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The Orphaned Wolf

      Chapter 4: Taken Care Of

The sun began to rise on the manor the following morning. As sunlight entered the room, Kyle began to open his eyes. A wolf maid came into to the room to see that Kyle was awake, after hearing him moan. “Inform the doctor that he’s awake.” The maid said to a butler, then went over to Kyle.

Kyle: “Uh, w-where am I?” He asked as the wolf maid padded a wet cloth on his head.

“Shh! It’s alright little one. You’re going to be well cared for. It’s a good thing the ambassador found you when he did.” The maid told him, then doctor Evans walked in, with the butler behind him. Evans placed his hand on Kyle’s forehead to feel his temperature.

Evans: “Looks like your fever has gone down, but you’re still a little warm. Lets get him into the nightshirt.” He said to the butler and maid.

They then unwrapped the blankets that Kyle was in. Evans then had Kyle stand up. Kyle then hugged himself, for he felt cold. He looked around to see he was in a light-yellow room. The room contained a sofa, dresser, closet, chairs, desk, the bed he was sleeping in, and a large mirror. “Put your arms up little one.” The butler said to Kyle as he placed the nightshirt over Kyle and put it on him. The shirt covered Kyle’s arms and was extended down to his ankles.

While the butler was getting Kyle dressed, the maid changed the bed sheets. Evans then had Kyle lay back down. “Here, eat this!” The butler said, while holding a bowl of soup in-front of Kyle. Kyle sipped the soup, one spoonful at a time.

Evans: “That should help keep you warm. I advise that you stay in bed.” He instructed.

Kyle: “Who are you?” He asked, looking at Evans.

Evans: “I’m Doctor Evans. Private doctor to ambassador Wilkins of England.” He introduced. “Wilkins is the one who found and brought you here.” He said.

Kyle widened his eyes, knowing that he was in-fact in England.

Evans: “You’ve been asleep since last night. You were able to tell us your name, but can you tell us when you were born?” He asked Kyle about his birthdate.

Kyle: “Um, October 4th, 1936.” He said.

Evans: “Wilkins will want to speak with you once you’re better.” He said as he took out a stethoscope from his bag. He put one end in his ears and put the other against his Kyle’s chest, then back. “I’ll be back to check on you later.” He said, then left the bedroom.

Kyle basically remained in bed for the rest of the day. The following morning, Kyle got up. Feeling a little better, he decided to have a look around the room. He looked out the window to see it was cloudy and snowing. He saw the view of the landscape and London in the distance. “With all do respect ‘David’, I don’t think you should be going in there.” A male wolf said from outside the door, then Kyle saw a orange-white colored male cat, wearing a brown vest and tie, enter the room.

David: “Relax, I’ll only be a minute.” He said to the butler. “Hi! You must be Kyle. A pleasure to meet you. Now please hold still, I have to make sure everything’s right.” He said to Kyle quickly, while shaking his hand, then taking out a set of measuring tape.

Kyle: “And you are..?” He asked in confusion, wondering who the cat was and hearing his voice was in a german accent.

David: “I’m the ambassadors personal tailor! My team and I are the ones who design and make the suits that Wilkins wears everyday.” He explained while measuring Kyle’s arms, legs and the rest of his body. Kyle made a grunt noise as the tape was pulled around his neck. “There! I should have everything done within the next couple days. You should get some sleep.” He said to Kyle happily, but quickly, then left the room.

Kyle: “What just happened?” He asked in confusion about the cat that just came into his room.

“David!” The wolf butler said, while rolling his eyes, then he went into the room with soup. While Kyle was being treated at the house, Wilkins and Maxwell explained the details about Kyle to several friends they knew at the ‘Great Britain Embassy’, as well as the chief of police and tried to find out what they could on Kyle. So far the only things that they had on him, was that he was thirteen and possibly from America. They found no missing animals files that were reported with Kyle’s description or name at his age from the states. They did receive a call from Dr. Evans who told them Kyles birthdate, but found nothing.

Maxwell: “So what are we going to do sir?” He asked Wilkins, concerned on what they were going to do with Kyle.

Wilkins: “I guess I’ll have to talk to him and find out what else I can.” He said.

Maxwell: “And I thought that you should know,..” He said, then Wilkins looked at him. “David went into the boys room this morning and took his measurements.” He said, then gave a gulp while pulling on his short collar.

Wilkins: “I know that cat’s good at his job, but I will never understand what goes on in that head of his.” He said, while rubbing the back of his head.

Maxwell: “With all honesty ambassador, I think he drinks way too much coffee.” He said, then they both made a laugh.

Over the next few days, Kyle stayed in his room as he was cared for by the maids, butlers and doctor Evans. One night when it was snowing, Evans did his usual check up, while Kyle was eating his soup.

Evans: “Looks like everything’s good. You’re all better little wolf.” He said after making sure that Kyle’s fever had gone away. “I’ll let Wilkins know that you’re well enough to speak to him, so I recommend that you get some sleep.” He advised, then left the room.

Kyle went to bed, knowing that he could talk to the ambassador and hopefully ask him if he could help get himself back to New York. Kyle went to sleep with a smile on his face, knowing that everything was going to work out just fine.
Kyle is being cared for at Hilside Estate by Wilkins and his staff.DeviantArt 

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