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Free Eastern Dragon Line Art by Blacktiger5 Free Eastern Dragon Line Art by Blacktiger5
As a thanks for 1.000 Follower on Furry Amino I made 6 different line arts for everyone to use.
You can find all free to use stuff I make in this folder:…

Tip: If you use a program with multiple layers, change the layer mode of the line art to "Multiply" (you can most likely find all layer modes above your layers. Do a quick google search if you can't find it: "*name of your art program* multiple mode"). Than add a new layer UNDER the line art - That's where your color goes. You should now be able to color the picture without covering the line art.

You are allowed to:
• create your own character
• create free characters for others
• do free raffle designs
• use it as ref sheet
• move and resize different parts of the image (like the watermark) around and resize them
• create paintings including the lineart (for example adding a background, shading etc)
• do minor changes at the line art (adding horns, different tail etc)

You are NOT allowed to:
• use this line art for commercial use (for example for DA points or real money)
• remove the watermark or resize it until you aren't able to read it anymore
• claim it as yours or trace it and claim it as yours (= stealing)
• heavily edit the line art (changing more than 50% of the line art)

Feel free to show me your creations with this lineart, it's always fun to see other peoples work. ^^

Art © me

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September 17, 2017
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