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Silencing the Drums: Chapter 8 :iconblademalfoy:blademalfoy 4 4
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Silencing the Drums: Chapter 6 :iconblademalfoy:blademalfoy 5 1
Silencing the Drums: Chapter 5
"I can't believe you're keeping him in there. I mean, what's the security like? A cabinet? Really?"
Jack was a man not given to fits, but he was pacing the TARDIS's control room now as though he was, far too agitated to be still. He'd thrown his coat over the railings and let his suspenders hang against his legs, perhaps to combat the feeling that he'd walked into a trap. This was madness, truly, to keep the Master inside a vessel like the TARDIS, in which he could cause enormous quantities of mayhem if he wished.
"And naked? Nothing but that tracker collar and, soon, a leash. You told me not to jump to conclusions, Doctor, but I find that I can casually walk up to them, even, and they're still there. Tell me you're not keeping him for-"
The Doctor slammed a hand down on the TARDIS's console and turned an uncharacteristic glare on him. "I'm not. I told you, I found him outside the TARDIS – I don't know where he came from or how he got there. I'm not sure what else you ex
:iconblademalfoy:blademalfoy 4 4
Silencing the Drums: Chapter 4
They heard the music well before they reached the doors to the TARDIS. Jack chuckled uneasily and remarked that someone must have left their ship's radio on, tuned to mid-2000's Earth pop hits, but the Doctor knew better. A year that never was trapped in the Master's own personal jukebox had given him intimate insight into his nemesis's choice in music, and this was pretty much it. No one else at this bar would even know who Pink was, much less leave it playing loudly in their empty starship.
The Doctor threw open the door and raced for the stairs, calling for Jack to stay where he was. How could the Master have escaped? Perhaps he'd made a quick recovery and was even now hijacking the TARDIS's controls. He hadn't been in the main control room, but there was a secondary piloting array in the basement. It was hidden behind camouflaged, coded doors, but since when had such security stopped the Master?
The Doctor skidded into the library wing and thrust an arm out towards the door, screwd
:iconblademalfoy:blademalfoy 5 2
Silencing the Drums: Chapter 3
"I need your help, Jack."
Jack set his pint glass down on the scuffed chrome bar top and flashed the Doctor a grin. "You must, if you found me all the way out here."
"Last outpost with TARDIS parking," The Doctor said with a shrug and a thin smile. "I don't think you come here by accident."
"You know me, Doctor. Always waiting for you." Jack signaled the bartender for another drink and drained the dregs from his glass. "Like the new regeneration, by the way. Nice nose. Not sure about the bowtie, though."
The Doctor snorted and turned his attention to the bright blue cocktail in front of him. "What is this? If I recall correctly, it is never a good idea to let you order the drinks. Last time I did that I woke up with a cat on my head and no pants on."
Jack laughed. "It's harmless. Favorite cocktail of the Blue Binders of Delta Scorpi Eleven. Little vodka, little distilled Norgoglr, nothing a Time Lord can't handle. Me – I prefer a little old-fashioned earth whisky."
The D
:iconblademalfoy:blademalfoy 4 10
Silencing the Drums: Chapter 2
The Master had been sleeping for hours. He'd hardly stirred, and once or twice during his hourly visits the Doctor had leaned close to make certain he was still breathing. It was clear that he'd recently begun regenerating, but that the process had been halted somehow. The energy of the Vortex clung to him like a second skin. This was strange, for the deep wounds on him did not seem to be healing, as if something was impeding the process, and the Doctor found himself completely flummoxed by this. Surely the Master would welcome a new regeneration and the renewed strength it would bring. Hadn't he been given a new cycle not so long ago? This was not his last life, not something he'd need to cling to.
The Doctor found himself in a rare moment of stillness as he monitored the TARDIS's controls. He leaned against the railing, gazing up at nothing in particular, his bowtie undone and hanging around his neck. He hadn't felt still or safe since he'd brought the Master on board, and the sustai
:iconblademalfoy:blademalfoy 6 3
Silencing the Drums: Chapter 1
(This is going to be my NaNoWriMo project, so expect updates about once a week. I'm also more than open to suggestions from fans - I have a general idea of where this is going, but it's Doctor Who! Anything's possible. If there's a character/place you want to see, let me know in reviews and I'll see what I can do.)
At first, the Doctor was certain that the object huddled against the doors of the TARDIS was a tumbleweed or scrap of garbage blown in from the nearby settlement. The land around him was flat, endless and empty, and the wind blew something fierce. The dominant species on this planet was an airborne biped, dependant on the strong winds to get aloft. The Acamarians were pack-rats, constructing nest-like dwellings out of whatever odds and ends they found scattered across the open plain, dwellings that often shed bits of wall and roof during windstorms. The Tardis was the only upright object for miles arou
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For The Gas by blademalfoy For The Gas :iconblademalfoy:blademalfoy 7 0 Doctorcuno by blademalfoy Doctorcuno :iconblademalfoy:blademalfoy 12 8


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Some of you may have been following the progress of my 11/Master fanfic, Silencing the Drums.  You may also have noticed a startling lack of updates recently.  We're now on chapter 17 - I'm just lazy about posting the fic here.

If you'd like to keep following it, you can find it either here:…

Or here:…


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