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Button UI ~ Requests #11

This package includes requested icons (13 icons in total). All icons are vector based, 1024x1024 sized, and follow OS X 10.10's icon guidelines.  The .zip file includes icons in .ICNS and .PNG formats. These icons include simplified 16x16 as well as retina sized thumbnails for those who like to use list view. Check out my other work to find the system app and folder icons of the same style.

The package includes the following folders:

Beatmania IIDX
Google Drive Folder
Final Draft
Final Draft Alt
Grove Coaster
Pop n’ Music
Reflect Beat
Sound Voltex

Inspired by the work of KXNTButton UI is a fresh mix of clean, crisp, Retina sized icons.
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Can I request for a couple of icons?

Viber |
BetterSnapTool |…

Great icon set!
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Check the latest upload for your requests! Can you make anyone of these? I can send you .ico file of MiPCSuite, if you want...
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Latest upload has your requests!
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The icons look great. Is there a way that I can download the icons?
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Top right corner of the page. :)
Couple more requests:

Garmin Express
Duet Display
Jawbone Updater
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Hi, I've uploaded your requests!
Thank you so much :)
There's a new app from Apple called photos that has a completely different icon from the one in iPhoto (but is similar to the Photos one in iOS8). Is there any chance of you making this icon any time soon? Thank you!
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You're amazing.

Some additional requests, if I may:

- Dolphin |
- Skim |
- Papers |
- Moneywiz |
- Mindnode Pro |
- Sublime Text | (perhaps with a solarized dark & solarized light palette?)

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I've got Sublime Text and Moneywiz icons in older packs. As for the rest, shouldn't take too long to make them. 
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