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Dancing with the Fire



This is a painting I wanted to make since.... April this year :O
But unfortunately I was busy with my final school exams at this time. Yeah, and after the exam in art I was demotivated to paint a dancer because this was also the theme of the exam xDD
While painting this, I found out that I have no tiny brushes anymore o.o So I will buy new ones tomorrow and maybe overworking the tiny parts of this painting, like the hands and the face... I will see, depends on my motivation :P
Doooon't complain on the anatomy, I know it sucks, but I am working on improving my anatomy skills^^

Acrylic colours on DinA3 paper
I had a reference...but I don't know from where I got it anymore, so if you know it just tell me in the comments :)

Oh, and there are some lines in the painting because I made a mistake... on the original painting they are not that visible though.
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