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Eight facts about Peter Cottontail by BladeGunSniper Eight facts about Peter Cottontail by BladeGunSniper

I was tagged by :iconwingedwartigers: ...  So I decided to do this along with a loong overdue picture!

  1.  Peter's Mom (she was pure giant Nile Crocodile) was overly protective.  Even after all his siblings left. 
    • While he lived in Egypt, Peter was believed to be an incarnation of the crocodile headed god of the Nile, Sobek.  At one point a foolish priest tried to take him to a temple.  This ended poorly for the priest.  Peter's over-protective 18ft-over-one-ton-Crocodile Mom caught the priest and disposed of the would-be kidnapper.  After the incident the other priests decided "Sobek" was best left in his domain.  They still occasionally left him some jewelry on the bank, but not one dare get close.  She was never far away.   peter pan gif 
  2. Peter has never been sad or angry.
    • Believe it or not, Peter has never in his life experienced these emotions to an extreme scale (Yeah, he cried as a baby when he needed food or attention, but outside of that nothing has really bugged him).  His Mom taught him how to smile and he ran with it and still does so.  Peter sees sadness as an odd thing.  When Micky was moping about Peter was determined to bring the smile back. Not that he understood what the sadness was or what it was about.  Bringing out a smile was just a fun game.  I'm not saying it will never happen, but for now he continues to be cheerful.
  3. The cold makes him sleepy. 
    • Winter is a weird time for Peter.    Much like Takoda (or many reptiles when exposed to colder temperatures), Peter spends a lot of the winter sleeping or being incredibly drowsy.  Micky has to carry him from one location to the next.  At one point Micky braved his thieving reputation to ask the master of all things clothing, Daghny (played by Maiwenn ), to make Peter a Fox-theme snow suit to keep warm.  He even offered to pay for it with his own items, nothing stolen.  Dag, being the sweetie she is, made the request for free.  Peter was so excited he pranced about pretending to be Micky for the rest of the month (to include pretending to take pine-cones and hiding them in Micky's pillow).  
  4. True to the reptile, Peter will never stop growing as long as he lives.
    • Reptiles grow all their lives and being a reptile-taur, Peter will grow all his life too.  A living dinosaur, kind of.  He will grow rapidly at first than as he gets much older the it will slow considerably.  Sadly he has already completely outgrown the beloved snow-suit Dag made him (but he still uses it as a blanket).  Micky has no idea what he is in for...  Run 
  5. Peter's accent is a mix between Xoco's (played by kineko ) and Micky McCoy's
    • When Peter arrived at Okhong he only knew how to speak in the Crocodile tongue... Which is an odd language for those who do not know how it goes.  Xoco was patient and kind enough to give Peter the foundation of speech and he picked up what he could with Micky.  He mimicked everything down to speech patterns and accent.  Really, I'm having a hard time hearing it in my head.  It's amusing.  Currently he can speak alright.  At least well enough for most to understand him. 
  6. Peter's favorite food is Xoco's biscuits.
    • Yes, he still loves the meats (and most of his diet is meat, he has his favorite kind of meat... but that will stay a secret), but what makes him happiest are those biscuits.  He learned that if he behaves he can have a biscuit! So perhaps we have Xoco to thank for keeping this little crocodile out of the mischievous behavior of his adopted father.  He also loves to share them with anyone who is willing to take them.  Sometimes he'll make his own version out of various things he has hunted. goes about as well as you'd think it would.  Micky is sure he has lost the ability to taste.   
  7. Peter can stand completely still for hours.
    • Peter has a unique ability to remain still for a very long time.  Especially when sunning or drifting in the water.  This helps when hunting or just enjoying a good day.  Both of which Peter does very frequently (yes, he loves to hunt... especially the chase part :bunnyla: ). 
  8. Micky styles Peter's hair
    • Abeni may be the resident hair stylist, but Micky is the one who braids and cuts Peter's hair.  Peter asked and Micky just couldn't say no.  Actually he is happy to do so.  Besides, he knows just how Peter likes to have it styled.  He even works in a peacock feather from Peter's stash of them.  It's not something he brings up to anyone and will likely ignore the question if anyone asks. 

And there you have it! 8 facts for Peter Cottontail. There is a little more about him in this unbelievably outdated Journal entry [HERE] Thank you for the tag!
...hmn...  I have a few people I'd like to tag, but I can't think right now...

🍃Peter Cottontail was designed by :iconjackpot-84: (and will be played by me)
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Maiwenn Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
This is the coolest snow suit I've ever seen, worn by the cutest crocodile ! :heart:
I can't get over Peter's smile ! If he's not the incarnation of Sobek, Peter must be the incarnation of happiness. I don't see any other explanation. X)
BladeGunSniper Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2018
Thank you!

Hey, Dhag is a clothing wizard (at least I was trying to think of how she'd go about that... hopefully I wasn't far off. LoL )

I have yet to find what brings this croc down.  He must be the incarnation of happiness! Micky won't agree, but he's just upset he hasn't been able to cause as much trouble around camp as normal. Even if he deep down inside is proud to be a daddy. 

Saimain Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2018  Professional General Artist
That is a magnificent fur coat. Also that smile! XD
BladeGunSniper Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2018
Peter has the smile of a champ. He’s just a very happy croco-taur. LoL!!!

Thank you so much! XD !!
giz-art Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Like... Everything about this child. It's both... SUPER cute and both SUPER scary....
(The fox suit is the perfect idea XD I can imagine the two silhouets side by side and it's hilarious XD)
BladeGunSniper Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2018
The magic of the Crocodile! bahahha!

(Bahaha!!  Micky would have to teach Peter how to be a better fox if Micky wants to avoid embarrassment... que montage! )
kineko Featured By Owner Edited Aug 19, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Awwww, our happy smiling little murder log is growing up! and this fox fursuit is absolutely ADORABLE, Xoco must have been cooing at him for hours the first time she saw her in that suit (she coo very well, comes from her dad's side)
BladeGunSniper Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2018
Yeah, and still just as happy as ever!

I can definitely see that with Xoco!!  That must have been a sight;  A cooing Xoco while Peter prances about trying to be a fox... Micky slightly embarrassed at the over exaggeration of his own fox-habits (knowing Peter is only mimicking what he's seen). 

(Xoco must have the best sounds with her animal-mix... X,D    Does Xalli 'trill'?  )
kineko Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Xoco: Awwwwwwwwwww, he is so cuuuuute! Look! Look! He is doing the thing, just like you!

(Hm, Xalli doesn't make a lot of animal sound because it upset a lot her human family, but after her daughter's birth, she start purring and roaring again. The first to reassure her baby, the second to defend her.)
(That being said, Xoco can scream like a peacock. Except her lungs are about ten times bigger. When she put her mind into it, you probably can hear her on the other side of the forest.)
BladeGunSniper Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2018
Micky: -reluctant to admit he does that- I do not do that!

(Oh my goodness that is an amazing mental image. Bahahahaha!! When do the beeguh get to hear such a magnificent thing?!)
kineko Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Xoco: Well, he didn't learned the swaggery walk from ME.

(She did once, when a certain llama barged out of a portal without warning, right into her many arms)
BladeGunSniper Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2018
Micky: ... maybe it was One of the Birds... he likes to watch them all the time. *huff*

(Bahaha!! Oh dear... Poor Xoco. X,D
I’m a horrible person for laughing )
kineko Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Xoco: What? Jealous?

(Don't worry, her parents did worse when she was a baby.
Xalli: I was a BAD mother.
Akash: You gotta admit: it was hilarious when she was flailing and smacking herself as a baby. )
BladeGunSniper Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2018
Micky: WHAT!? Jeal- No!  *huff and pouts even more*

(Awwww... but she turned out so well! You've got to give them credit for that somewhere! 
Oh the mental images of this! :la: )
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WingedWarTigers Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Peter is an interesting feller, and I never would have guessed about the coat, ers cuuute! ^_^
BladeGunSniper Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2018
Why thank'ya!
It was a surprise idea Micky had.  Peter, even though he can't fit into it, like to wear the hood and prance about.  It still makes a great blanket!
I think him and Sam could have some fun.  X,D
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