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August 2, 2021
Portrait study by Blacleria
Featured by Moonbeam13
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Portrait study


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Portrait study I made for an art challenge on Instagram.

Done with Clipstudio Paind and Huion Kamvas 22 Plus.

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© 2021 Blacleria
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Is it on canvas or is digital work? nice conceptual art too.

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Why'd you call it a study and not a full painting? I think it's absolutely marvelous, I love the variation of hues in the skin tone

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That’s because it is a study. With this portrait I wanted to practise skin texture and facial expression. I even experimented a bit with leaving parts unfinished. However, even though it is a study, it is also a full painting. For me, a study can be a full painting and doesn’t necessary be a sketch.

Thank you so much!

Looks like my cousin Imani…well done!

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Very beautiful--fine work!

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The Poise itself is difficult yet captured well... unique angle and I keep wondering what she could be thinking about. More please.

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Thank you so much! The pose was indeed very difficult!

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she is soooooo pretty

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this is like the 5th time i come back to this photo :D im using it for referrence if you dont mind me doing that. I still find it hard to believe you use CSP to make this :D do you mind sharing your brush sets?

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Thank you so much, I really feel honoured! Some days ago I made a webinar where I explained how I paint portraits in Clipstudio Paint. I also mentioned the brushes I use and how. You can find a record of the webinar here:

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Exceptional portrait.

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Thank you 🥰

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I totally thought this was a photo and it took 2 double takes before I realized it’s painted. Whoa!

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Thanks a lot! 😊😊

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What a beautiful render

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