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Project Nexus 2 (Wallpaper)

Sword (WIP)

Madness Combat Project Armageddon remake (Part 10)

Zombie (Madness Combat)

Nice To Bow You

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Felix X Andrew

Jack The Ripper (Assassin's Creed Syndicate DLC)

Madness Combat Project Armageddon remake (part 9)

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Project Nexus 2 (Wallpaper)

Madness Combat Project Armageddon remake (Part 10)

Zombie (Madness Combat)

Felix X Andrew

Jack The Ripper (Assassin's Creed Syndicate DLC)

Madness Combat Project Armageddon remake (part 9)

Jeff The Killer

Doctor Crackpot

Stream Draw 04


Energy Pack Deimos

Last Of Us

PF 2016

Just a girl, not a threat

Seven Cellification (intro)

Seven Cellification (intro)


Seven Cellification (intro)

A slug woman ran through a set of rainy streets her clothes soaking wet she felt tried from running so much but despite that she kept going this was in a world now if you are counted as a slug you die the only people who where allowed to live was the Seals. Seals are people who are healthy Slugs are people who are born with an illness or mental disorder they are counted as slugs your are also count as a slug if you get a big illness or mental disorder as you grow through the years because you are slow and there for must be eilmated it was just the rule. The seals lived in super high class buildings the slugs found there way on the streets t

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Hank collab


Mr. Pickles (666)

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Feel free to draw my OC's I don't mind at all no need to ask just credit me that's all I ask thanks. - BladeMaster122

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I am a Markipier fan that guy is awesome
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Brightburn,Balto, Hunger games movies, 101 Dalmaions, Big hero six,Assassin's Creed movie,
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DS Tablet PS4
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i am a tomboy and i'm really werid in my own way and i have a little brother so i know what feels like to have a younger sibling my fav charters form cartoons is flippy ray boomer and there more that i like out there so many i can't name them all


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I hate having braces I had my teeth worked on today and my mouth is killing me tonight it hurts...
How do you guys feel about the new change I know a lot of us are having a hard time with the update but it's new it's gonna take time getting used too I'm not going anywhere.....
I am on the new set up for Deviantart and some of you might not like what I say next but it's actually not as bad as we thought I think we all over redacted a little bit yes it's a little harder to custom your profile but other then that it's not th

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you know lesley you can switch the new version into the old version from the esclipse
BladeMaster122Hobbyist Writer
it is kinda hard i have been setting up for the new site for the last few hours.
This Button by peridot894  well this going to help you
BladeMaster122Hobbyist Writer

I know about it I have it on the new stuff to get used to the change

Thanks for the fav! :hug:

BladeMaster122Hobbyist Writer
Your welcome
mess0remHobbyist Traditional Artist

Hi! Thank you so much for all the favs :D