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The Orphaned Wolf


Kyle walked upstairs and into one of the bedrooms of Hillside Estate, where he saw a young light gray male wolf, standing in-front of a mirror while trying to put on a dress tie.

Kyle: “Need some help ‘Andrew’?” He said to the wolf as he walked over.

Andrew: “Dad why is it so hard to put on one of these?” He asked Kyle in a British accent.

Andrew was Kyle and Amelia’s, second born son. He was fourteen years old, spoke some Italian and has and older brother named ‘Gerald’.

Kyle: “You should know how to tie these by now. You’re fourteen after-all.” He said, while adjusting his sons tie. “There we are!” He said, after finishing the tie, then buttoned his sons suit. “Is there a reason that you’re wearing this particular suit?” He asked.

Kyle noticed how Andrew was wearing a brown suit that Alec had given him on his fourteenth birthday. It consisted of a brown jacket, vest, pants, shoes and tie, but also had an emerald tie-tack.

Andrew: “Well, it’s just that.. Gerald told me that ‘Sarah’ was going to be coming tonight and I wanted to look good for when she gets here.” He explained.

Kyle remembered how he took the family on a trip to Germany to visit Alec the year before. Where Andrew met a young female brown German wolf named Sarah. They both spent a-lot of time together and got along and eventually began to develop feelings for each-other.

Kyle: “You look good in every suit you wear. Don’t forget, Alec’s family and David made them for you and your brother.” He said, while putting his hands on Andrews shoulders. “You alright?” He asked, after seeing the blank look on Andrews face.

Andrew: “Dad, how come you and mom don’t have a British accent like me or Gerald?” He asked, concerned why Kyle and Amelia had American accents.

Kyle: “Well that’s because your mother and I were born and raised in the United States. I came here to England when I was about your age.” He explained to his son.

Andrew: “Did you move here?” He asked, then heard the door knock and saw a wolf butler enter the room.

“Forgive my intrusion sir, but the guests are arriving.” He said, then Kyle told him that they would be down in a moment.

Kyle: I’ll tell you what, first thing tomorrow, I’ll tell you and your brother of how I came here. Geralds been wondering how I came to live in England himself.” He said.

Andrew: “Really? You promise?” He asked with a smile on his face.

Kyle: “Of-course! Now lets go. It’s your brothers birthday and he wants you down there with him.” He said, then they both went downstairs.

The date was December 20th, 1977. All of Kyles good friends where at Hillside Estate to celebrate his first born son Geralds, 18th birthday. Kyle was wearing a beige colored suit and Gerald was wearing a black colored suit. Kyle and Andrew were at the top of the stairs to see that the estate was filled with Christmas decorations, as well as the beautifully decorated Christmas tree. As they walked down, Kyle saw how many of his friends had grown. He pictured in his mind to see how they use to be when they were younger.

Amelia: “You two surely took your time.” She said as she walked up to her husband and son. She then kissed Kyle.

Kyle: “You know I would never miss an event like tonight.” He said to his wife.

Amelia was wearing a red ruby shirt and black skirt. As they looked to the party, Alec came forward with his wife. Kyle and Amelia saw that it was the white eagle that Alec met on their wedding day.

Alec: “Es ist gut, dich zu sehen, alter Freund.” He said in German, which meant (‘It’s good to see you old friend.)

Kyle: “Schön, dich auch zu sehen Alec. Und frohe Weihnachten.” He also spoke in German. In English it meant (‘It’s great to see you too Alec. And Merry Christmas.)

Andrew: “Merry Christmas uncle Alec.” He said, then Alec bent-down to his height.

Alec: “Well, well! You’ve certainly gotten bigger since last year. How old are now, fifteen?” He asked, as he took hold of Andrews tie.

Andrew: “Actually I’m, eh…Fourteen!” He said as he felt his tie getting tighter around his neck. He then pulled on his neck collar.

Kyle: “I see that you’ve picked up your fathers habit.” He said, after he saw Alec tighten his sons tie.

Alec: “Alister and Henrik do the same with their boys.” He said, then saw some of his friends waving to him and went to join them.

Kyle then took a moment to loosen his sons tie, then went to join the party. Kyle saw that Wilkins and Maxwell were talking to Erik, Laurent and Francis, Henrik and Alister were talking to Edward, Hansel and Victor and Anita and Elsa were talking to some friends. Kyle the saw Antonio and Rosalie with their son and daughter near the fireplace and went to say hello. Andrew looked around for his brother. He then saw a gray wolf in a black suit, standing by the Christmas tree and walked over.

Andrew: “Hi big brother.” He said as Gerald turned around to face him.

Gerald: “Hey Andrew!” He said in a British accent with a smile, then bent down to his brothers height. So what took you so long, did you have trouble getting dressed?” He asked his brother who smiled.

Andrew: “I had trouble putting my tie on again.” He said, then Gerald made a serious smile.

Gerald: “Did you skip your lesson again?” He asked in a good tone, then his brother made a smile while putting his hand on the back of his neck. “Tell you what, I’ll start teaching you how to tie a tie properly, but you need to start learning how to speak German.” He said, then his brother made a look of boredom.

Andrew: “Can we do it after the holidays?” He asked in a complaining tone.

Gerald: “Sure!” He said, as he ruffled his brothers head. He then looked up behind his brother and saw a brown female wolf looking at them. “Guess who’s here?” He said to his brother.

Andrew turned around and blushed as he saw brown wolf in a blue dress. He knew that it was Sarah. He made a smile as he saw her. He felt nervous to talk to her. He then felt Geralds hands on his shoulders.

Gerald: “Just take a deep breath, walk over and talk to her.” He said.

Andrew: “Ok! Here we go, I can do this.” He said to himself, then took a deep breath and walked over to Sarah. “ Hey Sarah…You, look beautiful tonight.” He said in a nervous tone.

Sarah: “Thank you!” She said in a German accent. “ You look well yourself.” She said, complementing on Andrews suit.

Andrew: “Thanks!” He said, nervously as he adjusted his tie.

He then walked over to Sarahs left and held out his arm. Andrew managed a smile while Sarah took his arm and smiled back. He escorted her around the house and introduced her to the rest of his friends. Andrew and Gerald got use to calling Wilkins their grandfather, as he was Kyle’s adopted father and calling Alec, Victor and Edward their uncles and everyone-else cousins. In a way, they were all family to them.

Andrew and Sarah sat on the sofa by the fireplace and talked. They both then talked about what happened during the year since they last saw each-other. They then basically talked and laughed on moments from their childhood.

Sarah: “So what countries have you been to, besides Germany?” She asked.

Andrew: “Well, I’ve been to France, Italy and America.” He said. “My dad says he planning a family trip to Scotland after Christmas.” He said.

Sarah: “That’s nice!” She said.

Andrew: “Maybe I can ask him if it’s alright to bring you along.” He said.

Sarah: “Well I don’t think it’s your father you should be asking.” She said, then pointed to a brown male wolf in a black suit. She was pointing to her father. “Come on!” She said while holding out her hand.

Andre took her hand and walked over to Sarah’s father. He pulled on his neck collar, feeling nervous as he walked up to the wolf.

Sarah: “Father, you remember Andrew?” She asked her father.

Andrew: “It’s a privilege to see you again, Lord ‘Edmond’.” He said to Sarah’s father as he kept a serious look on his face.

Andrew still had a nervous look on his face as he held out his hand. He then looked as Sarah as he felt someone shaking his hand. He looked to see it was Edmond, still keeping a serious look, but also made a smile.

Edmond: “As am I young one.” He said, while keeping a small smile.

Andrew: “I wanted to ask if…Well my family is going to Scotland after the holidays.” He said, then pulled on his neck collar. “And I was wondering if…If Sarah would like to come us.” He said to Edmond, still feeling nervous.

Edmond stood their for a moment with his arms crossed and staring at Andrew who then made a gulp.

Edmond: “It just so happens that I’ll be heading to Scotland myself after the holidays. But I do need to take care of business back in Germany first. So I would, appreciate it, if you took my daughter with you and kept her company.” He said.

Andrew: “Of course sir! I’ll stay with her the whole time.” He said, feeling excited.

Edmond: “And I do hope I expect to hear you speaking some German, by the time I arrive.” He told him.

Andrew: “I’ll start tomorrow.” He said.

Edmond then made a nod while smiling and let them be. Sarah then hugged Andrew, then they looked at each-other. They suddenly noticed that Gerald was standing next to them and saw that he was holding a mistletoe over their heads. Andrew and Sarah smiled as they looked into each-others eyes, then they kissed. Kyle and Amelia looked as they saw that Andrew just had his first kiss.

Amelia: “We did good honey.” She said as Kyle held her in his arms.

Kyle: “Yes we did!” He said, then they both kissed.

Kyle then looked out the window and saw a sky full of stars. He then took a moment and looked back on his life. From when he was a young pup living in New York, to living as an adult in London with a family of his own. Then next morning as he promised his son, he told them his story, as the orphaned wolf.

loneXwolf97 Featured By Owner May 17, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This was an interesting and cute story.  As I said, I did read a bit of Stormborn Hero Chapter 1, and after becoming familiar with your writing, am looking forward to it!
BlackStarWolf100 Featured By Owner May 18, 2018
Thank you so much
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