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Liquidator and Darwking Duck

By BlackySmith
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The episode "Dry Hard" gave me a ton of very nice screenshots with scenes and situations which I would love to render for you guys. This is one of them ;) Hope you like and enjoy it :) Please let me know what you think, as usual.

Vector done by :iconblackysmith:
Darkwing Duck & the Liquidator (c) Tad Stones; Disney

Thank you very much for every fav and comment :)
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© 2014 - 2021 BlackySmith
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Liquidator- Tired of the usual water-based attacks? Fan of Nickelodeon's Avatar-Verse? Then look no more, as the Liquidator shows you the ultimate water-bending technique… Blood Bending!!!
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perfect comment! XD
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If Liquidator had used his powers at full extent, he'd have been completely unstoppable. 
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Oh yes, that is true.
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That's why he always appeared as part of the Fearsome Five after his debut; to make him easier to defeat.
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Wow!! :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: EXCELLENT POSES!! So love how expertly ya drew the Liquidator!!! Darkwing looks so cute too!! :icondragonnod1: 
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The details of Liqui have been a real bug for me but I really love the result. I have a ton of other screenshots with him I would love to render. Maybe I'll do one or two more today ;)
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Best expressions ever XD
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Thank you :D I totally love this situation and the expressions of both of them ^^
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