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Seduction of the Vixen Demon



:star: 九尾狐娌 (9 Tailed Vixen Demon/Sprite AKA "Huli Jing")

:star: Pst.... she's not wearing a dress... just a sheet... :whisper:

A typical kind of Chinese Demon called a "Huli Jing" which is a type of "Yao Guai".

They are originally foxes that become enchanted, and often feast on human flesh. They shape-shift and especially love to seduce virgin male humans.... then suck their blood... the Vixens (females) do anyways...

This particular Vixen/Fox has 9 tails which is the highest number in the level of it's supernatural power.

But, their are also the male versions.

I think most people tend to know the Japanese way of speaking there Chinese characters. The Japanese call them "Kit-su-ne' ". (3 syllables)

The most popular of these ghostly fairy tales and lore are by ancient author from China named Pu Song Ling, and is SUPER popular in Japan even today.

I could've done more details... but, my mouse-pen and my computer aren't getting allong!
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I have read Pu Songling's stories (Liaozhai zhi yi) and they are excellent! Although, in his stories the huli jing is not voracious for human flesh...:stupidme::bucktooth: