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Influence Map Meme

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So, I finally found the time to do the Influence Map Meme. The original empty sheet can be found here btw:…

Well, I guess I'll better start with the explanaition part now.

Music has a huge impact and influence on me. I can't really live without it - even though it can happen that I won't hear any of it for some days. Music is very inspiring. Music is able to create certain types of moods or daydreams or crazy fanfiction ideas. Or even ideas for a piece of art. Sometimes it's the lyrics, sometimes the mood and melody created by the instruments.

Doctor Who.
Do I really have to explain anything about this? I'm a Whovian, so come on... It would be a shame if I wouldn't be at least a tiny bit influenced by this show and its stories and characters and stuff, eh?

Gaming and Videogames in general.
Diving into different worlds and universes is just great. And sometimes it can give me ideas. (I am still thinking about some really cool Kingdom Hearts-like keyblades by the way or which jobclass my OC Blacky would have in the Final Fantasy Series...)

Books and Stories in general.
Same as Videogames, I guess. The ideas of other people can trigger the process of having creative ideas inside my head.

J.K. Rowlings magical world of "Harry Potter" and "Fantastic Beasts and where to find them".
Magic is great. And although my flatmate and I discover new logical holes in JKRs wonderful world almost on a daily basis, I just love it. Especially when it comes to writing, this world has a huge impact on me.

Science-Fiction in general.
Do I really need to say anything to that? I'm a nerd for Pete's sake - of course Sci-Fi has an influence on me and not just Doctor Who.

Science in general.
No explanaition needed, eh?

Films/Series in general.

It may sound a bit odd at first but... yeah. Even the games of the lovely pocket monsters got some influences on me. I'm a pokémon trainer since the first generation and I still love to run around the whole region and catch pokémon or fight other trainers or just enjoying the nice countryside.
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