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The Orphaned Wolf

  Chapter 2: Arriving Where?

Kyle ate most of the food in the crates which contained apples, bananas, bread, cheese, carrots and the two bottle of milk that he had on him. Kyle also had a flashlight on him that he managed to steal from a general store. He spent most of the time eating and sleeping, while also trying to remember the happy memories he had with his family before the bomb. Kyle also used an empty bucket to do his business, then dumped it in an empty barrel. He kept it covered so he didn’t have to smell it.

Kyle heard the ships horn, not knowing how long he’d been inside. Afraid of being caught, Kyle hid behind one of the crates on the other end of the container. He waited for the doors to open. The first thing he looked at was the sky and saw it was early in the evening.

He didn’t see anyone after a while, so he quietly went to the door and saw to his left that the workers were eating and heard them talking in a strange accent. Kyle quickly ran in the opposite direction, but didn’t know where he was. After escaping the docks, Kyle took a moment to catch his breath. He then heard what sounded like a clock. Kyle looked to his left and saw a large city. He realized that he was in London. Kyle knew this, because he had a picture of his parents that showed they were in London, before he was born.

Kyle saw he was just outside the city and it began to snow. He began to run straight-along the side of a road, heading to the outskirts of the city. As it got dark, Kyle held his arms together, because of the snow and cold weather. He was walking on the sidewalk, next to the road. He saw the lampposts were turning on as he walked. Kyle began to see his breath as it got colder. Kyle then saw a large house, straight-ahead on his right. It almost looked like a castle, but it was the size of a mansion. He tried to walk, but it was so cold that he couldn’t take another step. Kyle’s vision began to become blurry and suddenly fell to the ground, right under a lamppost. He tried to get up, but his body was numb from the cold. Kyle was lying there, alone in the snow.
Kyle arrives to his surprise, in London. Where does he go from here?DeviantArt 

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February 9