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*Take Me Where I Cannot Stand

This was the third time Draven had flown to New Zealand in the hopes of participating in the Kaimanawa Challenge. Blood Moon Stables had been through several rough patches in the past few years, making competing in such competitions difficult. This year, though, he hoped to accomplish more.

Several people milled about the muster, flitting from pen to pen examining the various Kaimanawas that had been gathered for this year’s competition. Draven noticed that most of the horses had already been claimed by eager stables; it seemed that the competition had grown in popularity.

Draven wandered to one of the outlying pens. He leaned against the wooden fencing and gazed at the horses milling inside.

“Sir, wait! Don’t lean on the fence! The mare…” one of the staff called to Draven, noticing him leaning on the fence. The trainer had barely turned to look towards the staff member before a mare with a fiery coat charged the fence where he had been, nostrils flaring and ears pinned back. She stood there defiantly, snorting and pawing at the ground.

Draven smiled, “Is she claimed yet?”

“Beg pardon?” the staff member asked, confused.

“This mare, is she claimed yet?” Draven repeated, not taking his eyes off of the mare, who was still glaring at him from the fence line.

“Well… no, sir, but she’s been extremely difficult to handle. I’m not sure if…”

“My stable can handle her,” Draven assured, turning towards the staff member with a charming smile. “Now where do I register?”

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