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Angel Wing Tattoo

My first tattoo, done in about 45minutes to an hour? It means alot to me

Freedom from my parents, the oppression of daily life
How I wish to be and a reminder to act like one
cute like I am, but wish I wasnt sometimes.
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Could you tell me what the pain was like, exactly? :/

I have a fear of needles but am planning to get wings on my back, too.
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its different for everyone. For me it was like an indian burn.. like a really bad sunburn.

good luck! hope you get one. Its an intresting/exhillerating experience.
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That doesn't sound too bad.

Thank you. =D
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Love its symbolism and style of drawing xD
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That's a really great concept. I love it. ^^ How painful was it while you were getting it/in the week or so afterwards?

I don't mean to bug you, but I want to get a number of tatoos myself.
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ah sorry, just saw this comment.

It was pretty painful while doing it, but not painful at all after. While you get it it feels like a pretty bad indian burn, if you know what that is...
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Ah, okay. lol

Gimme an Indian Burn!


I'm trainin' to get a tat! =D

Err...whatev. o.O
ace wings hun! im hopfully getting a tattoo in the same place next week....did it hurt loads? ive got other tats (one on my tummy/neck and lower back) but i dont kno anyone that has had a tattoo on the sholder blades b4! if u could let me know! jess x
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hey thanks! it was my first so I wasn't used to it! It made my nerves all tingly to my fingertips heh. If you have two it should be no sweat.
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^__^ same idea i'm going to get.

Very inspirational :D
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