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Launchpad #1

By BlackySmith
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A render of Launchpad McQuack from the Darkwing Duck episode "Dry Hard". I had to complete his left hand and the top of his hair. I hope i did it correctly enough and you folks will like it :)

(German folks may know him better under the Name "Quack der Bruchpilot" ;) (Quack the Crashpilot))

Vector done by :iconblackysmith:
Launchpad McQuack (c) Tad Stones; Disney

Thank you very much for every fav and comment :) (Smile)
Feel free to use the render in your arts. But please credit me, alrighty? ;) (Wink)
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© 2014 - 2021 BlackySmith
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I don't he had another name in German oh well you learn something new everyday but, besides that great job! I miss that show.
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A lot of the characters have a complete different name in the German version of the series. Launchpad is just one example.
Others are:
Drake Mallard - Eddie Erpel (Erpel is the German word for a male duck)
Gosalyn is simply named "Kiki"
The Muddlefoots are named "Wirrfuß" (I have no idea how to translate this properly back into english xD "Wirr" means something like strange, confused and "Fuß" is foot). Herb and Binkie are also named Herb and Binkie, but Tank is named "Herbie Jr." and Honker is "Alfred" (or "Alfredo" like Darkwing/Drake uses to call him sometimes...)
Reginald Bushroot is named Benjamin Buchsbaum (Buchsbaum -> Buxus sempervirens)
Gizmo Duck is named "Dingsbums Duck" and our 'lovely' NegaDuck is called Fiesoduck ("Fieso" comes from the word "fies" which means nasty, bad, mean, horrible, etc...)
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Huh. That's interesting. Thanks for the info