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The Orphaned Wolf

Chapter 6: Decision

Kyle waited a while for the ambassador to come back. As he waited, Kyle felt something was strange. He then noticed a mirror and saw that he was sitting in a straight-upright position. He knew then, that David was serious when he told Kyle that the suit would help with his posture. Kyle heard the door open and saw Wilkins enter the room. He sat down and showed Kyle that he found his picture. Kyle made a smile as he was handed the picture.

Kyle: “You found it. Thank you!” He said happily, and looked at his picture

Wilkins: “Kyle, I need to ask you something that is very important.” He said as he looked at Kyle.

Kyle: “Are you going to send me back to New York?” He asked, feeling a happiness come over him. Wilkins saw that the doors were open and the others were watching and listening.

Wilkins: “I just received a call from his majesty King George.” He said, then Kyle made a surprised look. “He knows about you and asked me to do something.” He said.

Kyle: “What is it?” He asked.

Wilkins: “We can send you back to New York, if that’s what you wish. Or…if you really want to, you can stay here…With me.” He said, then Kyle made a wide-eyed look as he stared a Wilkins.

Kyle: “You-you really want me to live here with you?” He asked, after hearing what he was just told.

Wilkins: “The king thinks it’s best if you stayed here, with me as your guardian. But the choice is your’s Kyle. So what will you decide?” He asked.

For a few minutes, Kyle just sat there, not saying a word. He looked at the picture of his parents, then to Wilkins, then to the others outside the room.

Wilkins: “You did say that you wanted a place that you can call home.” He said, remembering what Kyle had told him.

Kyle just sat there, looking at him. Then suddenly, Kyle gave Wilkins a hug.

Kyle: “Yes! Yes, I wanna stay.” He said in a happy voice.

Wilkins also made a a happy face as put his arms around Kyle. Maxwell, Evans, Thomas, along with several maids and butlers started clapping hands.

Wilkins: “Thomas! Please inform his majesty that the boy will be under my care.” He said.

Thomas: “Yes ambassador!” He said happily, then left the estate.

Kyle: “This is so amazing. We’re gonna have so much fun.” He said with excitement.

Wilkins: “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Since you’ll be living here, there are somethings we need to contend with.” He said, then they both walked out of the room and around the inside of the estate. “I see a-lot of myself in you Kyle when I was young. My father had raised me and turned me into the proper wolf that I am today and I tend to do the same with you.” He explained.

Kyle: “What does that mean?” He asked, confused about what Wilkins had just said.

Wilkins: “Now that you’ll be living here, we’ll be able to make you into a proper gentleman.” He said as Kyle made a look of confusion. “You will learn many things here, such as history, language, proper speech, manors and so much more.” He said. Kyle then made a look, like he wasn’t interested. “I know it’s a-lot take in, but we’ll do it slowly. And while you’re here, there’s one rule that you have to oblige by.” He said as he looked at Kyle.

Kyle: “What kind of rule?” He asked, after he made a gulp.

Wilkins: “All males that live within the estate, have to wear a suit at all times!” He said as if he was a school principle, then Kyle made a surprised look.

Kyle: “So I have to wear this thing all the time?” He asked as he pulled on his neck collar, then Wilkins made a giggle.

Wilkins: “I have wooden racks in all the rooms. You can take the jacket off when-ever you want, but it must be worn when we have company over. You also have to keep your vest on when you’re not wearing the jacket.” He said as he adjusted Kyle’s tie. “My grandfather enforced this rule to show mannerism. Animals will be more respectful of you, if they see you’re properly dressed. But don’t worry, you’ll get use to the idea the more you wear the suits.” He explained.

Kyle: “But will I still get to do stuff with you?” He asked.

Wilkins: “Absolutely! I work form home most of the time. On rare occasions, I’ll be called in by the courts to help with important matters, so I’ll have the workers or Maxwell keep you company. And I’ll also have David make more suits for you.” He explained. “Now come on! Lets get you settled, then I’ll show you around.” He said, then Kyle made a smile.

Kyle felt for the first time in a long time, he was actually at home, with someone who really cared about him.
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