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Life Size Plush: Twilight Sparkle Version 2

UPDATE: I have made a newer version of her here (Version 3)!

The 25in Little-sized version of her is over here.

I've updated Twilight's deisgn! A lot of small tweaks like with the curve of the ears and the tail angle. The paper components in her wings, ears, and mane have been replaced with softer foam to improve her plushiness. This one still has cardboard for the bottom of her hooves but that will be replaced in the next one with more foam. She still stands about 39" from the bottom of her hoof to the top of her head and 47" to the tip of her horn. She's 15" at her widest and 47" nose to end of tail depending on how the tail is situated.

Materials: high-quality minky and polyfil. I embroidered her horn, eyes, nose, mouth, cutie mark, wings, and my artist tag. As for the frame, that's my little secret. However, I will note that there is NO WIRE in this plush, so you can't squeeze anywhere and feel sharp metal. I wanted to keep her as a safe plushie. Love 

She's flexible but not overly so since she obviously stands upright - not limp. The tail was an artistic call because it's too heavy to keep up on it's own when fully stuffed. I decided to stuff it since it can still be kept up by something else (like a box or stack of books) AND it can rest fine against the rear legs when nothing is present. You can see both scenarios in the pictures. She can be moved and flexed in a lot of different ways but shouldn't be handled roughly. She has feelings too, you know. Wink/Razz 

I'm still saving up to make Fluttershy but I now have her yellow fabric, so I'm getting closer. :happybounce: 

Be sure to check out my page updates since I post all the plushies I currently have available there with handy links, date information, and new plushies I'm working on. <3

Commission info available here.

This plushie's availability: SOLD.
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Wow. I can't imagine all the time it takes to make a plush of this scale. :D She turned out pretty good though!! Do you take any advice or critique on your plush work at all? I see in your description you're going to be making some more large scale ones, so I was just wondering... :3 
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Thanks! And yes, I do want to hear what people think. As I mentioned in the description, there are still a few things I will update such as replacing that cardboard. I'm also making some more adjustment to the ears - going to see if I can scale them down a bit and see how it looks. I realized after posting that my photos didn't quite capture the divided parts of the tail on the rear and the mane on the left side. Her tail also has a dock that's not visible here. I might post a few extra photos for that. So thoughts? Nod 
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Sorry about the late reply!!! All those things sound like great ideas already! The main thing I was going to point out was definitely the ears, I *love* that you used foam for the inside of them though, I have a plush like this I got from another maker, and it really does make them very unique. The good thing with the foam though, is that the ear pattern is almost exactly how it's drawn, since the foam holds it up, and it doesn't need extra fabric to fold it over or anything (if that makes sense? I've got some minor experience making my own patterns, (self taught lol) so I don't know the ~technical~ terms for these things). You could probably reduce the ears by 30~40% in size and they'd look really cute. :3 The shape on them is great though! 

The other thing I was going to suggest is maybe moving the eyes a little more forward, to help improve how she looks from the front view? It's always really hard to balance the side/front view on the ponies, since in actuality, their 2d forms don't make much sense in 3d. lol. It might help to round out the chin a little more too? 

Other than that, her body shape looks really good!! I keep looking over it, and I love the wing details (I always love those double-layer wings like that, it's really cool!) while her back legs and chest have great shape as well. :D It's a really good pattern you've managed, especially working at such a big size. Also... lol Twilight's massive, gravity defying tail is always a feat of itself to get that thing to stay up without bending the butt of the plush weird. I can't even imagine how heavy her tail must be at this scale. I have some smaller Twilight's with butt wrinkles from the giant tails and it's nowhere near like this! 
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Thanks! It seems like good advice to me. I've been working on version 3 and hope to get more done on it this week. I've made more modifications to the ear with some reduction like you said. I'll experiment with the chin and eyes with the next  character I make. I'm also working on smaller size versions so I can test there easier. So yeah, thanks again! The wing design was indeed more intensive than single layer but I was happy with the result and I'm glad you thought it was solid. Love 

PS The tail is indeed heavy. Wink/Razz 
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Awesome! I really can't wait to see how your next version turns out! It's like my favorite thing ever to see good works get better every time. :'3 

Haha I knew it would be really heavy!! It seems impossible to have a Twilight with a light tail, unless it's flat and unstuffed lol. 
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Hehe. Thanks! I plan to make lots of characters so I gotta improve, right? And yeah, I did experiment with flat tails before. When lined with a little flat padding it actually doesn't look too bad, but I still didn't quite think it fit in with the rest of the 3D plush. Manes like Twilight's look best either flat or with some rounding (seen on some other Twi plushies) but other characters demand stuffed manes too - like Pinkie's. Nod 
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Wow, this is huge! Well done! Heart 
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Thanks! As you might imagine, it took some time to make. xD
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