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The Orphaned Wolf

   Chapter 5: Discussions

“Come on young one! We have to get you cleaned up.” A wolf butler said, as he entered the room while trying to wake Kyle up. Kyle stretched his arms and rubbed his eyes as he woke up. He got out of bed, then the butler escorted him to the wash room. The butler removed the nightshirt that Kyle was wearing and got him into the bathtub. Kyle enjoyed the fact that he was getting clean, even though he was washed two days before. The butlers made sure that Kyle was shampooed, scrubbed and rinsed. After the bath, they poured water on Kyle and brushed him to make sure that there was no soap left on his fur.

After they dried him off, the butlers put Kyle in a bath robe and took him back to his room. A butler brushed Kyle for a while, when they heard someone knock on the door. “Come in!” The butler said, then the door opened and saw it was David with a box in his hands.

David: “I’m just here to help our guest, get dressed. This way he looks appropriate for when he talks with the ambassador.” He said.

As the butler left the room, David took out a set of clothes that were in the box. Kyle saw that David took out a black suit jacket and pants, white socks and underwear, a black dress belt and shoes. As well as a black dress tie, white collared button shirt and light gray colored vest. Kyle then remembered when David was measuring him several days before.

Kyle: “You made this for me?” He asked, while looking at the clothes.

David: “Of course! Ambassador Wilkins wanted you to look proper for when you talk to him.” He said as he walked over to Kyle.” Now lets get you dressed.” He said, then helped Kyle get changed.

After a while, David got Kyle fully dressed in the suit. He had Kyle turn around so that he could see himself in the mirror. The jacket had three buttons, which were buttoned-up. Kyle could see the top half of the vest and tie, but the rest was covered by the jacket. Kyle then saw a gray handkerchief in the front left-side pocket of the jacket. He made a face as David was tying the shoe laces.

David: “What’s the matter? You look great!” He said, after noticing the look on Kyles face, while making sure the suit was neat and perfect.

Kyle: “It’s a little tight!” He said as he pulled on the neck collar.

David: “It’ll feel that way for a while.” He said as he adjusted Kyle’s shirt and tie. “The tightness will correct your posture, so you can sit and stand appropriately.” He said, then looked at Kyle with a smile. “He’s ready!” He yelled at the door, then a wolf butler came in.

“Please follow me young sir and I will take you to the ambassador.” The butler said, then Kyle followed him. Kyle followed the butler downstairs, he then made a left and went through a set of doors which led to a small study. Inside, there was a sofa in-front of a fire-place, several chairs, bookshelves and a couch near the wall to his right. “Please do have a seat. I’ll will inform the ambassador that you are ready to see him.” The butler said. Kyle then sat on one of the chairs, then the butler left the room.

Kyle felt nervous, for he had never been in a house as large as this. He knew that these were animals of high society. Not to mention, Kyle had never worn a suit this fancy before. Kyle remembered how his mom would take him to the clothing store when he was five and buy him the cheapest dress clothes that they had. Kyle heard the door open and saw a wolf come in, wearing the exact same suit as him. Kyle figured that it was the ambassador.

Wilkins: “It’s a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance Kyle.” He said as Kyle wondered how the wolf knew his name. “If you recall, you told me and my colleagues your name when we first brought you here four days ago.” He explained as he walked over to Kyle. “Of course, where are my manors. I’m ambassador Wilkins!” He introduced, then held out his hand.

Kyle assumed that the ambassador wanted a hand-shake, so he did so.

Kyle: “Where am I exactly?” He asked, knowing that he was in England, but not the house.

Wilkins: “Come, let’s sit by the fire.” He said, then he and Kyle walked over and sat on the sofa in-front of the fire-place. “Your currently in ‘Hillside Estate’ which is where I live, since I am the ambassador of England. And as you’ve probably seen, the city of London is just north of here.” He explained.

A butler then came in with a tray of small foods, such as sliced apples, crackers, cheese cubes and small carrots, while also bringing in a pot of tea.

Kyle: “But why is it the size of a palace? Are you royalty or something?” He asked, while the butler poured the tea into the cups.

Wilkins: “You’re a curios one, aren’t you?” He said happily, then Kyle made a small smile. “Well a couple of years after the war, some royal houses from parts of Great Britain, and Europe wanted to help rebuild. So we began construction of large manors, like the one were in now. The interior and exterior were designed by workers from England, France, Germany and Italy. And certain families decided to settle in to show gratitude, but the ambassadors had to remain in their own countries.” He explained, then sipped his tea. “We have three other estates in the area. Two from Germany and one from France.” He said, then made a small plate of food and handed it to Kyle.

Kyle: “That’s interesting and all, but I was wondering if… you could help me get back home.” He said, anxiously as he ate a cheese cube.

Wilkins: “Of course!” He said happily, then put his tea on the table. “But I need to know where you live and if there’s anyone we can call. I’m sure that your family is worried sick.” He said.

Kyle then looked down as he made a sad look. He then began to have flashbacks from the day when his house was bombed. He tried to shut his eyes and forget about it, but couldn’t. Wilkins then took out his handkerchief and wiped Kyle’s eyes, after he started crying.

Kyle: “There’s no one to call. It’s just me.” He said as Wilkins looked at him with worry.

Kyle then explained that he was born in New York City, living with his wolf parents. He told Wilkins how his house was bombed during the war and his mom and dad didn’t survive. Wilkins kept his eyes widened as Kyle told his story. Kyle explained how he was living on the streets for the last four years, trying to find a place that he could call home. He then told Wilkins how he snuck into a shipping container that contained food and got himself locked inside, only to find himself in England soon after.

Kyle: “So I just kept walking, hoping that someone would see me.” He said in a sad voice.

Wilkins then put his hands on Kyle’s shoulders.

Wilkins: “I understand, for I lost someone I loved many years ago. Like you, I’ve tried to find something to fill that emptiness.” He said, then Kyle made a sniff. “And you’re certain that their are no other relatives we can call?” He asked, looking at Kyle.

Kyle: “No! My grandparents died before I was born.” He said, then looked up with widened eyes, after touching his pockets. “Wait…Where’s my picture? Where’s my picture?” He asked as he began to panic.

Wilkins: “Kyle, just calm down. What picture are you talking about?” He asked.

Kyle: “The one of my parents! When they were in London.” He said, then Wilkins made a look of surprise.

Wilkins: “I’m pretty sure that it’s with your other clothes. Just wait here and I’ll go get it for you.” He said.

Kyle nodded his head, then Wilkins left the room. Wilkins walked out to see that Maxwell, Evans and Londons Chief of Police, who was a beige colored Falcon named ‘Thomas’ waiting just outside the room. Wilkins then ordered a maid to bring him Kyle’s old clothes, then told the others what Kyle had told him.

Maxwell: “And that’s just it? He has no other relatives?” He asked.

Wilkins: “I’m afraid so!” He said, then Thomas stepped forward.

Thomas: “We did a background check and didn’t find anything on him. The American mayor of New York confirmed it when he called last night.” He said in a British accent.

Wilkins: “So what happens now?” He asked, concerning Kyle.

Thomas: “If what he said is true, then the wolf will be sent back to the states. He’ll probably be sent to an orphanage or go back to living on the streets. But since there is no record of him, our government will probably take him from here.” He explained.

Wilkins: “There has to be another way. There must be something else we could do.” He said as Thomas turned his head sideways.

They all suddenly heard the telephone next to the door ring. Maxwell picked it up and answered the call. He then turned to Wilkins.

Maxwell: “Its…The king!” He announced, then they all widened their eyes. “He knows about the boy and he wants to talk to you.” He said to Wilkins.

Wilkins then took the telephone so he could speak to ‘King George the sixth.’ He spoke on the phone for quite a while. The maid came in with Kyle’s ragged clothes to see that Wilkins was on the phone.

Wilkins: “I will let him know your majesty and thank you.” He said, then hung up the phone and looked at the others. “His majesty, wants me…To raise the boy as my own.” He said then others made looks of shock.

Evans: “Is he serious? Why would he suggest such an ideal?” He asked.

Wilkins: “He feels that Kyle should not be placed in the orphanage. Since there is no record of him, King George feels that Kyle would be well cared for if I took him in.” He explained, then went through Kyle’s old clothes and found the picture of his parents. “I’m going to tell Kyle and let him decide for himself.” He said, then put his hand on the door handle and opened it.
Kyle now meets with Wilkins to see if he can get home.DeviantArt 

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I feel like the consensus of Kyle's fate could have been decided without a random call from the King, but I do enjoy the concept you have with Kyle and Wilkins.  
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