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Goddess of Jealousy/Envy by BlackWidow099 Goddess of Jealousy/Envy :iconblackwidow099:BlackWidow099 1 0 Vita by BlackWidow099 Vita :iconblackwidow099:BlackWidow099 2 0 Goddess Vita by BlackWidow099 Goddess Vita :iconblackwidow099:BlackWidow099 1 0 Jealous/Envious Goddess by BlackWidow099 Jealous/Envious Goddess :iconblackwidow099:BlackWidow099 1 0 Pink Dress #10 by BlackWidow099 Pink Dress #10 :iconblackwidow099:BlackWidow099 0 0 Pink Kimono #4 by BlackWidow099 Pink Kimono #4 :iconblackwidow099:BlackWidow099 0 0 Pink Kimono #3 by BlackWidow099 Pink Kimono #3 :iconblackwidow099:BlackWidow099 1 0 Pink Kimono #2 by BlackWidow099 Pink Kimono #2 :iconblackwidow099:BlackWidow099 1 0 Pink Dress #9 by BlackWidow099 Pink Dress #9 :iconblackwidow099:BlackWidow099 2 0 Pink Kimono by BlackWidow099 Pink Kimono :iconblackwidow099:BlackWidow099 1 0
Information About Anti-Matilda
Name: Desdemona "Sadist Queen" Diamanda Crimson
Age: 18
Orientation: Hetero
Occupation: Evil goddess queen
Personality: She is highly intelligent like Matilda but she is pure evil. She only cares for her demons, her purely evil citizens and her harem. She doesn't care for her family since she annihilated her entire family by torturing them gruesomely and slowly at the age of 2. She is extremely sadistic towards her victims and enemies; more sadistic than Pinhead/Lead Cenobite(Can you guess who this character is from?) and equally, if not more sadistic than Nana's character Espaino. The pain and anguished screams of her victims and enemies arouse her excessively. She has earned her title "Sadist Queen" by her people and demons. She is aromantic but is a lustful harlot as she has a huge harem in her castle. She is a domanitrix(I don't know how to spell it, correct me if I'm wrong) but would never force the men in her harem to do anything they're uncomfortable with(Some of her men are mas
:iconblackwidow099:BlackWidow099 0 0
Anti-Matilda by BlackWidow099 Anti-Matilda :iconblackwidow099:BlackWidow099 7 0 Fortune Teller by BlackWidow099 Fortune Teller :iconblackwidow099:BlackWidow099 1 0 Pink Dress #8 by BlackWidow099 Pink Dress #8 :iconblackwidow099:BlackWidow099 2 0 Pink Dress #7 by BlackWidow099 Pink Dress #7 :iconblackwidow099:BlackWidow099 0 0 Pink Dress #6 by BlackWidow099 Pink Dress #6 :iconblackwidow099:BlackWidow099 1 0


Scratchmen Apoo x Reader: Without You
~I'm so lonely and blue
When I'm without you
I don't know what I'd do
Sweetheart, without you~
Scratchmen looked out the window and sighed as he sat in the crowded bar, his crew sat around him and watched their captain sulk.
“Captain, do you think (y/n) will come back?” one of them asked as Scratchmen turned to slam his long arm down on the table. He grit his piano-key-like teeth at his underling in annoyance.
“How should I know?! She’s probably happier without me” Scratchmen grunted as he glanced back out at the gently raining sky from the other side of the window. The captain of the On Air pirates was more irritable and gloomy without (y/n) by his side. He could still think back to when he met the lovely (h/c) haired lady and asked her to join his crew.
“Shouldn’t we set sail for the New World?” another asked as Scratchmen glared
“I’m not leaving without (y/n)” he hissed as he slammed down another empty tankard of alco
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 49 7
Silvers Rayleigh x Reader: Dig a Little Deeper
~Don't matter what you look like
Don't matter what you wear
How many rings you got on your finger
We don't care
(No we don't care)~
“Come inside, (y/n)” Shakky murmured as she escorted you inside her bar, protecting you from the rain and to help tend to your new wounds. You were beaten by several of the supernovas. You were barely a thousand Beli away in your bounty to be considered a supernova, much less a threat to them.
“Thank you, Shakky” you muttered and winced as she sat you down on a barstool and grabbed a medical kit. She began apply disinfectant to your cuts as you grit your teeth.
“(y/n), what brings you here?” Rayleigh walked in as he watched his wife treat your injuries.
“I got my ass kicked by Kid, Hawkins, and Apoo. They told me I wasn’t strong enough” you hissed as Shakky began binding you in bandages.
“I see. It means you need a little help” Rayleigh chuckled and stroked his beard as he poured himself a d
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 56 3
The Difference Between One Piece and Dragon Ball 2 by KATTALNUVA The Difference Between One Piece and Dragon Ball 2 :iconkattalnuva:KATTALNUVA 5 3 One Piece - Senor Pink by YoshinoYoshie One Piece - Senor Pink :iconyoshinoyoshie:YoshinoYoshie 3 0 Past To Present - Senor Pink - WIP by Emotionally-Coconuts Past To Present - Senor Pink - WIP :iconemotionally-coconuts:Emotionally-Coconuts 4 2 One Piece 750- Franky returns by Theahj90 One Piece 750- Franky returns :icontheahj90:Theahj90 11 1 Senor Pink - ONE PIECE 735 by KuroTeo Senor Pink - ONE PIECE 735 :iconkuroteo:KuroTeo 11 7
Senor Pink x Child!Reader: When She Loved Me
Warning: Extreme Feels (and possibly spoilers) ahead!
~When somebody loved me
Everything was beautiful
Every hour we spent together lives within my heart~
“Senor Pink, why do you always wear baby clothing?” you asked as Senor Pink turned to look down on you. The elder Donquixote family member placed a hand on your head and sat down on a lawn chair. You were an orphan taken in by the family not long after your parents died. Doflamingo saw potential in you and welcomed you in. You were the second youngest, older than Dellinger but younger than Sugar.
“I was once married. My wife and I had a son too” He pulled out a photo out of his pocket and showed you. A woman with ginger hair was smiling and holding a baby swaddled in blue.
“That’s Russian, and our little Gimlet” he pointed and smiled softly at the photo.
“She’s so pretty” you murmured
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 25 6
Mera Mera no Mi by KonisFC Mera Mera no Mi :iconkonisfc:KonisFC 2 0 Angry Doflamingo by KonisFC Angry Doflamingo :iconkonisfc:KonisFC 3 0 Kyros vs Doflamingo by KonisFC Kyros vs Doflamingo :iconkonisfc:KonisFC 7 2 Parasite by KonisFC Parasite :iconkonisfc:KonisFC 3 0 Doflamingo's Head by KonisFC Doflamingo's Head :iconkonisfc:KonisFC 2 0 Bird's Cage by KonisFC Bird's Cage :iconkonisfc:KonisFC 4 0 Pica by KonisFC Pica :iconkonisfc:KonisFC 10 1 Mingo's Rage by KonisFC Mingo's Rage :iconkonisfc:KonisFC 4 0


For anyone who's interested in adopting this OC from me, please note me. I put this in this status to make sure all of my watchers saw it.
Air Element Adopt (PLEASE Read Description)
I created the spirit of Air Element using the Air Element Maker Game created by both Azalea's Dolls and DollDivine. I'm not keeping her, I am planning to sell her for 10 Points if anyone is interested in keeping her. It is not a bid, I'm just selling her if anyone's interested. Please note me if you want to buy her, DO NOT comment below to buy her. Here are the rules before you buy her, if you are interested:

You CAN:
1. Change her outfit design and color

2. Create any personality for her once you own her

3. Co-own with a friend: Maximum of 2 friends. You can either have your friend(s) co-own for free or split the payment among yourselves

4. Trade/gift with others

5. Credit me for creating for the character and credit Azalea's Dolls and DollDivine for the game

6. Resell for the EXACT price you paid for her


1. Refund: Once you buy the OC, you can either keep her or resell her. NO refunds 

2. Trace: You can draw the character but you cannot trace them and then claim you drew

3. Plagirize: Don't copy the artwork and claim it as yours.

This is NOT a bid so don't compete for her. The price will not change. This is first come, first serve so the first person who buys it keeps. The OC will belong to the first buyer and their friends if they choose to co-own ONLY. 
I've created the first male OC to live in Matilda's universe. I hope you enjoy😊!

LittleMissDevil21 WiccaThornyHorns drpepperswife Sternritter-Rex
Named after a Greek philosopher and scientist, this mer-king is very wise and intelligent. He's the king of one of Minnie's oceans and rules all merpeople in his underwater kingdom. He's secretly in love with Minnie and wishes to wed and rule alongside her. He's one of Ophelia's advisors and the best friend of Minnie. He loves children and will do anything to protect. He will adopt humanoid babies, use his magic to turn them into merbabies(so they don't drown), and take care of them. I used a website called Azalea's Dolls in which you can create and dress up characters in dress up games. I played the game Merman Creator to make him. He's my male first character that I will add in Matilda's kingdom, so I'm excited:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:!!!! Please leave your comments and thoughts on him if you have any and I hope you enjoy! 
I've decided to do a face reveal!! This photo was taken when I was in 9th grade and I was being inducted into the National Honor Society. You have 90s and above in all of your classes to my be inducted and stay in National Honor Society. If it is an AP(Advanced Placement) class then they'll lower the grade to a minimum of 80 because they are college-level classes so it's more difficult. I haven't changed much. I don't show my teeth when I smile and also I hate taking pictures but you know my family wants to see pictures of me so I go with it. I hope you enjoy😊😊
LittleMissDevil21 WiccaThornyHorns

embedded_item1529499999393 by BlackWidow099
I'm using this new app on my phone in which you make anime dolls and I already love it!!! I don't know if I'll make her a character or not but I hope you enjoy😊😊
LittleMissDevil21 WiccaThornyHorns

embedded_item1529466103071 by BlackWidow099
Matilda, My OC by BlackWidow099

As you all know this is my OC Matilda goddess-queen of the planet Ethoria. For anyone who don't who she is, you read more about here: Information About My OC (Re-Updated). So I've decided to make my very first ask account for one of my OCs.

First here are some rules for this ask:

1. Ask any question you want

2. There's no limit so ask as many questions as you want

3. I will answer all questions before July 15th because that is when I'm leaving for my family reunion and I'll come back on the 23rd and continue this ask.

4. Enjoy:happybounce:!!!!!! 


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I'm a high-schooler and I love to upload art from time to time. I want to become a zoologist because I love animals.

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