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Mankee In His New Box: Part 1/2 by BlackStarWolf100
Mature content
Mankee In His New Box: Part 1/2 :iconblackstarwolf100:BlackStarWolf100 5 0
CAN YOU ESCAPE, Lexington? by BlackStarWolf100 CAN YOU ESCAPE, Lexington? :iconblackstarwolf100:BlackStarWolf100 2 0 My Adopted Cubs: Happy Easter by BlackStarWolf100 My Adopted Cubs: Happy Easter :iconblackstarwolf100:BlackStarWolf100 4 5 Mankee: Icon by BlackStarWolf100
Mature content
Mankee: Icon :iconblackstarwolf100:BlackStarWolf100 5 0
Special Gift: Jake Long by BlackStarWolf100 Special Gift: Jake Long :iconblackstarwolf100:BlackStarWolf100 9 3 Hasani In A Suit by BlackStarWolf100 Hasani In A Suit :iconblackstarwolf100:BlackStarWolf100 8 2 Riley and Mankee Encased In Cement by BlackStarWolf100
Mature content
Riley and Mankee Encased In Cement :iconblackstarwolf100:BlackStarWolf100 9 1
Backview: Noivern Trophy Mount by BlackStarWolf100
Mature content
Backview: Noivern Trophy Mount :iconblackstarwolf100:BlackStarWolf100 4 0
Rhaenar Targaryen Script (Work-In-Progress)
Rhaenar Targaryen Script
Raenar was born in the southern region of Westeros, just West of Kings Landing. He was born to his mother Maven and his father Aerys ll Targaryen. Rhaenars mother once worked as a maid and wet-nurse in the Red Keep, serving the Targaryens. Maven was working late one night, cleaning one of the bedrooms. The Targaryens were at war with the houses Baratheon, Stark and Arryn. After she finished cleaning, King Areys stumbled into the room, drunk. Believing that Maven was his sister-wife Rhaella, Aerys forced her onto the bed and raped her.
In the weeks that followed, Maven learned that she was with-child. Months later, Maven requested aid from the Kings son Rhaegar, who had returned to the capital to help in the war effort. With his help, Rhaegar found a small cottage west of Kings Landing and settled Maven inside. Rhaegar then left to fight against the rebels. Maven later gave birth to a son and named him Rhaenar. The child was born the day before a major st
:iconblackstarwolf100:BlackStarWolf100 1 0
Rhaenar Targaryen (Portrait) by BlackStarWolf100 Rhaenar Targaryen (Portrait) :iconblackstarwolf100:BlackStarWolf100 4 2 Bahati and Jabari Being Mummified Alive by BlackStarWolf100 Bahati and Jabari Being Mummified Alive :iconblackstarwolf100:BlackStarWolf100 9 3 Riley Sinking in Quicksand by BlackStarWolf100 Riley Sinking in Quicksand :iconblackstarwolf100:BlackStarWolf100 3 0 Eddy Mummified and on Display by BlackStarWolf100 Eddy Mummified and on Display :iconblackstarwolf100:BlackStarWolf100 27 8 My Fursonnas: Treasure Chest Tickling by BlackStarWolf100 My Fursonnas: Treasure Chest Tickling :iconblackstarwolf100:BlackStarWolf100 21 0
The Colonials, The Outlaws, The Cult: Chapter 7
The Colonials, The Outlaws, & The Cult
Chapter 7
Kade was at home, getting ready for the ball. He was wearing a dark-blue coat, waistcoat and breeches and his cravat was knotted into a bow. While he was being dressed, Kade thought about how the town had changed in the two years he was gone. He noticed of how they added a blockade of ships to protect the Valley from pirates, along with a fort and that they added a separate dock for air ships. Kade looked at himself in the mirror, with a nervous look.
Ronalds: “Are you ready for tonight?” He asked Kade as he stood behind him.
Kade: “Just a little nervous! One, because I’m attending a ball and two, I’m worried that I’ll make a fool of myself in-front of Serena.” He said, then Ronalds adjusted his cravat.
Ronalds: “I’ve taken you to parties at the hall before.” He said. “You’re going to be great. Just breath, be a respective gentleman and you’ll be fine.” H
:iconblackstarwolf100:BlackStarWolf100 2 0
Khan: The Stormborn Hero by BlackStarWolf100 Khan: The Stormborn Hero :iconblackstarwolf100:BlackStarWolf100 11 2


Volt by WindWo1f Volt :iconwindwo1f:WindWo1f 71 2 Gargoyle Underwraps by KurtType5 Gargoyle Underwraps :iconkurttype5:KurtType5 16 4 Easter Cubs (Commission) by Irete Easter Cubs (Commission) :iconirete:Irete 1 0
Realm of Chaos - So Much For a Vacation
Engines were whirring over the low rabble of the crowd, animals exiting the plane entrance down to the tarmac. Two bipedal snakes, a couple, casually strolled down the flight of stairs with a bag of luggage in tow. The male, Riley, grasped a rail-bar lightly as he progressed, chatting with his wife about the up-coming trip.
            Riley was visiting London after moving out of the city previously for his family. His wife and him had married awhile back, having a set of twins and a year later, a daughter. They needed a break from the whole stress of having kids, deciding to take a vacation, asking a friend for a favour to look after them in the meantime.
            Riley’s wife, a snake with shimmering green scales and dress. She coughed purposefully, trying to divide his attention from the airport. “Riley, you insisted on coming here for our vacation, yet you n
:iconignisthedragon:IgnisTheDragon 4 10
New commissions
My Exceptions:
    -I have the right to refuse.
    I do not do comics
    - I can even do with explicit sex, will only have censorship in the DA, and will be published in my FA - or now twitter
    -Nothing of sex with -18
    -Payments only via PayPal
Traditional Drawing: $ 4

Two free characters, plus $ 2 each plus one character.
Chibi drawing: $ 8

Two free characters, plus $ 2 each plus one character.
Digital Art - One or two characters in digital art without background = $ 17. Example:

Two free characters, adding $ 3 each plus one character.
With $ 6 accrual fund:

With shadow added $ 5.

NSFW request: $25
NSFW chibi request: $10
Desenho de Tradicional: $4
:icongarfiled123456:Garfiled123456 1 9
Turtleboy pg.20 by TazHassiotis Turtleboy pg.20 :icontazhassiotis:TazHassiotis 90 23 Airport security by 61021376
Mature content
Airport security :icon61021376:61021376 78 36
Commission 2019 -ONHOLD-
:target: I have to study Driving Lessons for exam on this Saturday (27th April 2019) so Commission onhold until exam's over. :reading: :faint: I might slow for chatting or drawing abit while focus on study. Thanks for understand ^^

*Work a hour pe
:iconkrystlekmy:krystlekmy 1 3
YCH 022 by BDSMtoAll
Mature content
YCH 022 :iconbdsmtoall:BDSMtoAll 37 10
Hasani by NopeXKot Hasani :iconnopexkot:NopeXKot 1 0 Game of Thrones - Unseen Westeros - Shield Islands by memod Game of Thrones - Unseen Westeros - Shield Islands :iconmemod:memod 821 61 Concrete by 61021376
Mature content
Concrete :icon61021376:61021376 22 20
Il mondo dei sogni by panjoool Il mondo dei sogni :iconpanjoool:panjoool 2,537 266 Rhaenar Targaryen by wayleri Rhaenar Targaryen :iconwayleri:wayleri 42 12 Mummified lions by tenorjoane Mummified lions :icontenorjoane:tenorjoane 16 13 COMMISSIONS iINFO by NopeXKot COMMISSIONS iINFO :iconnopexkot:NopeXKot 3 0



Mankee In His New Box: Part 1/2
This Commission was created for me by :icontinykrok:

My fursonna Mankee, has been locked away in a steel storage box. He's constantly turning his head, trying to struggle free before his captor, has him put away in storage for quite a long time.
CAN YOU ESCAPE, Lexington?
Your all gonna like this commission I got from :iconkurttype5:

Hello ladies and gentlemen. On behalf of Black Wolf Industries, I would like to welcome you all to our new game show we call 'CAN YOU ESCAPE'. On this show, our contestants have to escape an entrapment to win the grand prize. We pick out contestants from various wordless and dimensions. And we have many bondage methods, including our most popular theme, 'Mummification'.

Now, I would like to introduce you to our first contestant. He's ferocious, he's dangerous, he's a creature of legend, please welcome, the Gargoyle, Lexington. Lexington is a Gargoyle, who was turned to stone centuries ago, but revived in modern time, only able to come out at night.

Lexingtons bondage method has been chosen carefully. He shall attempt to escape from, Mummification. Now here's how it works, Lexington shall be placed on a self-wrapping machine, which will mummify him in gauze. One he's been fully mummified, he must escape s wrappings before time runs out.

If he escapes, then he shall win a very special prize. Lexington will receive a set of ancient amulets, that will allow him and his Gargoyle companions to walk in the sunlight. They will not be turned to stone as long as they wear them. Alright folks, it's time to play CAN YOU ESCAPE.

New Credit Card from Apple Inc. Coming this summer!


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United States
My brother :iconmattington21:

I enjoy playing video games, guitar, reading, exercise, going to the movies and occasionally write fan-made stories that come to mind. I also enjoy collecting hourglasses. I would love to see my stories turned into comics or artwork, but please ask me for permission first.

All my work can only be found here!


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