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Onward to Adventure - Chapter 25
    After getting Hana and the others patched up, including herself, Alex took some time to repair her bag. It reminded her of the first time she had to repair it back in Viridian City. At the rate things were going for it, she might have to replace it pretty soon, unsure if she’ll be able to afford it. Between food and medicine for everyone, there’s not much left over for anything else.
    When she was done and her Pokémon were returned, she decided to talk to them. She wanted to take Gabby and Bando out and train them for a bit.
    ~So two of us have to switch?~ Hana asked.
    “Yeah, but I want you guys to decide. I don’t want to force you. It’ll be like how Sienna and Lance chose, right?”
    ~That’s right,~ the poison type nodded. ~Her house is really nice and her mom’s really kind. She let us wander around the house, inside and
:iconblackstarlight17:blackstarlight17 4 2
Onward to Adventure - Chapter 24
    Alex and Chase took the time to get things packed and ensure they would be ready for tomorrow. They even set the alarm stored in their room so they would wake up in time.
    Feeling fidgety, Alex decided to take some time to wander around the city. She left her Pokémon with Chase, wanting some time to herself. She wanted to think about the battle, about everything that’s happened so far.
    Since leaving Pallet Town, so much has happened. She encounters a shiny Pokémon then encounters a mythical Pokémon. She’s had run-ins with various people, good and bad alike. She’s met so many amazing Pokémon, the best ones with her and at home. She missed having Sienna and hopes that she’ll have her back in the team soon.
    Eventually, she came upon a sign that told her she was in Route 5, though wasn’t very far in. She could still see the city behind her. Not lo
:iconblackstarlight17:blackstarlight17 5 2
Onward to Adventure - Chapter 23
    When morning came, Alex kept her word as she told Chase and later Benedict and his wife of her intentions. The adults offered to not only have them driven back but informed them that would be ready to drive to Vermilion City in a couple of days if they didn’t mind the wait.
    Thanking them, they were driven back, dropped off near the Pokémon Center should Alex need to pick anything up.
    Once they were alone, the limo driving away, Alex decided to make one last trip to the store to stock up on supplies. Afterward, they quickly found themselves standing outside the gym, the girl feeling nervous going inside.
    “You’ll do fine,” Chase reassured.
    “I really hope so,” Alex whispered. With gentle nudging, they walked in.
    Looking around, they could see different water Pokémon swimming in the aquariums they passe
:iconblackstarlight17:blackstarlight17 5 4
Onward to Adventure - Chapter 22
    Some hours passed before the last trainer was finally beaten. When talking with her, they learned that the cottage wasn’t far when asked about it.
    “So we’re not far,” Alex smiled. She recalled everyone, mainly for Cerulean’s safety.
    They don’t know how friendly the people were, though given how Azure made them sound, they sound really nice. But how they may react to a rare Pokémon like Cerulean could change the mood really fast.
    They already dealt with that kid wanting to battle her just because she was something he never saw before. None of them wanted a repeat if they can help it. It was the same for Ken with how different he looks, though he doesn’t gain as much attention as the legend did.
    “I think I see the place,” Chase pointed out as the silhouette of a large building came into view.
:iconblackstarlight17:blackstarlight17 3 4
Onward to Adventure - Chapter 21
    By the time Alex returned to the Pokémon Center, it was already starting to get late, finding Chase already waiting for her in the lobby.
    “How are you doing?” he asked.
    “A little better,” she answered. “I…I had time to think…” She was hesitant to mention Cerulean but knew she couldn’t keep the cat a secret. They’re going to travel together, but how would he react?
    “Is something wrong?”
    “Oh, I…” Glancing around for signs of people that may listen in, she leaned closer. “I…I met a Pokémon and she wanted to join.”
    “Really? What kind of Pokémon is she?”
    Chewing her lip, she was afraid of letting the Pokémon out. She should have thought about it more carefully, but it happened so fast.
:iconblackstarlight17:blackstarlight17 3 2
Sunbathing by blackstarlight17 Sunbathing :iconblackstarlight17:blackstarlight17 2 0


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Most are pieces I would like myself, but there are some I think my mom would like.

Hopefully I'll be able to get some of these pieces down the road.


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Hi everyone, hope you're doing good.

I've been busy with work and writing when I can. I haven't given up on Onward to Adventure, my nuzlocke, but I've been hitting "small" bumps for the plot and such. Thankfully, I have an awesome beta reader helping and hopefully things will go smoother once I get back into the flow with it.

However, to avoid driving myself bonkers trying to force myself to write more when nothing comes, I've gone back on an older fic I wrote and finished. You can thank my subconscious for bringing it back. All I need is someone who has the time and patience to go over and clean it up where it needs it. I've already done as much as I can, but I feel it could be better, but I can't pick up on it. I've fixed some plot holes I noticed and changed up a few spots for plot and of course any grammar and spelling mistakes I noticed using a mix of Word and Grammarly as well as what I know for certain.

The fic in question is a Harry Potter piece. The theme for it is more my own "recreation" of the series. I've seen some other writers do this and it looked interesting and had some ideas myself. I doubt they'll be as good as they had done, but it was fun and still is after going over it to refresh my memory.

I'll admit, some of the parts/scenes I originally intended for it is/will change between going back over and such. But I can't say for certain as some scenes I would like to use, but I also want to make it flow well enough then simply crammed in. So besides a beta reader, I wouldn't mind if someone wanted to offer some advice on how to progress for future chapters and sequels if they're interested to have it all make sense. For the beta reader, most I ask for is help clean up anything I missed with spelling, grammar, sentence structure, etc.

If you're interested, comment here or send me a note offering your help either to build the plot more, as a beta reader, or both. I'll give more details of what I have planned if you're interested in sticking through for a great length of time. If not, you can simply help with the first story or two, (I have a sequel made and completed. Others will be made quickly as I can.) but don't have to stay for others.

However, before you jump in to help, I want to give some fair warning. There will be some content, while not explicit, or shouldn't become so, some pairings will be changed. Some will still be in hetero, others in entering a same-sex relationship. Again, it won't/shouldn't be explicit. I want to try and keep it PG-13 at the very least if I can for those kinds of scenes if they're to occur. However, such scenes have not even started to form or been fleshed out, so it's still open territory to fiddle with and improve by the time I do get to them.

The other thing to add will be that there are going to be some sensitive subjects included. It will vary between abuse and self-harm, mentions of suicide in some manner as well. There may be others down the road, if I do reach such crossroads, I'll mention them and if it's uncomfortable, you can back out or we can discuss it to find a way to alter it and find a better option instead. I want to be flexible to change without completely changing what I had planned.


Going to officially start working tomorrow. Wish me luck that it works out  :D
Another charity stream being held by Jacksepticeye for those interested in participating.

For anyone who's a fan of Jacksepticeye, even if you're not, he's doing a great charity stream right now. Go check it out, it's fun and it's for a good cause if you can donate :D

Trying to find a suitable site to get info for Greek gods/goddesses or similarly important beings.

I know I could use Wikipedia for some, but there's no guarantee that the information is legit or has the right info. Like Endymion, on there, it doesn't talk much about him than theories of where he originated from.

So if anyone knows of a site that's pretty good, I'd appreciate it.

It's for a random idea I got for a potential Nuzlocke run to do while working on others.

My brain doesn't like to stay focused ^^;




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