.
Political Opinion
Jim Bolger and Helen Clark both acknowledge that in the future
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Mature content
Why :iconbladepup:Bladepup 0 0
The Sunlight Tiger's Battle
As I look towards the sea I notice a tiger like sky stalking the earth around it. That Tiger crouched down with stripes ablaze with colour prepares to pounce the day into action. With a mighty silent roar he pounces, waking the slumbering creatures of the day and frightening the creatures of the night, sending them back to their caves to hide. His lasagne coloured body shakes off the dew of night and fills the sky with birds and the beckoning of a blue sky.
The calm sea is a mirror in which the tiger grooms himself and washes away the last hints of night. There is no one but me to behold this sight as the one eyed tiger stares infinitely into space; remembering the past, preparing for the future. A salty smell wafts upward as all kinds of birds fill the savannah of the sky, waiting to feast on the spoils of war. A beautiful new beginning, mixed with an unavoidable end.
The end approaches in the form of a silvery white globe, a golf ball, settling into the tiger's habitat, waiti
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Letter to the world
Dear World,                                                                                                                                   12/12/12
Well where do I begin? first off i will say that you are messed up. Pollution, famine and war the catch of the day with a topping of politics to complement the dish. I am concerned about how humanity has become so horrid and why you have been putting up with this. Why do you not just destroy humanity and be done with it? you would be doing yourself and the other animals a favor. I guess that you have given up with the tic of humanity sucking you dry, the removal to prove fatal. But there must be some way to dea
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Evil Bethlehem
As I look at the small set of numbers embedded on my arm I remember the day that my life had changed. I remember the yell of the soldiers and the clicking of triggers; the howls of women as they were ripped away from their husbands. The chains, oh those chains, the cold knife that encrusted my body in an icy reality that forever changed me. Looking back now it seemed a very long time ago.  
It was the time of the Passover in early 1940 when the soldiers came. Hundreds upon hundreds of men dressed up like toy soldiers skulked around our neighbourhood district hunting us all down. Who are we you may ask? Why we are the Jews, the scourge of the Third Reich, the dirt at the bottom of the shoe of Fascist Germany the most hated of all men. Herr Hitler wanted us all dead, he did not see us as humans only as animals made to be slaughtered. The hoards of screaming women and children massed around, like at the synagogue on the Sabbath, as the soldiers rounded us up and loaded us onto tru
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Paranormal Activity
It’s quite funny the way people ignore the paranormal. They seem to shake it off with their rational mind as an animal or something. However, some paranormal existences see this as a challenge. Paranormal entities feed off attention from living people, sometimes even energy from living beings. The automatic response of those affected by paranormal activity is to try deal with it themselves. This can sometimes have an adverse effect on those involved, sometimes even making their “problems” worse. It is observed that some of the better ways to deal with such entities is to research clues that may be found in the place of the haunting. It is then that any action may be taken.
Actions to rid a place of an entity usually incorporate an exorcism or an attempt at communicating with the entity. Both methods can be quite dangerous if done incorrectly. For example, if an exorcism goes wrong there’s a risk of possession, if not already, or even as bad as death. It
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Here is a short entry about my fave Doctor Who episode from Season One (2005)…


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