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Anime PB and cartoonish PB (Who looks dumber?)



Seems like DA's gotten their shit together. (I honestly have no idea what the hell that was about. Seriously, was it an update? Because it was one odd ass update if so.) Because DA just lets me post shit now apparently. (Seriously, the only reason I made a status was because I genuinely thought it was a glitch I was only going through, other artists I watch uploaded just fine while I heard from other people, the artist they watch had the same issue. There was just this odd sense of "What the fuck" sense if this was an update it didn't act like one. Usually we're put into read only mode when that happens. I dunno. Hopefully this is the last you have to hear me talk about DA's flaws. I honestly hate getting pissed off at DA when it does this kinda stuff.) 

Anyway, here's a really dumb picture of how extremely insane I can make my style look either way on the spectrum of cartoon and anime. Cartoony style Vince just looks confused. I'd honestly like to see someone try and explain what's going on in this picture. Because I have no fucking idea. and anime Vince is just....odd. XD I've wanted to draw PB in an anime style for awhile, I just haven't gotten around to it or just had issues trying to think of what he'd look like. I changed his eyes a bit, If I didn't he'd just look off as all hell, and tried to give him more anime style hair and head shape. 

(The more I look at anime PB the more I feel like he's trying to get PB to notice him or some shit. XD) 
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What XD Anime PB looks cool... and cute. XD