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Storm in a Frozen World

Another picture of my dragon. Done in photoshop.
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This is available printed on shower curtains on Amazon. Is it licensed?
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I saw that too, and was about to ask the same question..

Finally I found the roots of that pic. ❤
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Hey there Blacktalons! Just thought I should let you know, I found an art thief--> :iconkkris85: kkris85 who is re-posting your drawing to their dA gallery without any permission or credit, and they are stealing art/masking watermarks from many other artists. Proof;

(Stolen art)
46500-drachen-hintergrundbilder-2000x1500-retina by kkris85 46500-drachen-hintergrundbilder-2000x1500-retina from kkris85's gallery [7 minutes and 48 seconds ago]

As the original artist, you can help report kkris85 for intellectual property theft, and have their IP permanently banned from Deviantart
by sending a DCMA report here -->:bulletblue:
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Awesome Drawing!
(Can't believe it took me a year to find out where this picture came from... Sorry about using it before asking. Is it a problem if I keep using this?Sweating a little... )
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I would highly suggest removing the image asap. 
In the description of the image it states that the 
character (dragon) is in fact his, which gives you no
right to use it - as it is his own, original character. 
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Well, I was offline for a while so I just saw your message, but I changed it.
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Awwwwwwwwsum. Such vibrant colour!
Someone did a quick negative of your painting…
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i love the colours
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I absolutely love the wing design! Plus, they're my favorite color!
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oh i love this pic
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As usual, great work.
This has got to be one of the coolest dragons i've seen on the net. I prefer dragons that do not have fore legs because dragons that do not have fore legs are more birdlike, and they look like they can fly faster; however, that being said, my favorite dragon so far is the Moonveil Dragon from Magic the Gathering card game. Even though it has the fore legs, it is just sleek and sexy looking. Your Black Talons dragon is just awesome; definitely in my top 10 favorite dragons. It just looks plain mean and evil. It looks like Godzilla transformed into a badass evil dragon. I like how you said it uses lightning as its main weapon; that's funny because one of Godzilla's main enemies, Ghidorah, is a three headed dragon that spits lightning out of its mouth. I can imagine Black Talons doing the same thing and using other lightning based attacks. Great job; I look forward to seeing more of this dragon, and any others you cook up.
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Amazing. Love it
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Dude you rrly deserve tons more faves and watchers than this XD your art is amazing!
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Love the colours.
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All details in this art, are so perfect!
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Awesome as well
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