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A Waking Dragon: Chapter Eight - A Bridge Too Far
"Rainbow, you're not going alone!" Twilight exclaimed.
"Yes, I am."
The two ponies were already outside, Twilight following closely behind her friend, trying to convince her to stop.
"It's foolish and reckless!"
Rainbow turned around and approached her friend. "I don't want to see you get hurt," she responded quietly, head hung low.
"And I don't want to see you get hurt either."
The pegasus sighed deeply, and smiled. "Fine," she said.
Twilight smiled in kind.
"Hey, wait up!" a voice screamed.
The two turned to see a small purple figure running down the path, followed closely by their much more recognisable friend, Fluttershy.
Spike was nearly out of breath by the time he approached them, and declared, "I'm coming with you."
They quickly shared a glance before Rainbow said, "Uh... I don't think so, Spike."
"But, I need to show you where the cave is."
"I think we can find it on our own."
"I don't know," the librarian explained. "Whitetail Wood is pretty big."
"Twilight..." the w
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Sibling Rivalry: Chapter Fourteen - Water
Scootaloo's first day back home had barely started, and already it had been a rollercoaster.
Not that she didn't expect this, at least partially. But she presumed it would have something to do with her new role, not some relatively minor conflict between her friends.
She tried to wipe those thoughts from her mind. All the young pegasus wanted to focus on this day was her friends, and nothing else.
But it was difficult.
She strapped her helmet on, and pulled her scooter out of the small shed. Trotting back inside, she pulled out her favourite wagon, and attached it to the vehicle.
Her front door creaked open. Out trotted a solemn white unicorn, her eyes bloodshot and her hair lifeless. All of her cosmetics had been washed off, and her coat was disheveled.
It was apparent that at this moment, Rarity did not care about her own physical appearance. She was that distressed.
"Hey Rarity," Scootaloo said, as the unicorn slowly trotted over. "You... um... how're ya feelin'?"
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With Rainbow Hair: Chapter Seven - The Reveal
"Slaves?" Rarity asked, slightly perplexed.
Rainbow nodded.
"I... I don't understand. You can talk to the dead, and you were a slave?"
"Well, no, not me," she responded, slightly annoyed. "I wasn't a slave, my ancestors were."
The unicorn suddenly found herself lost in confusion. She started to walk away before quickly turning around and asking a simple question. "When?"
Rainbow put a hoof to her chin. "I think it was... eight... nine hundred years ago?"
"That's it?"
"Nine hundred years ago there were slaves? How come I never heard about this before?"
"Why were they slaves?" Spike asked.
"How do you talk to the dead?" a squeaky voice inquired.
"Does it hurt?" A softer voice questioned.
Rainbow threw up her hooves. "Maybe I should start from the beginning."
"OOO!" Sweetie Belle exclaimed. "Story!" She sat down eagerly.
The medium took a deep breath, and began. "I..." she began. "I'm hungry."
An awkward silence descended briefly.
"Very well," Rarity sta
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Sibling Rivalry: Chapter Thirteen - Past
Sweetie Belle's eyes were directed at the counter before her. Her jaw hung loose, as she tried to process the scene.
Pound Cake looked down, floating just above the filly's head, with a stare that seemed to shoot straight through her.
Pumpkin merely held a curious look, as she watched her twin brother.
A bell rang behind the white unicorn. But she paid it no mind.
"Sweetie Belle!" A voice came. Hoofsteps resonated through the room, growing louder and louder. "I'm so glad I found you."
A purple blob entered her field of vision. But she didn't shift her gaze.
"Sweetie Belle?" Twilight asked. "Are you-" she stopped. Unsure of how to continue. "You wanna talk?"
She lowered her head, as her eyes began to water once again. The faint sound of her quiet sobs bounced off the walls.
The elder unicorn straightened her stance, and rubbed the young filly's back. "It's alright Sweetie Belle. Go sit down, I'll get us some tea."
The young filly trotted in the general direction of the nearest table, he
:iconblackwidower:BlackWidower 3 1
A Waking Dragon: Chapter Seven - Heart
Cerebral Comet never saw himself as a hero, or a spy, or a guardian. He was never one to jump into anything like some kind of action hero. He was an intellectual, that was all. Not a stallion of might, but one of thought. So his current position perplexed him to no end. Crawling on the ground, his belly sliding over the dirt and debris of the forest; following behind one of his patents as she led himself, Rainbow Dash, Shining Armor and his young dragon charge, Spike, to the lair of a dangerous creature from foreign lands.
He knew his assignment in Ponyville would be bizarre, but this was reaching new heights.
Cadance, Rarity, Applejack, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo held their position further back. Once Pinkie Pie said they were near their target, Shining insisted the others wait while he scouted ahead with the earth pony.
Rainbow refused to leave them; Comet had an obligation to watch the unicorn prince, and ensure he didn't do anything stupid; and Spike argued his presence by breathing
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With Rainbow Hair: Chapter Six - The History
Scootaloo's room was not special. The stark yellow walls confirmed this. It was a cookie cutter remake of every other bedroom in the orphanage. Everypony else had a room just like hers. With the exception of the babies who resided in the nursery, and Administrator Button Clip.
As such, she always wanted to bring life to her sleeping quarters in any way she could. Her humble wooden dresser was covered with all sorts of knickknacks and trinkets. A snowglobe from the Crystal Empire, A hoof-carved figurine from Vanhoover, various small toys from the local toy store. Whatever she could find, she put there, so they'd stay in sight.
There was even more hanging on her wall. A dreamcatcher from Appleoosa; a poster of her favourite rock band, The Trotting Hooves; a ball cap labeled, I heart Manehatten.
Not that she'd ever been to Manehatten.
But all those were worthless in comparison to the one item that made her truly special. Hanging from two hooks, spaced a few inches apart, was a golden meda
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Sibling Rivalry: Chapter Twelve - Confrontation
A burst of light snapped to life in the middle of Carousel Boutique, briefly masking the appearance of a young rage-filled unicorn.
"RARITY!" she screamed. The room was empty, the building was silent. She wasn't here.
Sweetie Belle rushed out the front door, to find her target.
"Are you kidding me!?" Scootaloo screamed, as they proceeded into town at top speed.
"Alright!" Spike hollered back. "I'm an idiot, can we move on!?"
"I didn't say that!"
"Keep your eyes open!" Apple Bloom stated between heavy breaths. "We have to find them."
"Which one?" the pegasus asked.
"Either... Both... I don't care! Just find 'em!"
"Twilight, I must say this wood is so drab," Rarity said, examining the bookshelf before her.
"Uh huh," the unicorn responded, her nose in a book.
"Perhaps a nice wood stain... Maple."
"Uh huh."
"And the windows... Twilight, these curtains feel so bland. Perhaps a brilliant red."
"Uh huh."
"Are you even listening!?"
She snapped the book closed, and looked at he
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With Rainbow Hair: Chapter Five - The Call
Rainbow Dash tilted her head toward the voice. A young, dark blue, earth pony colt stood in the entrance to the wood-panelled room. Moonlight shone through the windows, as the flickering candlelight cast an eerie orange glow.
She released a deep sigh. "Yes Cotton?"
"Um... well..." he responded nervously.
"Is it important?"
"No-it's... um... nevermind." The colt started to leave.
She dropped the quill that was held in her hoof and turned around to say, "Wait!"
Cotton stopped in his tracks, and turned to face her.
"I already lost my train of thought," Rainbow said, removing her glasses.
"I-I'm sorry."
"No-" she waved a hoof in the air to dismiss his comments. "Cotton, just come in, sit down."
Rainbow focused her eyes as the young earth pony sat down across from her. She noticed this colt was only a few years younger than her. Not as young as Scootaloo and her friends. But still very young.
"It's about Butterscotch," he explained, rubbing his foreleg. "Um... You see... well...
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A Waking Dragon: Chapter Six - The Other Side
"Spike! Stop and think about this!" Rainbow Dash screamed. "How're ya even gonna find him!?"
"I don't know yet."
"And you're gonna kill him?"
"Spike, you don't want to do this."
"Yes I do."
"What would Rarity think?"
He stopped in his tracks and spun around. Spike gave a look that frightened the young pegasus. A look she never expected.
"He killed her... Rainbow," the dragon spoke in a cold tone. "Killed... her..."
"I know."
"You expect me to let that slide?"
Rainbow righted herself. "And what makes you think he won't kill you first?"
Sweetie Belle staggered. "Ki-kill us?"
"Oh, yeah, I'm out," Rumble stated from above.
Spike shot him a look. "Well, I'm not." He turned back to Rainbow. "And I'm willing to take that risk."
"But Spike-"
"-and look who's talking! The one who kicked a dragon in the face is suddenly so worried!? What happened to-"
Rainbow snapped. "I don't want to lose another friend!" she screamed, tears boiling in her eyes.
At that moment, the black
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With Rainbow Hair: Chapter Four - The Exodus
The sun was bright, the sky was clear. And one orange earth pony cursed its betrayal. The cheery weather was counter to her own outlook. One which she thought she shared with her best friend, Rainbow Dash. It appeared that even the director of the local weather service could not alter the weather schedule at the last-minute.
Applejack trotted through downtown Ponyville. Her mind was on the events of the previous day. Her best friend had lost her brother. She was still having trouble processing it. Applejack thought for a minute: What if she lost her brother? She couldn't take it, and quickly wiped the thought from her mind.
But to Twilight it was not a hypothetical. It was real. She found it unlikely the unicorn could even get out of bed. How could she? Applejack's hooves carried her through the town, directed by some unknown force.
As she passed through an intersection, a small yellow and pink blur entered her field of view. The farmpony stopped in her tracks and turned to see a small
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The Odd Mare Out cover image by BlackWidower The Odd Mare Out cover image :iconblackwidower:BlackWidower 3 0 Odd Mare Out Book Cover by BlackWidower Odd Mare Out Book Cover :iconblackwidower:BlackWidower 2 1 Tales of Faust Banner by BlackWidower Tales of Faust Banner :iconblackwidower:BlackWidower 1 0
With Rainbow Hair: Chapter Three - The Secret
Rainbow sat at the dinner table. It was sparkling and smooth, much like her entire home. One would not expect Rainbow Dash to keep such a clean house, but there were times Rainbow found that cleaning would work just as well as any protective mantra.
She took a bite of her sandwich, and as the young mare masticated, her mind was quite busy.
She swallowed and frowned, saying, "I'm not sure that's a good idea, Rainbow."
Her mind buzzed. Why not!? Didn't you tell me, dad told you for the same reason? Rainbow asked her mother.
"Well, not really," her eyes drifted up. "I mean..."
Memories leaked into her consciousness.
Tears flowed from Rainbow's eyes. The cloud she sat on was already soaked with saline.
Her ears twitched as she heard a fluttering sound coming closer and closer.
She felt the cloud shake as a large mass dropped next to her.
A single purple wing wrapped around her shoulders, holding her tight.
Her father's voice came, "It's alright, Starlight."
Through quiet sobs,
:iconblackwidower:BlackWidower 5 0
Sibling Rivalry: Chapter Eleven - Scootaloo
The train station in Ponyville wasn't as large or prominent as it was in other towns. There was no need. While its population was about average for an Equestrian city, tourism and trade were very rare. With an Apple orchard on the outskirts of town, a highly flexible weather service, and a diverse economic landscape. Ponyville was one of the most self-sustaining cities in the country. They never needed any outside assistance. Because of this, the lone set of tracks would remain quiet for days, or occasionally, weeks at a time.
But the odd train still ran through the town, bringing supplies, letters, packages, and passengers. One of which was the 9:00 from Seaddle, arriving every Monday, when required; and on this particular Monday, it was.
The single passenger car was completely empty, except for a single seat in the far back corner. There, a small, orange pegasus filly curled herself up on the bench, eyes closed.
She wasn't sleeping. Her mind was too busy to rest.
The engineer applied
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MLD: Ch. 13 - Explorers in the Old Fashioned Sense
The stress on the shoulders of a military commander on an alien ship, billions of light years from home, was high. They were the only group of humans out this far, truly alone in an uncaring and hostile universe. Every day was a struggle to survive for the crew, and had been since they arrived, since they evacuated from Icarus Base, a Naquadria-rich planet in their home galaxy that uniquely held the power to dial the nine-chevron address that lead to this ship. That was over a year before they entered stasis. It felt like a lifetime ago. That first year wasn't so difficult to handle. The crew always tried to make the best of it. The stones helped, allowing them to occasionally visit loved-ones on Earth. But that was gone now. The only hope for the crew to release some stress, was the planet currently being explored by the small away team that had yet to return.
As he completed some paperwork, a strange thought buzzed through the Colonel's head. What was the point? He had no commanders
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I'd be very grateful for your assistance.


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If you really want to have some fun, forget MLD. I have an idea for a project called Ask RESA. A tumblr blog where Moonlight Sonata, head of Public Relations for the Royal Equestrian Stargate Administration, answers as many questions as he can. He is assisted by Apple Bloom, one of the Gate engineers, and Spike, member of one of the reconnaissance teams. Unfortunately, much of the information is classified.

Anyway, if you want, you can design a whole new gate room and use the Mark 5 gate that [spoilers] designed. I started making a vector of it.

Gah, I'm rambling. It's too far ahead of the story. I want to wait until I finish System Error before I even start that story.
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