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The Twilight Sunflower (Cover)
Story cover I made for my brand new Valentine's 2019 fimfiction: The Twilight Sunflower. A flower blooms beneath the sun and stars. Love 

Story link
BlackWater Avatar 2019 (Ponysona/Self-OC)
New avatar is complete now for 2019~! Heart 

Love the kirin design they made so much I had to make my ponysona as one too! Also got some Living Coral color in there for the year's special shade. xD

Here's to a wonderful 2019 y'all!

Also, I do make kirin plushies now. Completed Autumn Blaze and another OC. Might get around to posting sometime. Love 
My Little Cuddle: Derpy Hooves (Muffins/Ditzy Doo)
Designed back in 2017 and completed some months ago, I finally got the time to post Derpy~! Gotta love those crossed eyes~ Heart 

One of the all-time most loved background ponies. Got any muffins?! La la la la 

The usual info...
She lays about 13.5" from the bottom of her forehoof to the top of her head. She's 8" at her widest and 33" nose to end of tail depending on how the tail is situated. The 30" label on the photo collection here refers to the length of the plush from the tip of the forehoof to the opposing tip of the rear hoof.
Materials: high-quality minky (Shannon Fabrics) and polyfil. I embroidered her eyes, nose, mouth, cutie mark, wings, and my artist emblem. There is NO WIRE in this plush. She's flexible but not overly so since she obviously sits upright - not limp. She can be moved and flexed in a lot of different ways but shouldn't be handled roughly. She has feelings too, you know. Wink/Razz 

As always I'm working on more characters. Love 

Be sure to check out my page updates since I post all the plushies I currently have available there with handy links, date information, and new plushies I'm working on. <3

Commission info available here.

This plushie's availability: made by request + etsy.
Going to post a new pony soon. Though she was actually designed all the way back into last year and she's kind of been complete for like over two months or something. Sometimes hard to just put together some photos and post when I'm working hard on commissions. She turned out really well I think, though. So I'm excited to finally share. La la la la  

Also, last episode: YES! That was a blast. (no spoilers here) :happybounce: 
I have listed direct commission prices for certain 30in Cuddle plushies for your convenience~ :happybounce:  (INCLUDES USA Shipping / 48 States)
See bottom for international orders or other situations.

MANE 6 (or 7/8)
Applejack: $270
Fluttershy: $270
Pinkie Pie: $270
Rainbow Dash: $310
Rarity: $340 (Gradient dyeing not yet available. Single or multiple color shades possible for mane and tail.)
Starlight Glimmer: $340
Sunset Shimmer: $320
Twilight Sparkle: $320

Butterscotch: $270
Button's Mom: $300
Limestone Pie: $270
Marble Pie: $270
Sonata Dusk: $320
Tree Hugger: $350
Seapony Fluttershy: $350

New or Original Commissioned Plushie:
Tiny 16in Cuddle Total: $150
Little 30in Cuddle Total: $320
Life-size 48in Cuddle Total: $850
Above price includes Earth pony, pegasus, unicorn, alicorn, and seapony variations.
Standing versions may cost more or the same depending on request. Meow :3 

Read more for details...

When I started making my first plush I never suspected how fun it would end up being. What can I say? I like being creative~! Love 

I'm open to receiving commissions from people to make custom plushies or even regular ponies from the show. Of course there's a whole lot of information that I have to put up regarding this and that will change over time. I'll try to keep this updated. So here's the basics. More complicated details can be handled via email, which is listed below. :)

As of May 3, 2017:
-Remember not to publicly post sensitive information. Use personal messaging or email. My email is listed at the bottom of this blog entry.
-Commissioned characters must be pony mare or stallion only. Can be Earth pony, unicorn, pegasus, or alicorn. Standard body shapes only. Fetlocks and glow in the dark thread are available options (costs a little extra). I'll add more options and subspecies later.
-No color gradients, patterns (i.e. speckles), or excessive striping (i.e. zebra). Minky is not easy to dye. I'll experiment with this later.
-Accessories and attire may be accepted in the request but may also add significant time or cost. In other words, request a pony with a fancy dress and expect it to take that much longer. I may turn down certain accessories or attire if they are impossible to actually make.
-I accept Adult-themed requests, but whether or not the request fits your budget depends on the details of the request.
-Reference picture of character must be provided for obvious reasons. For OCs, I can work off of relatively low-resolution pics because I will be creating the HD source cutie mark and eyes myself (and given to the requester for free). Redrawn cutie marks and eyes will be verified with the requester before embroidery begins.
-No changes will be accepted to any designs or requests after creation begins. So the requester can't change how they want the cutie mark after the original design was verified with them and embroidery has occurred. Likewise, no color changes after materials have been ordered. I continue to acquire various fabric colors and can provide real world photos in various lighting for color choice confirmation before materials are ordered. Color samples I do not have in stock can be viewed via manufacturer images or the requester may wait until I receive a sample to provide photos with. All non-attire/accessory fabric used is Shannon Fabrics Minky Cuddle 3.
-Sizes offered are 16in Tiny, 30in Little, and 48in Life-size. Measurement depends on whether the pony is standing or laying (Cuddle). The measurements given here are for laying Cuddles. Cost depends on specific request. Simple designs will be cheaper than complex ones. So lots of accessories or modifications might double the price. As a general rule...
-Partial downpayment is required for OC requests. This means that a part of the price (typically $50) must be paid to me before I begin work. This is to prevent people from placing a commission order and then not paying when it's ready. Needless to say, that would be insanely costly to me.
-Creation time depends on request. More complicated designs take longer. Larger sizes also take longer. If there is no pre-payment then I may have to save up for the materials first. Likewise, any materials I have to order to complete the request will have their shipping time added in. Therefore, a simple Tiny request that uses only materials I already have might be completed in 1 week. A Life-size request where I do not have the materials already may take 1-2 months.
-The requester will be given updates on the commission as I make it. Photos may be provided upon request. Wink/Razz 
-There are NO shipping charges added to the commission price UNLESS shipping international (outside USA) or special cases such as Hawaii, Alaska, protectorates, etc.
-International requests may be accepted under the condition of full pre-payment of the commission and coverage of international shipping costs. This involves handling of customs papers. I can do this but I will not pretend that it is cheap.
-Payment methods: Paypal only. Check by mail may be accepted only for pre-payments and must clear checking before work begins. However, I may be able to handle alternate payment methods such as Amazon Payments or Dwolla upon request. No time guarantees if I have to set up a new method.
-Lastly and again, please DO NOT publicly post personal information. Talk to me in private messaging or email (preferably) when you want a commissioned plushie. :3

See my latest DA update for current non-OC plushies I have for sale. Characters I put up for auction or on Etsy are typically cheaper than original commissions. Some characters may be more expensive if they have features that take significantly more time to work on such as Sunset Shimmer's mane and tail (Her auction price is $300 compared to $260 for Fluttershy).

Current non-OC designs available in alphabetical order:
Butterscotch (Fluttershy R63/Genderswap)
Button's Mom (I admit she's technically OC)
King Sombra
Limestone Pie
Marble Pie
Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Dash
Sonata Dusk
Sunset Shimmer
Tree Hugger 
Twilight Sparkle

Special designs:
Seapony Fluttershy

Current non-OC designs in-progress:
Adagio Dazzle
Secret Special Character Design
The Movie characters

I will need country and possibly address information to check if it is possible to ship to your location. In general, it will cost +$55 to commission me if I need to ship overseas. I have no control over additional charges that might be required by customs agencies in foreign countries. Some countries may require the reciever to pay fees or taxes before the item will be released to you (the requester). Please be aware of the requirements of your country, as they may be subject to change at any time.

Email me via


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