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My DA family:

Mother: ---------

Father: ----------

Flaming Uncle: :iconcozah:

Screwed Up Uncle who lives in my Basement: :iconkokiri-kidd:

Brothers: :iconshadixthehedgehog123::iconfaisaladen::iconiceth36::iconbloodshonic::icontufftony:::iconderekth18::iconshockth1::iconsupermase9x::iconxxshadow300xx::iconjuneauthehedgheog:

Lil Bro: :iconxxxcamtroxxx::iconkush232:

Retarded Little Brother (his suggestion): :iconsilvercelestickaruno:

Ace Cookie Brother: :iconxxrushthehedgiexx:

Daughters: :iconthemissingtune:

Sons: :icondarkshadeanimations:

Super Sweet Sis who gets all dah love:hug:: :iconccmoonstar23:

Cousins: :iconrunway01::iconshadythedark:

Epic person that is apparently related to me: :iconluigirasendori:

My Bro-Bacon: :iconrusty-doggo:

My broham: :icontriforcelegendx:

Crazy Loopy bro: :icondracohenrie3:

Le muffin BU: :icondigital-papercut:

Cousins: :iconteh2chao2:

Crazy Cousin: :icontoxic-rz:

Buddies: :iconzodiacdamien09:

Best Buddy: :iconartistic-twist:

Pet Hedgewolf: :iconmattthewolverinezeo7:

Pet Husky and 2nd Main Pokemon :iconfrostburned-soul:

Pet Dog: :iconlasioman:

Awesome Pet Wolf that does Awesome Tricks: :iconbluethornwolf:

That Neighborhood Kid: :iconswordgrayfire::iconxxdaboss99xx:

Crazy Wisp User >BU : :iconmespaint:

Favourite Visual Artist
Dont have one
Favourite Movies
Too many to pick just one
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Favourite Games
O.O there are so many

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it me :v your fren but im moving to a new account
Hey man hows things been?
Thank you kindly for the favs.
thanks for the fave :)
Happy birthday!