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So, this is a picture of the crying child from fnaf four (Which in this AU is named Stein.) and PB. 

Just to say, they aren't father and son. (PB is like...15 around this time. He probably should have shorter hair but whatever. PB is to young to be having kids anyway and Stein's least 5 I'd rater go with he's 10. So...yeah if Stein was PB's child in this version it'd be very creepy to say the least...I know PB's family is fucked up but i honestly doubt his dad would walk up to 5 year old PB and go "YOU NEED TO START HAVIN' MAH GRANDCHILDREN!!!".) 

For more of a background, Stein is the younger brother of Steven who's the second mechanic. (He built Springtrap Y.E.B and Fredbear and taught PB how to make robots.) So that's why he's at Freddy's so often. Also, Steven is NOT Terrence. (Who is the jackass wearing the Foxy mask.) Terrance is the middle child. 

PB and Stein sometimes hung out. Mostly Stein does to get away from Terence and his friends. (A group of 18 year old males are all afraid of a tiny 15 year old purple emo, just for looking a little creepy and being antisocial. This was before the murders too and PB was pretty nice to everyone back then. I'll let that sink in.) To say they barely speak to each other would be the understatement of the last 100 years. Sense Stein almost never talks (Say to Steven) and PB's an anti social little bastard it's either mostly one sided ramblings from PB or nothing at all. (Sense PB was a little less anti social then he is later on he did make efforts to talk to Stein every once and awhile.) 
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as soon as i here "Who is the jackass wearing the Foxy mask." i started laughing like there was no tomorrow