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Special thanks to PEQUEDARK-VELVET for helping me with the designs and SaySunnyJay for Second Opinion advice for the designs

With the news of an 8th Generation of Pokemon games coming into play in 2019, I thought I share with you all some Hypothetical Pokemon (Or in this case, FauxMon) I dreamt up some months/years ago when my ideas were for a Hypothetical G7 game

Now I like to introduce to you a special set of Fauxmon that will appear in my (Hypothetical) game only known as "The Zodiac". Please also note that this particular set introduces 3 elements for the Dex Profile screen which are a Set Emblem (Which represents that this Fauxmon is part of a group of Fauxmon) and a Cannot Breed Emblem (Which is a PKMN Egg with the universal emblem of NO over it) as well as the Dex Profile screen being slightly smaller than others representing that a Fauxmon cannot evolve.

The final member of the Zodiac is known as Shierzhu (From the Chinese words for "Twelve" & "Pig"...Albeit the design was inspired by a Boar). His stat's I may have taken inspiration form Maoswine's or Emboar's.

SADLER'S FUN FACT: The Zodiac set was inspired by the 12 main characters from the obscure anime Juuni Senshi Bakuretsu Eto Ranger (With Shierzhu's design being based on Urii)

Oh BTW, The dex Screen was inspired (And Lovingly Ripped-off) by DA user Dragonit's Dex Screen with some slight modifications




Series insperation: Shaft

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