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Dalek featuring TEA

By BlackySmith
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"WOULD YOU CARE FOR SOME TEA?!" - A Vector Art of the lovely green Dalek from the episode "Victory of the Daleks" from Series 5 of Doctor Who (New!Who). Took me around 5 or 6 hours (done on different days, not in one day) i think. I am not quite sure because i did not look at the clock all the time.

Hope you like him guys ;)
Thank you very much for every comment and favourite in advance :)

Daleks (c) Terry Nation:; Doctor Who
Art done by :iconblackysmith:
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Ironsides are great!
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This is really well done. I love saying that phrase whenever we make tea. LOL
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When the dalek said that in the episode, I was speechless. And then I cracked up. 
I admire your art's accuracy. Beautifully done :thumbsup:
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thank you very much *bows*
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"WOULD YOU LIKE SOME TEA?!" :iconawesomefaceplz:
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meticulously detailed, as always!  a fine job!

do you have any tips for shading when doing vector art?  the shapes i can manage, but trying to shade them... ugh.
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depends on the program. i am using SAI.
I do a normal stroke with the pen-tool and then i use the blur-tool on this stroke for a while 'til i am satisfied with it. and for the normal "sharp" shades i am also using the line tool like for the outlines.
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i use inkscape.  it has a blur tool and transparency, but i learned vector drawing on coreldraw way back in the day, when we only had gradient fills, or you had to create your own colour blend using multiple shapes.  so i'm not used to all this 'new-fangled' stuff.  ; )
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