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your argument is invalid by BlackStatic-Kurone your argument is invalid :iconblackstatic-kurone:BlackStatic-Kurone 3 0 Kaigan Kurone 2016 Ref by BlackStatic-Kurone Kaigan Kurone 2016 Ref :iconblackstatic-kurone:BlackStatic-Kurone 3 0 [SCRAP/GIFT] Runner by BlackStatic-Kurone [SCRAP/GIFT] Runner :iconblackstatic-kurone:BlackStatic-Kurone 2 1 [FR Commission] Ridgeback by BlackStatic-Kurone [FR Commission] Ridgeback :iconblackstatic-kurone:BlackStatic-Kurone 2 0 [FR Commission] Imperial by BlackStatic-Kurone [FR Commission] Imperial :iconblackstatic-kurone:BlackStatic-Kurone 1 0 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA by BlackStatic-Kurone AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :iconblackstatic-kurone:BlackStatic-Kurone 2 1 [WIP] Francis Marai Kurone - January 2016 by BlackStatic-Kurone [WIP] Francis Marai Kurone - January 2016 :iconblackstatic-kurone:BlackStatic-Kurone 3 1
Turn Your Wings
Turn your wings to monsters' roar;
A pelt stained red will show the way.
When crests have fallen on the shore,
upon the land a beast shall lay.
As darkness travels closer still
tails of yellow guide your path,
so turn your wings to monsters' roar
and peace will come again at last.
:iconblackstatic-kurone:BlackStatic-Kurone 0 0
Jock Staffy by BlackStatic-Kurone Jock Staffy :iconblackstatic-kurone:BlackStatic-Kurone 3 0 Pastel Punk Labrador by BlackStatic-Kurone Pastel Punk Labrador :iconblackstatic-kurone:BlackStatic-Kurone 6 3 Ayla in Greyscale by BlackStatic-Kurone Ayla in Greyscale :iconblackstatic-kurone:BlackStatic-Kurone 2 0 [SKETCH] I Never Liked You by BlackStatic-Kurone [SKETCH] I Never Liked You :iconblackstatic-kurone:BlackStatic-Kurone 1 1 [FR] Snot by BlackStatic-Kurone [FR] Snot :iconblackstatic-kurone:BlackStatic-Kurone 0 0 [SCRAP] #ASS-DEAD-DICK by BlackStatic-Kurone [SCRAP] #ASS-DEAD-DICK :iconblackstatic-kurone:BlackStatic-Kurone 2 1 [FR] Vladimir by BlackStatic-Kurone [FR] Vladimir :iconblackstatic-kurone:BlackStatic-Kurone 12 0
Letting Down Walls In Six Words
I revealed truths. Then you ran.
I should have just said nothing.
How can I say I'm sorry?
All I wanted was to help.
I am not your white knight.
Why am I so damn blind?
You said you felt the same.
Unless you were just saying that.
Was this just yet another lie?
All I do is mess up.
I opened doors. People got burnt.
Will I see you again sometime?
You don't trust me, do you?
I don't know what to believe.
My delusions still feel so real.
My mind's broken, like my heart.
Let's meet again in another life.
If you don't get there first.
I know you're not here anymore.
But I'm still holding on.
I don't want to let go.
But I know it's too late.
I'm not giving up on you.
You're much stronger than you think.
Did I ever tell you that?
Maybe this is why you left.
I was always speaking too loud.
Every time, I drowned you out.
Now I'm left with empty words.
I loved you, now I'm uncertain.
It's about time I moved on.
I wish you all the best.
:iconblackstatic-kurone:BlackStatic-Kurone 0 0


Pernese Dragon Head Study by KaiserFlames Pernese Dragon Head Study :iconkaiserflames:KaiserFlames 317 55 Pretty please by SpringSounds Pretty please :iconspringsounds:SpringSounds 122 56 tumblr dump by G-R-I-M-A tumblr dump :icong-r-i-m-a:G-R-I-M-A 75 26 Rapture 2.0 | Fursuit Head by RancidRampage Rapture 2.0 | Fursuit Head :iconrancidrampage:RancidRampage 489 136
Silver X Male! Reader ~Weak smiles 2
                (Male name) glanced up to the sky above him as darkness was washed off by the bright light of the Sun who has come back from his journey to west. It was a mark of new day, a new beginning and a new life. Well, that’s for him. But it was quite opposite with the Silver.
                Awakened in very unpleasing way, Silver turned his back on the window to block off the sunlight that had persistently shone through the deep red curtains.  He took a mental note of getting thicker curtains one day as he finds it annoying to be wakened up like this. He still wants to sleep for a little longer.
                No wait. He wants to take the whole day off and just to cuddle beside (Male name) as this week was nerve wreaking for him.
:iconcerbimedieval:CerbiMedieval 43 19
Silver X Male! Reader ~Weak Smiles
    The sky was drenched with the shades of deep blue and black as night time slowly crept in enthroning the timid moon on the place of the majestic sun as he travels down towards west to rest. Stars were then glittered the night sky to aid the weak light of the moon as darkness envelopes the entire city with faint lullabies of the breeze through the dried leaves producing the rustling sound in the eerie silence of the night. Inhabitants of the place are now in deep slumber, besides from those who have embraced the night life making them adopt to what they call being nocturnal, or in other words, creatures of the deep night. However, one seems to be opposing the natural flow of nature.
    There lying wide awake was (Male name) with eyes wide open staring at the white ceiling above him. The sound of the clock echoed in the silent halls of the house in synchronize with the peaceful breathing pattern of the person sleeping besides him.
:iconcerbimedieval:CerbiMedieval 37 16
Make the shot! by Psycho-of-Time Make the shot! :iconpsycho-of-time:Psycho-of-Time 14 4 Cheater by Psycho-of-Time Cheater :iconpsycho-of-time:Psycho-of-Time 6 4 Duff Man by SailorUsagiChan Duff Man :iconsailorusagichan:SailorUsagiChan 8 0 Pokemon Hat Commissions by SailorUsagiChan Pokemon Hat Commissions :iconsailorusagichan:SailorUsagiChan 8 9
Forget Me Not - Chapter One
Title: Forget Me Not
Fandom: Pokémon
Characters: Red, Green Okido/Blue Oak, Ethan/Gold
Rating: PG->T for occasional angst, language, near-death experiences
Word Count: 2800+
Summary: After finally listening to Ethan and actually going up to Mt. Silver to check on his former best friend/rival, Green ends up taking Red home out of concern for him. Green soon realizes that Red has no memory of who he is or just about anything from his past before Mt. Silver. Ethan suggests taking Red around places he’s been to in Kanto in an attempt to help the champion regain his memories, and the three of them set out to travel Kanto.
Author's Notes: Originally supposed to be a cheesy oneshot, this is now a cheesy multi-chapter fanfiction. This won't be very shippy and it won't have smut. I'd like to believe that fanfiction about a platonic friendship can be just as good if not better than a romantic fanfiction.
Green stopped by the front doors
:iconredxgreenftw:RedXGreenFTW 8 9
Pokemon hat Commission by SailorUsagiChan Pokemon hat Commission :iconsailorusagichan:SailorUsagiChan 8 0 Season 0 Yami is best yami. by Zrcalo-Sveta Season 0 Yami is best yami. :iconzrcalo-sveta:Zrcalo-Sveta 65 23 Outside by FulgerLupFoc Outside :iconfulgerlupfoc:FulgerLupFoc 7 2 FlightRising-Ered by FulgerLupFoc FlightRising-Ered :iconfulgerlupfoc:FulgerLupFoc 10 3



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