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  The Orphaned Wolf

    Chapter 3: Finding

A black car was driving along the road, heading out of London. Inside was a dark gray male wolf, well dressed in a black suit, like he just came from a party. He was staring out the window with a depressed look on his face, staring at the falling snow when he heard a faint voice. “Ambassador!” The voice said, then got louder. “Ambassador ‘Wilkins’!” The voice said. The gray wolf known as Wilkins then turned to look at the brown male wolf in a blue suit, sitting across from him. “Is everything alright sir?” He asked in a British accent.

Wilkins: “Yes! I’m fine!” He said, also in a British accent. He then reached into his jacket and pulled out a picture, showing himself alongside a female wolf.

“I see! It’s the anniversary, isn’t it?” The brown wolf asked as Wilkins made a sad look.

Wilkins: “Ten years ago today, she and I got married. With the war going, I wanted be with her as best I could. I thought after the war ended, we could have a life together. But then… The accident.” He said, then took his handkerchief and wiped his eyes with it. As they drove to the house, Wilkins continued to stare out the window. He then made a confused look as he saw something ahead on the sidewalk. He then widened his eyes to see it was a wolf lying face-down in the snow. “STOP THE CAR!” He yelled to the driver.

The car quickly stopped and Wilkins got out and rushed over to the wolf. “Ambassador what’s wrong? Why did we stop?” The brown wolf asked as he got out of the car and rushed over to see Wilkins was kneeling near an unconscious wolf. Wilkins then turned the wolf over, so he could have a better look. He saw it was light gray male wolf. “Why would a young wolf be out in this weather? Especially at this hour?” The brown wolf asked. Wilkins then saw steam coming from the wolfs nose.

Wilkins: “He’s still alive!” He said with widened eyes. “Don’t just stand there, help me with him.” He said, as he tried to pick the wolf up. He and the brown wolf got the young wolf into the car. “Get us to the house, quickly!” He instructed the driver.

The gates to the manor opened up and the car pulled up right in-front of the house. Wilkins got out, while carrying the wolf and ran straight to the front door. As he entered the house, a black male eagle in an apricot suit was sitting on a lounge chair on the right side of the entry hall. “Ah, I was wondering when you were…” The eagle said in a British accent, then saw Wilkins holding a wolf. “Good heavens! What happened to the young lad?” The eagle asked as he rushed over.

“We found him on the side of the road ‘Dr. Evans’.” The brown wolf said. As wolf maids and butlers came over, the young wolf began to moan.

Wilkins: “Get one of the spare rooms ready and get any warm blankets you can find, hurry!” He instructed the maids and butlers. “I am sorry to keep you waiting my friend, but this wolf needs to be looked at!” He said to Evans, who then quickly examined the wolf.

Evans: “I’ll do what I can. Thankfully, I always carry my medical kit.” He said as he grabbed a hand bag with a red cross on it.

Wilkins then carried the wolf upstairs to one of the bedrooms. The Brown wolf pulled back the bed sheets so Wilkins could place him on the bed.

Wilkins: “There should be some heavy blankets in the closet behind me ‘Maxwell.’ Get them out!” He said to the brown wolf.

Maxwell rushed over to the closet to grab the blankets, while Wilkins and Evans removed the wolfs ragged clothes. Maxwell came-back and they carefully wrapped the young wolf in the blankets to get his body warm. After putting the sheets over the him, Evans examined the wolf.

Evans: “The blankets should warm his body, but he may develop a fever from being out in the cold. How long was he out there for?” He asked his wolf friends.

Wilkins: “I spotted him on the sidewalk as we were driving by.” He said, then the maids and a butler came in with extra blankets. “Get me a towel and hot water!” He ordered the butler.

They then heard moaning coming from the bed and saw the wolf was turning his head, then started coughing. Evans quickly took out a bottle of anti-toxin and a syringe, along with a bottle of cough syrup.  

Wilkins: “Try not to speak little pup! You were out in the snow for god knows how long.” He said when the wolf tried to speak.

Evans then came over with the cough syrup and made the young wolf drink a spoon full. After the wolf made a cough, he began to open his eyes and saw he was in a bright room, but couldn’t really move his body, due to the fact it was wrapped in blankets. The wolfs vision was a little blurry, but could see two other wolves and an eagle standing over him.

Maxwell: “Tell us young one, what’s your name?” He asked, hoping that the wolf could speak. The wolf then told them that his name was ‘Kyle’. “And how old are you Kyle? No one at your age should be outside in this cold weather.” He said, as Evans put his hand on the boys head.

Kyle: “I’m…Th-thirteen!” He said in a shivering voice.

Wilkins and the others could tell from his voice, that Kyle was not from England. They had to assume he was probably from the states. Evans filled the syringe with the anti-toxin, went over to Kyle and took out one of his arms from the blankets. He looked at Kyle and saw his cheeks were turning red.

Evans: “This is going to hurt a bit, but you’ll feel better.” He said to Kyle who made a face as the syringe was injected into his arm. “That should bring down his fever, but he will need bed rest. He’s not getting to a hospital, not in this weather.” He explained to Wilkins as he looked out the window.

Wilkins and Maxwell saw that a major blizzard had rolled in. After putting Kyle’s arm back under the blanket, the three of them walked out of the room.

Wilkins: “Evans, I can’t thank you enough! You’re more than welcome to stay in one of the guest rooms until the storm passes.” He said, as he and Evans shook hands.

Evans: “Thank you! It would give me the time to check up on the boy, and to make sure that his fever goes down. I suggest that you stay with him until he is healthy.” He said, while adjusting his shirt sleeves and tie.

Maxwell: “Sir, with all do respect, you have the meeting with the governor first thing tomorrow.” He said, then Wilkins put his hand in his chin.

Wilkins: “True! And you have to be with me. I’ll see to it that the maids and butlers watch-over him when I’m out.” He said.

Evans: “But we still need to know where he’s from and find his family as soon as possible. I’m sure that they’re very worried about him.” He said, concerning Kyle.

Wilkins: “I’ll talk to the boy when he’s better. Until then, he’ll stay here with me.” He said as they walked down the hallway. “I’ll inform the others on what’s happened. For now we should let the little pup get some rest.” He said.

Kyle had no idea as to who found him or where he was. What he did know is that who-ever it was that found him, they were going to take very good care of him.
Kyle is found by Ambassador Wilkins and taken to his home to be treated.DeviantArt 

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loneXwolf97 Featured By Owner May 17, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Now this chapter is interesting.  I like that you made sure not to have Wilkens drop everything for a boy he doesn't know, yet gave him the conscience to do something about him lying in the snow.  
BlackStarWolf100 Featured By Owner May 18, 2018
Thank you
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