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A Waking Dragon cover image

This is an alternate cover for A Waking Dragon. I never really liked the background in the original. I don't think it looked surreal enough. I think this one looks a lot more interesting, and does a better job of getting the idea across. But please don't be afraid to share your opinions.

ALERT!: Recently edited to change the look of the pink half of the ink-blot background. It was always oversaturated, and I finally figured out how to fix it. Though I'm not sure how well it worked. Old version can be sighted here.

A Waking Dragon is now available on The NP Fanfiction Archive!

Image compiled from the following sources: Twilight, Fluttershy, Spike, and Rarity, Cerebral Comet (altered significantly), Comet's Cutie Mark, Background derived from a simple yet beautiful photograph and Tahoma font.
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I approve. Plus i now know hes some kind of shrink.
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Well, if you're interested, I just published the first chapter. [link]
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Their was no way anyone was getting that fyi you should of used a background where it physcialy split or had a hypnotic spiral going on. So im gona take the shot in the dark and guess this is based off that new series about the guy who lives in one world where his wife is alive and his son is dead and one where is son is alive but his wife is dead. However since you mentioned making things confusing for the reader at the start as a form of hook you should check out my first chapter for Eternal on fimfiction (its the sparity one not the celetia one). I used a simmilar idea of excluding details and skipping the event at the start to make things more intresting and leave people going wtf happened i need to know.
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Thats actualy a lot cooler then teh orginal cool effect very smoky
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Does this give you a better hint regarding the plot?
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probly i mean i can't really know if it better represents the plot without knowing it to be fair. But what i do now know is that Spike is a cool guy cause hes not looking at that explosion behind him.
I wondr if thats what the smoke cloud would like like from an exploding paint warehouse
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Hey, since you appear to be the most interested, I'll ask you about names. I got a few ideas, and I need a second set of eyes:

Aurora Wind
Solar Wind
Lime Rand
Lime Rind
Lemon Lime
Sky Lime

Then there is his mentor, who gets a few mentions, what do you think of Lord Rorschach Inkblot?
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Solar Wind sounds male and its definetly my favorite of the list although being the pyro that I am Phosphorus is intresting but it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue

i would stay away from fruit based names personaly.Sky seem like it could be a chick or a dude so thats a sound name also. Aurora is a chicks name, after all its used to name one of the most beautiful sights in the world something no guy could ever embody.

Lord Rorschach Inkblot....... greatest fucking name ever and if he wears a mask and a fedora better still!
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Meh. I don't know why I listed that one. It doesn't feel right for the character. Though I may use Phosphorus for a mentioned character.

I came up with another last night: Id Nova!

Also, this morning:
Cerebral Comet
Gestalt Horizon
Nebula Rem
Black Hole

Whaddya think!?
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Id nnova is inda meh. First 2 are cool nebula stries me as a chick and black hole im just not feeling
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What have you got against Id Nova? Let me guess: You think Freud was a hack too!
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