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So, I got tagged by the very lovely and wonderful Theta-Xi to do this 8-Facts OC-Meme.
Actually, I wasn’t able to make a decision about the universe because my lovely Blacky is one of those allround-characters, I tend to throw into almost every bloody universe I love. That’s why I am doing this meme for every different universe which comes to my mind now. I hope you like it. I know that some flaws will still be the same in every version but I hope that I can find some facts that are kinda different.

Blacky Violet Smith
[General Information]

• Age: 23-27
• Born in Glasgow, Scotland
• Parents: Ryan Smith, Doctor/Surgeon || Violetta Smith (née MacDouglas), author || no siblings
• Love Japanese swords, especially her own Katana
• Has an affection for the element of fire (If I would throw her into the Marvelverse, she would probably be a pyro kinetic)
• Very interested in and (partly skilled) medical and technical stuff of all sorts
• She’s a nerd, loves science-fiction, history, astronomy, etc.
• Highly intelligent

[Doctor Whoniverse]
• Parents are dead, well, at least the father
• Partly Time Lord – but she has no idea about that yet (her mother is a Time Lady)
• She lives in London 2015
• she works as a librarian and in her free time she’s a freerunner (especially Parkour)
• Met the Tenth Doctor in London, 1888 during the aftermath of the Ripper murderers (she knows who/what was really behind those shit)
• Very skilled in technical things, no matter what it is
• She has a bag which is much bigger on the inside
• Her Katana is made out of a very special, alien steel – she has no fucking clue about that yet

[M*A*S*H Universe]
• Rank: Captain; she has been a Major once but has been disrated very quickly
• Her parents went from Glasgow to Atlanta after World War II
• Her father is a good friend of Colonel Sherman T. Potter
• She and her friend Momoko Hargreaves (Captain, nurse) would join the 4077th MASH in the middle of season five of the series
• Shares the tent with Momoko; they usually call it the “Dragon Cave”
• She is single and seems to be immune against the flirting of Hawkeye Pierce – which she is not, but she pretends to be
• Major Frank Burns makes the bloody mistake to call her “English”/”England” very often, which makes she pretty furious as hell (she’s Scottish)
• She’s pretty good in playing poker – that’s why Hawkeye and BJ often refuse to invite her over to the “Swamp” for a game

[Pokémon Universe]
• Her parents are both archaeologists
• Her home town is Teak City
• Highly interested in history, fossils and legendary Pokémon
• Her starter was a Cyndaquil
• Her favourite types are Fire and Dark; that’s why she is also referred with the nickname “the dark fire” by some trainers
• Good strategist when it comes to Pokémon battles
• Her team is now somewhere around level 65 (a shiny Charizard, Typhlosion, Xatu, Dragonite, Umbreon, Houndoom)
• This universe is the first one where she does NOT own a Katana

[Digimon Universe – kinda based on the Pen and Paper group I’m in]
• Age 17
• Loves to hack computers and programming stuff in her free time
• Her partner is a Gabumon
• Crest of friendship
• She would literally do absolutely fucking everything to help and save her friends – even if she could die in doing so
• She is pretty sarcastic in almost every situation
• She does not hesitate in attacking an enemy by herself with her Katana – even if she knows that it may have no critical effect on the digital enemy in front of her
• She would love to give the leader of her group some very hart slaps and smacks in the face ‘cause he’s a fucking dumbass
I've got tagged by :icontheta-xi: to do this lovely meme. Et voilá. I did it for more than just one universe for my OC Blacky Violet Smith.

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Well, I am not a big fan of tagging and I don't know a lot of people with OCs. But, yeah, maybe... We'll see. Feel free to do this meme - if you want to.
:icontheta-xi: with June Strangelove, maybe? ^^
:iconechizen-momoko: ...hmm... how about Momoko in Prince of Tennis and her twin brother Kamui? ^^
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