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5 days after Kalerd and Amarok defeat Zalgo, they party all nigth drinking.....the next morning Kalerd was under the couch and Gaphid was on the couch as well as Astaroth, Hécate and Uriel...

Kalerd- oh god....what happen.....

Gaphid-*wakes up* wtf what the hell happened

Kalerd- dude........wat da.......dude if your going to have a goddam orgy on the couch warn me...for fucks sake....need some help getting out of there...Uriel doesn't look like letting you go...*Uriel stares at kalerd* ....

Gaphid- Wait Uriel what are you doing here shouldn't you be on the Sacred Flying Islands

Uriel- I ran from there i wanted to be with you

Kalerd- oh so cute......what about your dads guards .....aren't those guys coming to look for you something ...and...."looks at window" Jeff´s doing here....

Gaphid- Jeff get the fuck out from there i told you if you want lolis come from the front door, now Uriel you should get dressed and get going or we will be in trouble and don't let anyone know what happened here

Uriel- Ok , oh and here take this it's a special drink i want you and Kalerd to try *gets dressed and leaves*

Kalerd- Cya Uriel.....and Jeff.....go look for victims someone else, either you're going to kill them while fucking them or going to leave them knockout in the middle of nowhere to Slender to hunt...

Jeff- Fuck you to Kalerd, Drelak is much funnier.....cya....

Kalerd- What an whats that drink anyway...

Gaphid- Nectar of the gods it says, i heard of this before but i heard it is dangerous to drink if you are not a god, should we do it

Kalerd- What does it exactly do.........ah screw it "grabs drink and takes a zip".....

Gaphid- Well i don't know exactly i just heard that only gods can drink it but well if you do it i do it too *grabs it and drinks* . . . OMG THIS IS AMAZING *continues to drink*

Kalerd- OMG.......the meaning of life"2 hours later".............oh what the hell happen......and why do I have an gun scythe....


Kalerd-"bitchslap"......shut up.......were in the middle of city....there's human nearby...we better activate the camouflage what the hell do I do with this scythe......"puts scythe in pocket....

Gaphid- What in a city why the hell are we here still that thing is amazing i need more where is the bottle

Kalerd....lest see"checks pockets"...ah here it his and....... oh shit....dude did you read the small letters.....

Gaphid- No what does it s...

Astaroth- *Comes flying and hits Gaphid* Sorry master are you ok

Gaphid- Yes but could you get up you're siting on my face

Astaroth- Oh sorry *Gets up*

Gaphid- So what were you saying Kalerd

Kalerd- "grabs astaroth" well hello there shitstain.....may i know if you ate my bacon.........anyway Gaphid the small letters says that in a few hours we will have to face heavens champion so we can become gods, if we refuse we.....wait......"reads smaller letters".....OHSHIT

Gaphid- But i will already become a god when my father dies

Kalerd- True but this is like a test to see if were worthy....and if we refuse we lose you're nuts.....

Gaphid- What happens if we lose, between Astaroth stole your bacon again

Kalerd- ah ok "buttslaps astaroth"....if we lose ....we loose all our powers memories of the underworld and stay forever in who do we have to fight to past the test....

Gaphid- Well fuck wait we turn into gods but what type of gods exactly

Astaroth- Kyaa what are you doing

Kalerd- Punishing you little thief " continues to buttslap astaroth"......lest see....any gods....we just have to say how we to be know and then whe the time comes we take the place of that god....

Jeff- So its not ok when i fuck a loli, but its ok when you torture one

Kalerd- Shut up Jeff, she stole my bacon.....

Gaphid- Ok then i know why Uriel gave me that if i turn into a god that is accepted by her mom then we can be together but will i still turn into the god of darkness right

Kalerd- of course....if you are the next heir to be the god of darkness you´ll get that title, plus you can be the god of something else as well....ok I think i punish her enough..."lets Astaroth free".....

Jeff- Hey Gaphid can i have the lil bat

Gaphid- You can Jeff but well i think you don't want her

Astaroth- So little Jeff wants to have fun *evil grin* we are going to have fun *both Jeff and Astaroth return to the Underworld*

Gaphid- I warned him well that's cool then let's go

Kalerd- Sure......also I infected Astaroth with a serum that will make her a sado for the next few hours......lest go defeat heavens champion...."2 hours later"...

Gaphid- Thing is Astaroth already was a sadist

Guard of Sacred Floating Islands´s gate- hold you cannot pass especially you umbramauris

Kalerd- They really hate you don't they mate....

Gaphid- Yes they do, Kalerd show him the bottle

Kalerd- here check this...
Guard- You two....there's no way the next gods will be umbramauris.....

Kalerd- Call me shadow shit again and you´ll see how the slenderworld looks like..

Gaphid- Hey calm down, ok first we drank this so we have the right to enter, second we residents of the Underworld have the same right as you so let us pass

Guard- Lets"spits at Gaphid feet".....
"Kalerd and Gaphid share a look and give the guard a kick making the gates open and the king of angels appearing"
Oberon- What's going on here.....

Gaphid- Hello Oberon missed me

Oberon- You what are you doing here i prohibited your presence here

Gaphid- Well we got our hands on this *showing the bottle*

Oberon- I ... damn you ok you can enter

Kalerd- Sup Oberon...."Oberon draws sword"

Oberon- Gaphid ...who's this guy.....

Gaphid- He is my friend he also drank

Oberon- You two ... ok you can go but you will die here be warned

Kalerd- Ah i killed slender... your arguments are invalid who are we going to fight????

Oberon- Well *evil grin* you are gonna fight with Uriel

Kalerd - Wait what????!!!!

Kalerd- How much do this assholes hate you?

Gaphid- You can't be serious you would make your daughter fight us just because you want to be sure i am away from her

Oberon- No.......she is the most powerful angel in heaven ...although some of her abilities are still dormant.....

Kalerd- this is really unfair...its 2 against one....she doesn't has a chance...

Gaphid- Kalerd i wouldn't be so sure you forget who Uriel is

Kalerd- "whispering"...don't worry...i have a plan...I develop an skill that wont kill, but will look like that.....its called "drain" will remove here powers as an angel and make her human....

Gaphid- I expect that to work in reverse after or i will personally kill you

Uriel- Gaphid, Kalerd i am sorry *Jumps at us with her sword *

Kalerd- Shit....the skill is going to remove her power and it will store in a secret chest hidden.......after this we only need to go to the chest and put it back in hold her off" removes jacket"....this skill takes time to be complete.....

Gaphid- Shit *Jumps out of the way* Uriel calm down we got a way to end this without anyone being hurt

Uriel- Don't worry my love i will kill you and then take care of your body till my power to revive is awakened *starts slashing in Gaphid's direction*

Gaphid- Kalerd fast something is wrong with her

Kalerd- Wait..........its complete and now...."jumps towards queen angel and stabs her in the heart"....... long time no see......Drelak....
*Drelak removes queen disguise*

Drelak- sonuvabitch......*spell is broken*

Uriel- What happen???"faints"....

Kalerd- trying to create chaos again between Angels and Shadows Drel....

Gaphid- *Grabs Uriel*D-Drelak who is him and why is he disguised as the queen angel

Kalerd- Ill explain prepare to die Drelak....

Drelak- Not so fast"escapes" and speaks telepathically" YOU SHALL NEVER DEFEAT ME KALERD I KNOW ALL YOUR MOVES...YOU MIGHT HAVE STOP BEFORE BUT NOT TODAY.....

Kalerd- Damn it....

Oberon- What happen to my wife......

Kalerd- Shes now only a empty husk......i'm sorry...Drelak must have killed her and was using her body

Gaphid- I am perplex wait what about the Nectar of the gods challenge

Oberon- We will cancel it for now

Gaphid- So are you telling me who Drelak is now

Kalerd- I'm a bit disappointed.....I wanted to be the god of slenders.....anyway.......Drelak evil twin or happen a few years ago, when i become slender´s new proxy, slender tried to make me more evil but in result he only separated my evil side from the "not to bad not to good" side....after that Drelak cause chaos in the human world, slaying any living being..including my girlfriend.....I was able to stop him along side with slender....but its was no good....he escaped.......after that I blamed slender from everything, my death, the creation of Drelak, my gf death,.....I hate him so much that if he even shows his non existing face again, I would kill him....i have been investigating the Zalgo incident, and Drelak had made an contract to control the universe.....after that I lost is track....until I sensed an familiar energy coming from the queen.....

Gaphid- Is there a way to kill him

Kalerd- Don't know ....he and I are the same....same powers , same skill,...asides looks and mind.......were both the same ........anyway is Uriel ok.....

Gaphid- She is unconscious but seems to be ok did you use that skill and take away her powers

Kalerd- I dint hit her.....I hit Drelak but was ineffective....and .......a....why does she has an "amant umbram rapaces" tattoo on the shoulder...

Gaphid- This is wait it can't be OBERON WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THIS

Oberon- You didn't need to know

Kalerd- Ah it means "I love shadow wolves".....hopefully she mean you and not a pack of wolves...

Oberon- Boy are insinuating that my dear daughter has sexual relations with wolves!!!

Kalerd- Ah no....

Gaphid- No it's not that it' means that she is connected with the Unknown Lands the forbidden grounds on the border of the Underworld a place where anyone that goes there dies and turns into ashes instantly

Kalerd- Really...."calls Jeff" hey Jeff i found a place for you to dump bodies....

Jeff- HMMMHMMM....

Kalerd- what?

Astaroth- Jeff is not home right now, hes suffering from Starp syndrome leave a message after the scream...


Gaphid- I warned you she is sadist

Uriel-*wakes up* What's happening

Kalerd- You were the control of my evil twin, who was disguise as your dead mom, and also why do you an "amant umbra rapaces" tatto on the shoulder??

Uriel- W-what Gaphid what's he talking about

Gaphid- The tattoo on your shoulder is a connection with the Unknown Lands

Uriel- But my father never told me that

Gaphid- Now you know Kalerd the Unknown Lands may be the answer to your problem what do you want to do

Kalerd- first lest see if Jeff is still alive, after that lest go to the Unknown Lands, were gonna have to take Uriel with us of course...

Gaphid- We have to make preparations before going to the Unknown Lands as i said anyone that steps there turns into ashes so let's go check Jeff

Kalerd- ok....."back at Jeff's apartment"....hey Jeff, you still alive or can i keep you games

Astarth- Master you came early i am having lots of fun

Kalerd- holy crap.....ah Jeff, you still alive.....

Jeff- I'm going to kill this bitchAAAAAHHHHHHHHH

Astaroth- Shut up dog...

Kalerd- Ah ok....a Jeff wanna come on a adventure.....

Jeff- As long this bitch is away from sure.....

Gaphid- Ok Astaroth you stay here, we are going to the Unknown Lands so prepare our equipment

kalerd- got my gun-scythe and lvl 80 dragon armor....i'm ready mate...

Gaphid- That's not enough *hands over a pendant* that's going to protect you we can go to the nearest town on the Unknown Lands but more than that is dangerous

Kalerd- Wait ...didn't you say everything that entered the Unknown land would disintegrates in to ashes???

Gaphid- Those pendents have the same proprieties as that people who live there, they are protected from whatever does this to us

kalerd- ah ok......"2hours later" man.. this looks more like an temple then an what are looking for....

Gaphid- The answer to the people who live here even though this pendants can protect us till here more that that and we disintegrate Uriel has some connection here so let's walk around and see if the tattoo reacts

Kalerd- ok........ah......wheres Uriel?...

Gaphid- Well fuck we lost her already we should have brought Hécate she could sniff her

Jeff- I can do that

Kalerd- Jeff are you still under Astaroth influence?

Jeff- No fuck that bitch, i brought smiley with me, sniff the angel boy.....
*2 hours and some bacon later*Kalerd- Why is she staring at that statue....

Gaphid- Maybe because it is a statue that looks exactly like her, when we end this i will steal it by the way so don't get in my way, now ... what does this mean

Kalerd- Ah mate its a statue of multiple angels that look like Uriel....and it says "may the powers of the demon angel be awaken" how the heck do we activate this...*gives a little kick on the base of the statue**statue eyes start glowing*

Gaphid- Kalerd what did i tell you about kicking statues *sigh* ok so eye glow demon ANGEL wait demon angel but then but she but

Kalerd- well talk about a twist......."ghosts of demon angels appear and grab Uriel"

Ghost - She has come.... and for your transformation*Uriel enters in a sleepwalking effect*......

Gaphid- W-what Uriel where are you going *statue starts to move revealing stairs* we should go too

kalerd- ok...."approaches stairs and almost gets hit by an axe" what the hell!?

Ghost- Do not approach or you will interfere in her transformation....

Kalerd- And what transformation is that?

Ghost- Her hair will turn black and her skin will be pale, she will loose an angel wing and it will be replace with an demon wing...she will not be harm.....her true powers will be awake and she will be the most powerful being in all worlds....

Gaphid- A demon wing no it can't be true not Uriel please tell me it's not true she is not a demon please no

Ghost- There is nothing you can do to stop it

First demon angel ghost- Do not worry shadow pup...her mind will remain sane, and she will keep all of her memories.....she must have a demon wing, because she will be the future queen of heavens, hell, underworld and the universe...

Kalerd-....ah wait what......

Gaphid- That's wait but then it means her King will also be the King of all that right

First demon angel ghost- In theory, yes.....

Kalerd- Oh come on....

FDA ghost- have an operators symbol on your eye..

Kalerd-'s a curse.....what is have to do with any of this....

FDA ghost- Legends says that the one who has the operators mark in his body will be the Guardian of the human world....

Kalerd- Say what???

Gaphid- Guardian of the human world well it suits you you were human before

Jeff- And me what am me

FDA ghost- you will keep on annoying slender until he dies..

Jeff- not bad...

Kalerd- Da heck, i'm the guardian of the human world, Uriel the queen of the universe, and Gaphid is probably the king.....wait what about Drelak?

FSA ghost- about him i cant say anything...."thunderstorm sounds"'s complete......."Uriel appears with black hair and a demon wing, while completely naked"....

Kalerd and Jeff-NOW THIS JUST MADE MY DAY!!!!!

Gaphid- *hits both in the head* Look away you pervs *takes of coat and cover Uriel with it*

Uriel- I feel weird what happened

Gaphid- Don't worry everything's fine Kalerd try to get information about Drelak from the statues

Jeff- Hey shes the one who show up naked...

Kalerd- The statues went back to be statues...also I argue with Jeff..."whispers" you took a photo right?..

Jeff- yup...

Gaphid- *Suddenly both eyes get red with vein like marks on his tattoos and hair becomes black* YOU TWO *dashes and uses a shadow claw to hit both of you and snatch away Jeff's phone*NOW THIS IS CONFISCATED*turns back to normal*now what should we do to get more information any ideas

Kalerd- No idea......I will keep on investigating.....Jeff you're coming with me...also....the photo is now in a chest hidden away...."runs away with jeff"....

Gaphid- Well i am sure Zashid took control right now but they didn't seem surprised oh well Uriel come i will take you to the Shadowless castle and then i come back here let's hope those two idiots don't get in trouble

Uriel- Ok ... Gaphid ?

Gaphid- Yes?

Uriel- My body is hot and it feels weird

Gaphid- Ok i will take care of that when we get to the Shadowless castle


Kalerd- "knocking at Gaphid´s room door"......hey you still there mate...listen I know Oberon having allowed Uriel to come to visit you is great and all.....but I don't think it's healthy to spend 2 days in a row fucking her....seriously mate, your grandpa's worried...he would like to meet her....

Gaphid-*opens door fully naked*what are you talking Oberon didn't let her he just can't control her anymore she is more powerful than him now and my grandpa is death he comes in and out of the room whenever he wants too and we can't do nothing about it

Kalerd- ah ok....also how the heck are you covering your "sword" with a bush without touching it.......

Gaphid- What how the fuck did this get here Uriel do you know something

Uriel- *on the bed fully naked* what no i never saw that bush before

Kalerd- ...ah...i'm right Uriel, don't mind me .........and mate that's probably some prank Little Shitstain did...

Gaphid- Ok i will get ready lets go and try to find how to destroy your evil twin

Kalerd- He disappeared again mate....he is not here anymore....i checked everywhere and he just other words....its time to relax,.....

Gaphid-Ok *closes door* *moans and screams of pleasure*

Kalerd- Better get some earplugs....


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